Friday, January 13, 2012

First Pictures

Someone on a community blog I read often had posted a fun post. She said "post your babies first picture that you took yourself" not your husband, parents, grandparents, friends. I thought this was something worth going through my pictures and taking a look. Usually Jason is the one to take all the photos since I am not a huge fan of his camera. However, I did manage to find a picture of each of the kiddos shortly after they were born that I took myself. Its fun to look back and see how much they look alike but how different they really are.

Olivia 1 day old (In the hospital)

Anabelle 19 days old November 2004 (First Day home from Hospital)

Emma-James 14 days old (trying out the new car seat)

Owen 10 days old (First major outing at Roger Williams Zoo)

Ezme 3 days old (Coming home from the Hospital)

Oliver 5 days old (hanging out on the rug of our living room)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 A Year in Review

I was looking back to see if I had DONE A YEAR IN REVIEW for 2010 and realized I started it but never got around to finishing it up and posting it. So without further anticipation, here is a look back on 2011. It was a great year for sure. Just wish it hadn't gone by so fast.

Emma-James turned 5

We celebrated her birthday with her best friend Thomas the Tarantula

Ezme and Oliver were growing up fast and becoming great friends

Olivia turned 8

We went to Coco Keys

Where she had a great time swimming in the water and going down the slide

Owen got his first BIG BOY haircut and immediately hated it

We received our first big snow storm of the year

I took my Girl Scout Troop to Navigant Bank in Smithfield for a Field Trip

My entire Girl Scout Troop for 2011 (Valentines Party)

Ezme moved from the crib to a big girl bed!! (17 months old)

I officially opened my sewing business Anabelle's Attic

Owen was debating on becoming a model

Oliver was starting to crawl, but wasn't quit there

Daddy and Olivia went to their first Daddy/Daughter Dance

Oliver successfully learned how to sit up on his own

Owen officially taught himself how to use the potty in one day!!!!

Ezme got her first official haircut (by me of course)

Oliver officially learns how to crawl and enjoys being able to keep up with Ezme

We enjoy our annual FATHERS SCIENCE NIGHT with Girl Scouts

I start our very first garden in the backyard!!

I decide on a whim to paint the trim around the house a deep red

My mom sends me a beautiful arrangement for Mothers Day and includes a special flower just for Anabelle

I celebrate Mother's Day at Walmart with my 5 amazing kiddos

Emma-James has her last Mother's Tea at Cherry Hill

Myself and my girls at the Girl Scout Mother's Tea I hosted

And was so very blessed at the amazing group of Mom's and Girls I have

I made my very first Flag Banner with the encouragement of Oliver's Mom

The weather was beautiful so we made our first trip to Newport in over 5 years!

Olivia went on her first school field trip to the gardens

I was able to spend the day with a few kids from her class....

as well as the entire 2nd grade!

Emma-James Graduated from Pre-K







and Oliver showed us just how much of a Monkey he really is!

The kids enjoyed the 4th of July Parade in Cumberland

And had a great time watching the parade

We even managed to score a family picture!

And enjoyed family on the holiday

We went to Capron Park Zoo and Ezme

and Oliver both had a blast!

We took a trip to Maine to visit and Olivia




and Emma-James had a great time catching up and playing in Jerry Pond


and the rest of the kids even enjoyed the bounce house Papa rented

Lets not forget how much Oliver

and Olivia liked Nana's bubble machine

and not to mention Oliver started walking this month. WOW!

Emma-James started her first day at Girl Scout Camp

And Olivia started with her 4th year

Both were really excited

My waterfall garden came out so pretty. Especially at night

We celebrated two very special Birthdays this month The Theme was "On The Farm"

We had lots of great friends join us

Ezme and Oliver had a great time and loved the outfits mommy made for their special day

Ezme 2

Oliver 1

We even survived our first Hurricane

Without much damage

But definitely in style!

Emma-James started Kindergarten

and took the bus for the very first time to school

I started a new job baby sitting for "L" and his big brother "J"

Ezme and Oliver were growing up fast

and fighting over the attention of mommy more and more

We even had some fun in Mud much to mommy's dismay

And won a handmade carved wooden dragon from the Johnston Insider!

Owen got to have his picture taken with his favorite animal. A DUCK.

We also got to see a million ducks (ok, not a million, more like 5,000) float down the river

Owen celebrated his 4th Birthday

I made some fun "Mummy Hotdogs"

We had a Kangaroo

and a Giraffe visit us for Halloween :-)

And even enjoyed a party with the Girl Scouts

We celebrated a special girls 7th Birthday












We also enjoyed our First Thanksgiving at our house

With family!!

We remember our sweet little girl who left us too soon

And were blessed to spend the holidays with good food, great friends and family and great memories

Oliver and his cousin Nick.

Emma-James and Ezme with Auntie Monique

Jason and I (Seriously, we are such a cute couple!!)

Holding baby Aiden...Oliver had just turned around and was getting ready to walk toward me. He was not amused by me holding a new little baby.

My funny "twins" Ezme and Oliver

Ezme delighted in the fact that Grandpa and Susan gave her candy and Vovo was very much willing to help her open it up!

Uncle Jaime on the Guitar

Olivia (7) Emma-James (5) Owen (4) Ezme (2) and Oliver (1)

And the biggest of all...

I have to say that most of 2011 has been really a blur. I am excited to see what 2012 holds for us. I am sure its a lot of new and exciting things. The biggest being selling our house. We look forward to the new adventures that are in store for our family and cannot wait for you to join us. Happy 2012 Everyone!!