Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Under Water

This is the Mall located in Warwick, RI. The Target is fairly new. Opened maybe 2 years ago. I am pretty sure they will have to shut down for the next couple of months to work on floors and clear out merchandise. This my friends isn't a fun time for anyone living in the lower parts of RI.

Warwick Mall Underwater

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One More Week!

Oh my, this time next week we will find out what we are having!!! I am so excited. I already have my clues and I am almost 99% sure. But I am still just as excited as the day we found out about Olivia. It never gets old, that's for sure. Not to mention that this time Jason and I can finally enjoy going together without the other kiddos. I know that sounds kind of harsh, but because I am considering high risk with my history of T18, I am lucky that I can receive a high level 2 ultrasound. This usually takes about 45 minutes longer then the normal ultrasound you receive at 18-20 weeks. The kiddos get antsy and for them, its rather boring. So my parents said they wouldn't mind staying a few extra hours on Tuesday to watch the kiddos while we went. HURRAY!!! Still weird that this time last year we found out what we were having when I was pregnant with Ezme. So its just odd to be doing it all over again less then a year later. We are still debating if we will announce or not. I guess we will have at least a week to decide. Until then, if you haven't voted, you only have a week left. SO GO VOTE ALREADY!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

17 weeks 3 days

It has come to my realization that I really haven't posted much on "Baby-Belly Button." So I thought I would take a few minutes to update those of you who have kindly asked how I am doing.

Things are going GREAT! Honestly. I truly have very little to complain about. I have been feeling fantastic. The joy's of pregnancy sickness never even once visited me this time around. And after seven pregnancies, it truly was a much welcomed change in my life. I really don't know how I would have managed things around me if I was sick in the beginning. To say I am grateful for this would be an understatement. I can 100% without doubt say that Jason is for sure. Life has been going as if nothing is about to change in our lives in just 23 weeks (or less as the case is with me).

I finally started feeling little button move around with tiny flutters about 2 weeks ago. But it finally has picked up enough during the night that its more often and more ritual like right around 11pm when I am ready to hit the hay. I am looking a bit more "pregnant" now with a tiny bump. I am really surprised that I haven't shown sooner then this like I have with the other kiddos. I usually popped out big time right around 14 weeks give or take. So for me, its a little weird to be going on this long and still not really have much of a "belly." What is even more strange, is I am still fitting in all of my regular clothes with no problems at all. I guess I should count that as my blessings right now, as money is a tad tight to go out and buy a pair of pants that will fit. Thankfully the summer is around the corner, so I can wait until then.

I have also managed to drop almost my weight off from when I was pregnant with Ezme and start back at my weight I was before I got pregnant with her. Its really weird that at 17 weeks I have managed to drop almost 10 pounds. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I mean, I was never sick to loose the weight to begin with. Who knows. I had one nurse practitioner said that I was "fat" and that I didn't need to gain any weight during this pregnancy. I was so hurt I wont even go into it right now. For those who know me well, I don't take well to doctors in RI very well. So it wasn't a surprise to my husband when I spoke my mind up and told her exactly how that isn't possible. Between the baby weighing between 7-9 pounds, and fluid about 4 pounds, and placenta about 4 pounds, ITS NOT LIKELY EVEN IF I STARVE MYSELF that I will not gain some weight. Grrr, I hate stupid people.

Anyways, things are looking great. We go for our level 2 ultrasound in 2 weeks. Can't wait. My parents have graciously offered to stay the extra day and watch the kiddos for us in the morning so Jason and I can "FINALLY" go to an appointment together. Something we haven't been able to do since having Owen. Which really sucks, because I loved having him with me, and he really enjoyed being a part of my pregnancy.

I also have been tested for Gestational diabetes early as always and passed. I will have a repeat test around 32 weeks. My doctor also was sweet enough to test me for Protrombin factor 2. This is because both my mom and my sister tested positive for this and they wanted to make sure that I didn't have it. Well, I do. Its pretty rare and hereditary. It could make things now that doctors know a bit more challenging during delivery. Though, I have had 5 perfect deliveries in the past. Almost text book. So I am not sure they would really do anything different. We will find out next week though when I go and see the hematologist. There are a few speculations on my part of why I have never been affected by this. So it will be interesting to see if I am right on any of them next week. I just pray the doctor 1)speaks English and 2) is NICE. Next week its just a meet and family history visit. So who knows what will happen after that. More blood work maybe?

Until then. I enjoying feeling great and having energy that I desperately need to keep up with 4 kiddos, the house, and girl scouts. Though I pulled something in my back about a week ago that is making walking and bending extra difficult, I work through the pain during the day, and try to take it easy once Jason gets home. Even with him telling me to stay still, its hard. I am a mover, not a sitter.

Right now we are working on deciding if we should move children around upstairs. Its been a long decision and we still are unsure if we are ready to give up our master bedroom. After all, Ezme will be sharing a room with Owen for a good long time before the new baby is ready to make the transition from our room to the crib. So we have that extra time to think about where everyone may or may not go. Until then, the biggest item on our agenda is working toward saving some extra do, ra, me so we can put the addition on the back of the house. My goal is by the end of summer or before the new baby comes. Jason's goal, is by this time next year. Lets see who beats whom!!

Until then. We are just waiting patiently and enjoying our time as a family of 6. Hard to believe that in just a few short months, we will be a family of 7. How crazy is that????

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ezme 6 month stats

I wanted to give a little update on Ezme. We went for her well baby visit today for her 6 month check-up. Yes, we are a little behind, but because of her illness over the winter. We had to push back some of her shots. We are hoping to get back on track before her 1st Birthday in September. So at 6 months and 3 weeks Ezme is doing fantastic. Our pediatrician is so happy that she is finally "lung clear" HURRAY FOR NO MORE YUCKIES. Her stats at her appointment where:

Weight 15 lbs 1 oz. 50% (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? She gained 2 pounds since our visit back in February. Good gosh. And this is the same kiddo that refuses real food!!)

Hight: 25 inches. 50%

All in all everything looks great. Our doctor was really impressed with her babbling skills. She definitely heard her say more then once "da-de" Her favorite word of course. Ezme has learned the power of that word. She says it, daddy comes running. So cute I tell you. She received two shots today and took them like a champ. We are to keep doing what we are doing with the food in the hopes she will finally figure out that its yummy and good to eat. If not, we need to call in a month to let her know how she is progressing and see if we might need intervention of some kind. Mommy's work is being tested with this peanut for sure. Such a stinker.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For those that Guessed.......Emma-James

In the photo above is CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!! Our 4 year old bundle of energy is the life of the party ALL THE TIME. At first, shy and quiet when it came to new situations and new faces. Is now the most outgoing, loudest, and free willed of the bunch. She is not afraid to say NO and tell you exactly how she feels about everything. She is curious, stubborn and testy. She is a free thinker for sure and doesn't really seem to enjoy sitting down for more then 30 seconds at a time. She has very little attention for anything unless it has to do with animals or dragons. I am trying desperately to get her in the habit of "schooling" for when she truly starts kindergarten. But she will have nothing of it. Her attention seems best when I am cooking. SHE LOVES TO COOK, WATCH YOU COOK, or PRETEND TO COOK. Doesn't matter. Cooking truly seems to be her passion in life. At least for now. Though it has seemed this way well over the last 2 years. So who knows. She is also very much an outdoor girl. Sometimes we will catch the little monkey outside at 6:30 am with nothing but her pj's and sneakers on. She loves to play and run and just all around enjoy being outside. Cooping her up in the house ends in many fights and lots of time outs. Lets not forget the messes she makes. Jason and I affectionately call her "Tornado Emma." Everything she touches seems to turn into a mess in 10 seconds flat. We don't know how she does it. But we can honestly say, its all her!! I wont lie, she on occasion, makes me *very* mentally tired. She loves to argue so much, that sometimes something so simple as giving her lunch can turn into a battlefield. Ahhhh, I only wonder what she will be like as she gets older. Heaven help me.

Some pictures of my sweet but LOUD 4 year old!

Emma-James 9 months

Emma-James 13 months

Emma-James 17 months (She wasn't too thrilled about being on the grass, but she still wasn't walking yet at this time)

Emma-James Finally WALKING 19 months

Bath time 2 years 1 month

Emma-James 2 1/2 (This folks is where it all began. True Defiance!)

Emma-James 3 years old (on my cell phone calling who knows)

Emma-James 3 1/2

As much as she gives me a headache and soon will put gray hairs on my head. She is truly lovable and loves life more then most. She will never allow someone tell her how to run her life and I am proud that she is able to be such a strong little girl in such a tough world. Keep it up little girl. You are definitely going to go places for sure!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don't forget to Vote....

Just a friendly reminder, if you haven't voted for anything on the side bar, time is running out. My appointment for my 18 week level 2 ultrasound is in just two weeks!!! And the voting polls to guess who the baby picture is above closes on Wednesday. So get your votes in now!!! It would be fun to see how many of you not only voted, but got your guess correct. SO VOTE VOTE VOTE.

Fantastic Weekend

This weekend was amazing. Not just because we finally got out of the house and left the cleaning for another day. But the sun was shinning, the weather was beautiful and we had Daddy all weekend long.

We started off our weekend with a trip to Boston on Saturday mid-morning to attend the Baby Fair. I always look forward to these every year. Its a fun way to look at new products that will be coming onto the market for the summer. Not to mention the free goodies. Plus this year I was on the look out for a few things. Car seats for the kids that will fit in the van. Especially for Ezme and the new baby since they will be so close in age and sitting together, I have to make sure I find something that will actually go together nicely without being bulky. I was also on the lookout for some items that would better help Ezme in the eating department. I think we found some wonderful spoons, and we even managed to get her hooked on a Sippy cup this weekend. So no more bottles for her. HURRAY!

Sadly, the Baby fair just wasn't what I was hoping for. A lot of companies pulled out this year making it very small. Not to mention boring. I think it took us all of 15 minutes to stroll the entire fair. It was sad to say the least. I felt horrible that I gave up the beach in favor of the baby fair. Though we got extremely lucky and noticed there was a beach and a walking path in walking distance from the baby fair. So we left with the kiddos and walked over to have a nice picnic lunch. It was fantastic. The weather was beautiful. The kids enjoyed walking around the water throwing rocks and picking up sea shells. They even managed to find some dirt to build a bunch of sand castles. And of course, water and children never mix. So by the time we left to head home, the kids were covered in dirt, and were wet from head to toe. Still not sure how that happened considering they only put there feet in the water. We did one more sweep of the baby fair before leaving. I figured we paid for it. We minus well utilize our time there. Plus we were able to give them a little down time in the play area while we did potty and diaper breaks. So it worked out in the end. My only hope is next years is better!!

By the time we got home, it was well after 6. We needed to make a pit stop at Walmart for some new sneakers for everyone plus we managed to score supper as well. The kids were wiped out as well as Jason and I. We were all in bed and asleep by 9pm. My only sadness was we didn't bring the camera with us.

Sunday we woke up to another beautiful day. We decided to go take Olivia and the kids to the bike path in Cumberland. So after lunch, we loaded everyone and all the bikes into our van and headed out. Our goal: To teach Olivia how to ride a bike without training wheels. I know, some of you are saying to yourself "she is 7, why hasn't she learned yet." Well, for one thing, we don't have a place near our home we can take her to practice. Our neighborhood is out of the question and going to Cumberland to help her practice is not always practical. We are hoping that this summer we will have less commitments and home troubles and will be able to take her more often. Plus, we also found out she needs a new bike. The girl GREW and GREW FAST since last year. Poor bike barely got any amount of riding time with Olivia before it gets passed down to Emma-James. And of course, the bike is a princess bike and Emma wants to paint it because she just isn't a princess person. In the end though, we managed to build Olivia's confidence. Not to mention, just had a great time being outside. Another busy day let to early bedtimes. Though Olivia and Jason were up until 2am. WHY, I do not know. I only wish our camera wasn't so big and bulky, otherwise I would have brought it with me for pictures. Next time for sure. We have the entire spring and summer for beach and bike riding fun!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can you Guess?

Who's baby picture is that above? Who do you think it could be? Do you know our children as well as you think you do? Take a guess. Lets see who is right. Polls close in a week!! Happy guessing *smiles*

What is Marriage?

Marriage. Something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. I remember so many moons ago, when I was 16 and my best friend, who just happened to live directly across the street from me, was two years older. We would sit on the steps of her front porch or in her car during lunch time at school, and talk about our fairy tale weddings. Never in those conversations did we ever really talk about "marriage". What was marriage really? Two people, falling in love, and having a dream wedding. Instead we talked about what colors our bridesmaids would wear. Who would be our Maid-of-Honor. What kind of wedding dress we couldn't wait to try on. You know, the IMPORTANT STUFF. At least, at that age, those things were important to us. Of course, as we grew up, and my best friend, now in her 20's was finally at that stage in her life. Marriage. I was now 18 and the things we had discussed so many moon's ago, now were coming true. The dresses, the colors, who would wear what. The food, the hall, the whole nine yards. But again, never did we really discuss what MARRIAGE really was. Of course she went through the motions with the pastor from her church, before the actual ceremony was to take place. But did he really know? We never questioned or talked about the important stuff. Of course the day was beautiful. She looked amazing as always. I am also sure she was on cloud nine as I could clearly see it in her face.

I went through the motions of her being a "new bride" giving them their space that they needed but missing my friend so much. We talked when we could and she seemed happy for the most part. Still blissfully living the "dream" of marriage. But again, never did we talk about the true meaning. What did it take to keep a marriage together. What held those words to be so meaningful. Little did we know, that both of us would soon learn what Marriage really was. And sadly, some of it wasn't the best way to find out.

A year later, I left for college. She had just celebrated her first anniversary and I was living the dream in Boston. Never did I imagine I would actually fall in love the first week of school. Mind you, that was never my intent. But I did. And it was blissful. Of course, we immediately discussed the all important word, Marriage. We talked about where we would live and how many kids we would have. Our wedding and the colors. What I would wear, who we would invite. You know, the blissful things in life. Of course we were jumping the fence EXTREMELY EARLY. But we were in love and we were happy. At least, we wanted to be.

Of course, our relationship was rocky. Family involvement made things difficult. We tried hard to overcome it, but sometimes it was just too powerful. We jumped hurdle after hurdle. Not ever knowing that this someday would only make our marriage and the love we had stronger then ever. The biggest test came when we found our we were pregnant. How do we tell his parents? How do we tell our parents? What will people thing of us having a baby and not even being "Married"? Again that word. Marriage? Why was it so important? What power did it have that we didn't know about?

We went through the motions of being pregnant and telling family. It was long, it was trying and definitely the worse time in both of our lives. The encouragement and support wasn't always there. The lack of understanding on some parties made it hard to be excited and happy. I tried hard to keep my spirits up and my excitement of finally being a mom on the front burner of my mind. I wanted her dad to be just as much a part of her life as I was when she was growing inside me. He was wonderful, but scared. Of course we both were. We decided before she was born not to make things official by getting married. Many reasons brought us to this decision. Both of us were still in college, lack of either of us having a full time job, and benefits as far as health insurance was better if we weren't married. We wanted too, trust me. But in the end, God really gave us so many reasons why we needed to just be patient and let things happen when they were right. At the time though, we didn't know this. And the struggle of being a mom and not married was very hard on me. The whispers, the stares, of course the different last names. It just sucked.

We lived on auto pilot for many years. Going through the motions of life. Though life brought more then its fair share of downs for us. Fighting with family, the loss of Jason's mom. Then a short time later the diagnosis and the loss of our daughter Anabelle. And lets not forget the time she spend in the NICU. The stress alone from unwilling doctors who wanted to help her. The anger of keeping her alive even with the diagnosis of T18. The stressful period of having her at home. It was a lot of emotions, anger, and sadness. Almost more then I ever thought we could bear together as a couple. Even the anger toward me from family that I must have done something wrong when I was pregnant to have her die. The disappointment I felt that I couldn't do anything about it. The anguish that Jason had loosing two very important people in his life in less then a year. The sadness Olivia was feeling loosing her sister and not understanding completely what was going on. It just all really sucked. But we moved forward. From the time we had met until the time of Anabelle's death we had been together for more then 4 years. We had gone through bitter battles between myself and his family on many occasions. The loss of loved ones, the arguments between the two of us. So many battle scares played on our hearts. Yet, we were still together.

And then, the unthinkable happened. Of course, Jason and I were still unmarried during this time. It was about 3 weeks after Anabelle has lost her life to T18. My birthday. I was turning 25. Honestly, I wasn't even excited about this milestone. I was still raw with emotions, reeling with the loss of the past year. Gearing up for Jason's mom's 1st anniversary not being with us on earth. I was just depleted. But my wonderful husband had other plans. He, in all of his love for me, surprised our family and our closest friends with not only a surprise 25th birthday party, but a wedding. A marriage. A life of togetherness forever. He planned everything. Not in years, or months or weeks. But 24 hours. It was wonderful, romantic, exciting, and bittersweet all rolled into one. I asked myself this: "Was this what marriage was truly all about?"

As I look back on the last 10+ years we have been together. I find myself still trying to answer this question. Even though I will never know the true meaning, I believe I have a better understanding.

Marriage is not about the dress you wear, the colors you have at your wedding, who you have asked to be your Maid-of-Honor or even your bridesmaids. Marriage is not about how much you spend, the hall you have your wedding at, or who takes your pictures. Marriage is not about the food you serve, the people you try to impress or the flowers you carry. Marriage is not about who you go to for pre-marriage counseling or who tells you the little tid bits of a "forever" happy life together.

In the end, marriage for me is about listening to the person you love. Holding a relationship together through all the bad, the hurt and the ugly. Fighting until the problems you have are solved. Never going to bed angry or resentful. Respecting the others beliefs and feelings. Being an equal partner to each other. This could be as simple as house chores, taking care of children, or even filling the car with gas. Marriage is being there for one another when someone is sick. Washing the floors on your hands and knees, and fighting over who is right when it comes to building a playground.

We have learned so much about each other in the last 10 years. But even still, I am almost positive there is so much more I don't know about my husband. I am tell others who are about to be married to skip the marriage counseling and come to our house for a day. We could teach you so much more about relationships and life then someone who has never been married could teach you. I am not saying that talking to them is a horrible idea, I am just saying, marriage is more then just loving God and respecting each other through him. There is so much more to that.

Marriage to me is loving my husband every moment that I breath and continuing to learn about the love we have for each other and our growing family.

I love you sweetie, very much. Thank you for making our "marriage" a happy, healthy and continuous learning experience for me every moment of everyday. Because a marriage that you haven't learned something from, isn't really a marriage to me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ezme and Food.... Or Lack Their of.....

Now that Ezme is 6 months old we have been trying even more in the solid food department. The only problem is, her lack of enjoyment out of this new adventure. I figured she would be just like my other three chow hounds and want to eat everything and anything in sight. By this time, my other kids would eat about two jars a day. That's right folks 2 JARS!!! Sometimes this was at just one sitting. So the battle we seem to be having with Ezme just liking one food is driving me batty. We have tried everything, from yogart to cereal (rice and oatmeal) to fruits and veggies. Nothing. She hates with a passion apples. Refuses to even attempt them. And if she can smell them before they hit her month, she will hide her face in disgust. This little turkey wont even drink juice!! Now what kid doesn't even like juice! Part of the reason for her food issues I believe, is her very large tongue. If you have seen her, and know her, then you know that it quiet doesn't fit a six month old's mouth. So much so that sometimes she sleeps with it open, which of course is cute, but I think it bugs her too. So this is just one reason for the cause of her food issues. You can clearly see when we eat, she wants too do the same. We have worked on this for the last 6 weeks, but really haven't gotten anywhere. So we are hoping for some good ideas, or a name of a good food therapist from our pediatrician next week. Until then, she is happy and satisfied with her bottles. So for now, I am letting her play with her food. I figured, why not let her experiment with the tastes on her own. Fingers were made for more then just talking too. Hehe. So yesterday, I decided that I would give her some yogurt on her high chair and let her go to town. If you know me at all, you know that any kind of mess drives me nuts. But I did very well if I say so. Even Jason was proud of me for not intervening with a washcloth. Heck, why not. She needed a bath anyways. Of course what is any mom to do in these situations but to take pictures of course. Enjoy the mess that is my daughter!

You want me to do what with this yogurt mommy?

Ok, I will give it a try

This is kind of fun (Happy smiles, big tongue)

Ohh, I wonder what my binkie would taste like if I put it in the yogurt and then sucked on it? (This was the only way we could actually get Ezme to eat the yogurt without her tongue getting in the way. She got the biggest kick out of it too)



Success is so yummy!!

Yup, I am covered in yogurt, what are you gonna do about it mommy?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rhode Island Home Show

Unfortunately we weren't able to accomplish all that was on my list yesterday. The downstairs is still looking horrible (as always) though we were able to finish the entire 1,000 loads of laundry (ok, I joke, it was more like 10) and do a few odds and ends. But at last, the downstairs is less then desirable. Last night I had said to Jason that we were just going to stay home and clean, clean, clean. When I woke up today, I dreaded all the cleaning the was left to do in the house. I haven't really gone anywhere for over a week. I am feeling rather cooped up. And of course the rain isn't helping much at all. So I decided when I woke up with the kiddos this morning, that we indeed would head to the home show in Providence. Though we really don't "need" to go. I mean, what more do we need to do to our home (except demolish the darn thing) other then a few odds and ends. Honestly, the kids LOVE it there. Its like going to Disney World minus the expense. They get all kinds of free junk. Papers, pencils, rubber ducks. You name it, they get it. And for the price, they have a good time. Plus, there are a few things this year I want to check out. One of them being "Organizing your house with all the space available" I would say I have my house pretty organized, but I wouldn't mind learning a few new tricks. Especially in the kitchen area. This area especially can always use some help when it comes to keeping the clutter at bay. As much as I really "SHOULD" stay home and clean, knowing I only have tonight and Jason has to work so I loose his help and most of tomorrow, it kind of sucks. But I will deal with the consequences when I return. Until then, I am going to go out and have some fun darn it!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

All you do is CLEAN Kiley

Yesterday morning I had posted on my facebook wall, "My goal: Spring clean the entire upstairs. Go through everything and either donate, chuck, or keep! Wash all the bedding (blankets if they need it) Maybe even go so far as wash curtains, windows inside and out and walls and molding. Plus fold and put away laundry. Should keep me busy until the wee hours of the morning." Now, for those of you who read my posts often, know that this is something I post pretty much everyday. I am either cleaning something, organizing something, or washing something. And then I had a good friend from college write this:

"Kiley all you do is CLEAN. Lol. Every status is about cleaning. Give yourself a break!"

She is so sweet and I love her for telling me to take a break!! If she only knew. I even had another good friend tell me the same thing. So I thought I might tell everyone the reason why I am constantly cleaning my house.

First of all, for those of you who have had the pleasure of visiting our house lately, may have seen that things have gotten tighter in the last 5 years. With a two bedroom, 1 bathroom home and the kitchen in the center of the entire house, lets just say it makes for a tight squeeze. The kiddos lost there "play room" upstairs and now is a bedroom for the girls. The master bedroom does not have a closet, so all of our clothes are laying in piles on the floor. The only two walk in closets (or closets period) belong to the kids. One is for their toys, puzzles and games. The other is for their clothes and books. Its probably the neatest in the entire house. That said, the kids really don't have a place they can call their own and play. And we really don't have a place to put all of our clothes and such. So it makes it tough.

Then we move to the downstairs. Where our laundry room is in the kitchen, so laundry gets piled up, even when I keep up with it. It just ends up being a landing pad for EVERYTHING. Not to mention the kitchen. Its were bills, toys, food, dirty dishes, you name it, gets piled onto the counter-tops. Even with Jason and I cleaning it twice a day, it still gets cluttered with stuff. Having the kitchen be the entire center of the home, makes it frustrating.

I really, really, REALLY rather not be cleaning. I even get out of the house so I don't have to clean. But it still just doesn't stay clean. The kids want to play, we need to cook, and our house will always have laundry for 6 people, (7 come August). Between clothes, bedding, towels, and just the extra washings from dirty clothes from leaky diapers, or wet bedding from 2am accidents. Its my life :-)

Jason and I don't have help, we do it ourselves. We don't get a baby-sitter unless its a special occasion. So usually only once a year if that. We don't have a maid come in to help us with the cleaning. We home-school our kiddos. I have girl scouts in my home once a week. And count swimming lessons and our weekend run around, we are busy people. Our house is tiny for 6 people, a dog and a cat. Our house is a zoo on Tuesday afternoons. And soon to be Thursday afternoons when I take on another troop come the fall. Not to mention a new baby. But you know what, as much as I complain about our cramped quarters. I am happy. I have a wonderful husband who helps me out on the weekends. We stay in more and spend time as a family. Especially on rainy days. I am hoping the summer weather will have us outside playing more. Going to the park, enjoying the warm weather. My home tends to stay a bit more "organized" during that time. We are always out, and by the time the kids come home, they shower, eat and go to bed. So there really isn't time to make a mess. Except laundry, once again. That always is a everyday thing.

For now, we continue to make it work. We are in the process of either finding a bigger home, or adding on to our existing home to make a playroom/office area for the kids. Someday I will have more time to spend enjoying life, and less time cleaning. But until that days comes. Its a clean fest everyday.

Thank you to all my friends who tell me to TAKE A BREAK. Someday, when the mess doesn't bother me so much, I will :-)

Monday, March 8, 2010


It's really hard to believe that Ezme is already 6 months old. The time just seems to fly by so fast. What makes it even harder to believe is this day a year from now we will have an 18 month old and a 6 month old. Now how crazy is that??? Ezme is such a joy to our family and really is showing her personality. At 6 months old Ezme is able too or attempting at:

* Sits up on her own
* Hold all of her bottles by herself
* Rolls over from Tummy to back
* Eating solid foods. But she really hates this SO MUCH. Definitely not like the others.
* Loves to play and mouth all of her toys
* Babbles to everyone she knows well
* Continues to love being in the action of her big sisters and big brother
* Learning about cause and effect. Bangs drums, music comes on. Loves this game.
* Still getting up once in the middle of the night between 2-5am for one 5oz bottle. Hoping this will change one she realizes that solid foods are yummy.
* LOVES SESAME STREET!!!! So much so, that if someone turns the channel, she will grunt and groan until its turned back.
* Still refuses a morning nap. But will take a solid afternoon nap from 12-4.

Best Friends

I love my big brother!

Hi mommy! (Ezme playing with her musical drum)


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guess Who is sitting up on their Own......

EZME!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes folks its true, Ezme is now a pro at sitting up on her own. She started yesterday morning with the kids playing on the floor in the living room. But I was sure that she needed at least another 2 weeks before she mastered the skill of balance. Was I wrong!!! By last night she has managed to stay up for a good 30 minutes before knocking over. It was late, and she was tired. So off to bed we went. But this morning, she managed to be picked up, placed on the floor and sat there forever. Balancing herself on her own, making adjustments based on where her body was moving. Picking up toys and playing with them with no problems. I think she is loving this new found freedom of hers, and especially loves that she can interact more now with her big sisters and big brother. I really thought she would be a late "bloomer" in this area considering she has all together left rolling over in the dust. She refuses to even try, and I figured if she wanted to do it, she will on her own terms. So I really didn't expect her to sit up on her own so quickly. So this means pretty soon we can ditch bringing the car seat into stores and have her sit in the big girl carts. I tell you, its going by so fast!!! Anyways, here is a few pictures of the big girl in action!

Mommy, look at my new skills!

"Mommy, take picture of me and ducky!" (Owen and ducky)

Monday, March 1, 2010


Friday after Emma came home from Pre-School I braced myself for what a very L*O*N*G day/evening ahead of me. Jason was suppose to work a night time job after his regular hours at Confex so I knew that I was going to be heading into a battle zone. And of course, my mothers intuition was correct. Emma continued to throw up throughout the morning/afternoon and finally felt better and stopped around 4pm. I managed to squeeze a good hour break in before Owen started up at 5pm. I called Jason at work and asked him what time he thought he would be home. He informed me that his other job was CANCELED!! HURRAY! I told him to pick up some anti nausea medicine at the store and come home as soon as he could as Owen was now sick and I needed extra hands with him. The poor little guy was so uncertain as to what to do when he felt yuckies coming on. He managed to hit the rugs upstairs in his room as well as his toys and favorite blanket. And then came downstairs to curl up with me. I felt so badly for him because how does one explain to a 2 year old about throwing up in a bucket. Its not easy. But thankfully the medicine that Jason acquired helped him a lot and he only threw up about 3 times but had a massive tummy ache and was unable to sleep comfortably all night. And then it was my turn. I started in at 9pm and it was horrible. I was truly a mess. By midnight I finally sent Jason upstairs with Owen to sleep in the bed because I just wasn't comfortable and I went to lay on the couch so I could be closer to the bathroom. I managed to stop around 3am, but only got about an hour of sleep. I was so exhausted and was counting down the minutes until Jason woke up so I could go catch a nap. Though my dreams of that happening were quickly deflated when Jason woke up and started throwing up himself around 7:30. HURRAY! *NOT* Thankfully he only did the one time, but was pretty much out of commission the rest of the day laying on the couch. It was pretty tough and our first time having everyone be sick at the same time. I can't say I want to do it again (especially with one bathroom, but we did manage to make it work) anytime soon. For now though, everyone seems to be on the mend. Jason was up and ready to start the day on Sunday bright and early with the kids. After putting everyone to bed (including Ezme) at 6pm. Everyone needed the extra few hours of sleep. I managed to get a few more in while Jason took care of the kiddos. Its now almost 3 days since I first got sick and I am still trying to recop. I guess being pregnant makes it that much harder to bounce back. I am taking it easy today while continuing the house clean up. I am hoping to get at least the downstairs scrubbed today. The rest can wait until a later time. I wont be doing much from Wednesday-Friday, so it works out well for me to work during those days. Until then, I am happily going to go put everyone down for a nap and rest myself.