Sunday, August 29, 2010


Oh gosh, Oh gosh, Oh gosh!!! Its 4:30am. I am sitting here typing while everyone is snoozing away. I just can't sleep. Nerves are getting the better of me. I keep going through the what-ifs in my head. What if something goes wrong? What if the epidural doesn't go right? What if we can't come up with a name for the little man? I hate the unknown. I should be getting the call around 8am from my doctor. As soon as I do, I will be heading in. I will be updating periodically on my facebook account too. I will say this if I haven't already. Its so weird to be having another little one less then a year before my Ezme was born. So strange.

9:44am My sister took the last photo of me pregnant and with the kiddos. Going to miss them for sure.

Last time as 4 kiddos. Olivia (7) Emma-James (4) Owen (2) and Ezme (11 months)

Last picture of me and my baby Ezme. In just a few short hours she wont be the baby anymore. This makes me sad.

**UPDATE** (This is a play-by-play of the days events)

10:35am At the hospital. Arrived close to 10am. I ended up going back to bed and was sick throwing up. Blah. I tell you, no fun. Hopefully I wont get in too much trouble. Waiting for things to start. Jason had to run home to grab his wallet. New changes at the hospital. Go figure.

11:02am Nurse has put in my IV. My doctor god love her tried to break my water. Didn't work. Tough little bugger. Going to start the pit now. Baby should be here around 4ish if all goes well. She told me to hold off on the epidural. Great, more time to wait and get scared.

12:32pm Dialated 4cm Almost 5. I can get my epidural anytime I want. Still trying to coax myself into doing it. Contractions are coming on pretty regular. About every 2 minutes and lasting for a minute.

1:35pm Epidural will be put in pretty soon. SCARED TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:10pm Epidural was put in about 15 minutes ago. Through a lot of tears and anxiety, the doctor did a fantastic job and was able to put it in on the first try. GOD LOVE HIM!!! If I or anyone goes through this here in RI at Woman and Infants. I beg you to remember the name, DR. COHAN. HE IS AMAZING!!!!!!! First time I have ever had an epidural go in on the first try with very little pain from it. So happy. Baby should be here soon.

3:20pm Told my doctor to stay close by after she told me I was 7 cm. Baby is going to come quickly. I say by 4pm or earlier. Within the next hour for sure.

3:44pm Feeling like I need to push. Waiting through a few more contractions. Might regret this later on.


4:05pm Baby man is finally here. Labor was INTENSE. The hardest yet. Doctor had to maneuver his little self out as he was positioned wrong and had a hand in his face. Let me tell you, props to anyone who does this with absolutely no anesthetic. The ring of fire, well, I swear, IT COULD KILL YOU!!!! It hurt like you wont believe. Small tear. Could feel the whole thing. Thank god for numbing medicine. Jason was so excited that posted immediately after he arrived. Announcing to the world Oliver Sebastian Martin Rodrigues. Even before we could decide fully on his name. I guess this was what it was meant to be. Oliver (Ollie) weighed in at 8 lbs 1 oz and was 20 inches long. Big baby you might think, but the little guy looks more like a bean poll then a fat chunky monkey!! Hehe.

6:35pm In my postpartum room. 6034. Family should be here in a little while to visit. So excited to see Ezme and Owen's face.

A few hours old! Oliver Sebastian (Ollie)


Owen holding his baby brother

Big Sister Olivia holding her baby brother

Emma-James holding Ollie while baby sister Ezme looks on

My Mom holding Oliver

Emma-James is so much in love with her new baby that she just couldn't put him down. Emma-James, Daddy and Ollie

So to all of those who managed to get the correct weight bracket with Oliver. Congrats!!!!!

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