Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun!

From Left to Right Owen-Giraffe, Nicky-Vampire, Mia-Princess, Olivia-Which, Ezme-Kangaroo Mommy, Emma-James-Dragon, and Oliver-Kangaroo Daddy. They all had a great time and I am very impressed by how the older kiddos (Olivia and Nick) stayed with the younger ones. They took turns ringing door bells, and even scored some candy for the mommy :-) Wonder what everyone will be next year??


100 Percent Blessed

Despite the fact that many of you (and you know who you are) have commented on how many children Jason and I have now, or the fact that many of you have decided for us that we should be done. Which we are not. The only thing I would like to say is beautifully summed up in this one picture.


Because honestly, how can life go wrong when we are *BLESSED* with this!

Sunday Morning Photos

While daddy was sleeping I decided to take a few candid pictures of the kiddos. I am in total shock that they actually smiled and looked happy to have their picture taken. Getting some of them to even look at the camera let alone smile is like pulling teeth. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

Owen chillin on the couch

Handsome Ollie man!

Another cute picture of Ollie

Cute close up of Olivia

Mommy and her Big Girls

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cousin Love

As we geared up to say good-bye to my nephew and sister who will be moving to South Korea for 8 months the "twins" Emma-James and Tyson enjoyed a little dress-up at my house. I just hope that Dragon doesn't eat that adorable giraffe!

Emma-James and Tyson! (4 1/2 years old)

2 Months Old

Oliver is two months old today!! I can my usual "Time has flown by so fast" and its true. I have tried extra hard this time to enjoy the "newborn" part of this journey, but no matter how much I hold him, love on him, sleep with him in our bed, carry him around, its just goes from birth to bam 2 months old, then 3 months, then before you look, its been a year and they are walking and talking. Hate it, just hate it.

But on a brighter note, Mr. Ollie himself is doing fantastic. At his last weigh in he was at 11 lbs 11 oz. Made a little wish on his little belly of course. I am sure you guys are already guessing what I wished for too....Hehe!

He has recently come down with his first little cold. Mostly head/eye congestion. Hoping it will clear up in a few days. So far, its already looking (and sounding) better then it did on Wednesday morning. So we shall see.

Oliver is really enjoying his new crib in mommy and daddy's room. I am really impressed at how quickly he will just fall asleep. Thank heavens we don't have to wrap him up anymore. And it was a short lived adventure. About two weeks. So not too bad. I am glad little man will be joining us for a bit longer. At least until he is 8 months old. So no rush on moving him anytime soon. Thank heavens.
We are enjoying our weekend with fun Halloween adventures and cleaning/organizing the house. Should be fun times!

Sleeping Oliver 2 months old

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Old to New

Over the weekend my parents came to visit. They brought me an old antique crib (its roughly about 30+ years old, so for this, its antique!) I spend the better part of the weekend (ok, one afternoon/evening, late in the wee hours) sanding it down and repainting it. Sadly, my dorky self forgot to take a before picture. Just picture in your head would you, scrapes, teeth marks, bangs, bumps and chips, and really an old color of brown that one ever did see. I purchased some adorable bedding for Oliver at Babies R' Us. I was trying hard to find something that would match Owen's room too. Hard, but I did in the end. And its really cute. Sometime this winter or spring the girls will be moving into the mater bedroom and Owen and Oliver will be sharing a room.

Up close of the bedding and the mobile. Notice the little grasshopper

Another picture

The bedding up close. Love love love the little grasshoppers

The finished crib. Isn't it pretty

Just to add, Oliver is the first EVER to sleep in a big boy crib in my room. Usually they sleep in the pack-n-play for the first 8 months, then travel to their new rooms once they can roll over both ways and find there own pacies. I think I might just have to keep him in our room a bit longer then that now :-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My first little Man turns 3!!

I find myself in awe at how quickly the last 3 years have just flown by with Owen. So much has happened in his short life. He became a big brother to not only Ezme but to Oliver as well. He went from saying a few short words at his 2nd birthday, to blooming in a very short time with wants and needs of his own. Talk, talk, talk. Can't imagine who he might take after can you *wink, wink*. I never in a million years thought I would like having a little boy. I never pictured myself with boys, despite the tomboy in me. I always pictured myself with girls. So it really was a wonderful surprise to find out I could after three girls pack away the pink and ruffles and exchange it for plaids and moose outfits. VERY EXCITING. And I have to say, I think I am the luckiest mom with the best little boy(s) (and his little brother) around. They are really terrific little men, and honestly, they are cute as a button too!! Happy Birthday my little man. You are such a sweet, handsome little guy mommy is so proud and honored to be your mommy. *HUGS AND KISSES*

Owen just minutes old

Daddy holding Owen for the first time. My handsome men!!

Mommy holding her first little guy for the first time. I was really excited to finally have a little boy. It was getting kind of dreary with all the pink

Owen at the Roger Williams Zoo hanging out with the other kiddos for Spooky Weekend

Owen 1 month old

Owen 3 months old

Owen 6 months old and crawling. He started moving at 5 months old. I think it was because he wanted to keep up with his big sisters

Owen's 1st Birthday

Owen 18 months old. Enjoying the 4th of July Parade at my parents house. He had to bring "baby" with him to watch too

Owen 2 years old

Handsome little man Owen at 2 1/2 hanging out watching the "BIG TRUCKS" dig a whole in front of our house. He had the best seat around. On top of my washer/dryer

Owen 3 years old. And still such a handsome little man. Notice he still has his "baby". Them two are insuperable. So much so, we have a spare for those just in case moments

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pictures of Miss Ezme

Here are a few cute pictures of miss big girl. Gosh she is getting to be such a cutie. But that's just a mommy's opinion. Enjoy

I am a big girl mommy

I can screech too!

Half Smile

Sending Kisses

This is by far one of my favorites!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Duck Race

Last month Jason purchased a "duck" in the annual Duck Race for the Boys and Girls Club of Cumberland. I thought it would be a lot of fun for Owen to see 5,000 ducks be dropped into the river. His three favorite things were involved this afternoon, His love of Ducks, his love of trucks, and his love of water. Seriously, who could ask for more.

I was waiting for tears to be shed. His love for ducks (and penguins) is so huge that I was betting on tears watching the ducks go down the river and him not being able to hold or touch them. I was surprised when when no tears where shed. Just sadness for his ducks that he wanted to bring home. Could you imagine, 5,000 ducks in my house. Where in the world would we put them all???

Here is some great pictures my hubby took of the event. Enjoy!

The lift attached to the metal box that is holding the 5,000 yellow ducks

Getting into place

And let the drop begin....The rest of the pictures are snapped in sequence






Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dream House number 2

Looks like the house went under contract yesterday. Sucks. Going to keep going though. Can't live in this house forever so I know that the perfect LARGE house is out there somewhere. Just don't know when we will get it, or where it is.

Yup, we are still (or should I say, I am still) looking around for a new home for our expanding family. For the longest time Jason has really wanted to wait until financially we are more settled and the market gets a little better. However, I have a friend (who is a Realtor) whom I asked if she minded coming by our home and looking around to give us a price and discuss with the both of us if moving or even a long term rental was a better option for us to do now, or to wait for a few years when the market gets better.

Basically, she told him in a nut shell (the same thing I have been telling Jason for a year now) that now is the time to buy. Because homes are going up for "Short Sale" or "As Is" or in general just because with a good price. Its really in our best interest to sell. Especially since the areas we are looking into moving too are usually on the "high end" and the larger homes that we need.

This particular home is a Short Sale. Which actually gives us a little wiggle room as it takes awhile for a bank to approve any offers that come in. This home is truly perfect for us, 4 bedrooms 1 full bathroom with 2 half baths. A decent size yard (not huge, but it really doesn't matter to us). Really nice back porch, with tons of space inside. Over 2800 sq. feet. The best part really is its right across the street from an elementary school. (not literally, this house is on a side road, so the walk is about 2 minutes) And even better then that, its a 3 minute drive to Jason's job. Close to everything we go too on a daily basis and room for us to grow into!!

It does need some work from what I have been told. Kitchen overhaul and the bedrooms upstairs need some TLC. Honestly though, for the price they are asking, and even if we can lower it another $10,000 then we are really getting an amazing deal.

So right now we are waiting. Waiting for Hubby to have a moment to call a few loan people. Waiting to see if we can make it happen. If we can, then waiting to put our house on the market or get ready to put it up for a rental. Crazy. I am really not holding my breath to be honest. We haven't had much luck so far. But having a "dream" is what keeps me going. So here it is folks. House number 2 that we like. Enjoy my dream along with me won't you!!

Lincoln, RI

Ezme 13 Months Oliver 5 weeks Old

Here are some pictures of the "Twins". Its so much fun watching them grow up and how quickly Oliver is catching up to his "big sister" Ezme. Enjoy!!

Oliver in Emma-James baby crib. She was having so much fun playing "mommy" with him

Close up of Mr. Man. He actually loved being in there. 100% content.

The "Twins" hanging out in Oliver's baby crib

Close up of the Handsome Man Oliver

Super cute picture. It almost looks as if Oliver is looking up at his big sister to say "I LOVE YOU"

My big girl Ezme who is now walking

What mommy?

This is as close to a smile as your going to get today mommy

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ezme 13 Months

A month flew by so fast. It's now October. The leaves are starting to slowly change colors, the weather outside is getting both colder during the day, but even more so at night. We have replaced our air conditioners with space heaters. Our summer sheets for flannel and our warm clothes for sweaters and winter jackets. In was so cold yesterday that we had to actually give both girls there winter jackets to wear for school. So glad I did too, it never really got warm enough to wear a thin jacket.

With a new month upon us. My kiddos continue to grow at leaps and bounds. Changing everyday. Ezme is now 13 months old. Oliver will soon be 5 weeks old and Owen will be turning 3 in just a few short weeks. I have stopped asking myself "how can this possibly be." I know the answer. But it still makes me sad. They grow up so quickly.

Ezme is no exception. It seems from her first birthday until now she is doing some pretty awesome things. The biggest one being Ezme is WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give her a few days and she will be doing it 100% of the time. Just this morning she walked from our front door into the kitchen. Its safe to say she is double trouble mobile now. Though I see a lot of fun in her future. Now with this extra sense of freedom she will really be able to keep up with her older siblings.

She is expressing her feelings a lot more vocally. Talking up a storm. Mommy, Daddy, sisa (sister), cat, dog, up. She waves hi and bye-bye. Loves to cuddle. Loves her daddy and gets so excited when he comes home from work. She is finally drinking from a straw with ease (surprisingly took longer then the other kiddos who managed to do this at 9 months old). Loves anything food wise. Still wakes up in the middle of the night at least once, but goes right back to sleep.

She is really a sweet pea with a lot of love and snuggles to give. We will be celebrating her 1st birthday a little late along with Owen's 3rd birthday in a few weeks. I am sure she will be the life of the party. Hamming it up for the crowd. For now though, the princess is napping and mommy must go take some fun pictures to post later on. If only I knew how to do video!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Had to Share.....

My beautiful Ezme. She is turning into such a young lady. Hard to believe in just a few days she will be 13 months old. Time just flies by.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Finally, some pictures

Here are a few of Oliver at 1 month old. I was hoping to get them up sooner, but I was having a hard time downloading them into picasa. Enjoy!

Peaceful Ollie 1 month old

Sir Snoozes A-Lot

Sweet little face