Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My first little Man turns 3!!

I find myself in awe at how quickly the last 3 years have just flown by with Owen. So much has happened in his short life. He became a big brother to not only Ezme but to Oliver as well. He went from saying a few short words at his 2nd birthday, to blooming in a very short time with wants and needs of his own. Talk, talk, talk. Can't imagine who he might take after can you *wink, wink*. I never in a million years thought I would like having a little boy. I never pictured myself with boys, despite the tomboy in me. I always pictured myself with girls. So it really was a wonderful surprise to find out I could after three girls pack away the pink and ruffles and exchange it for plaids and moose outfits. VERY EXCITING. And I have to say, I think I am the luckiest mom with the best little boy(s) (and his little brother) around. They are really terrific little men, and honestly, they are cute as a button too!! Happy Birthday my little man. You are such a sweet, handsome little guy mommy is so proud and honored to be your mommy. *HUGS AND KISSES*

Owen just minutes old

Daddy holding Owen for the first time. My handsome men!!

Mommy holding her first little guy for the first time. I was really excited to finally have a little boy. It was getting kind of dreary with all the pink

Owen at the Roger Williams Zoo hanging out with the other kiddos for Spooky Weekend

Owen 1 month old

Owen 3 months old

Owen 6 months old and crawling. He started moving at 5 months old. I think it was because he wanted to keep up with his big sisters

Owen's 1st Birthday

Owen 18 months old. Enjoying the 4th of July Parade at my parents house. He had to bring "baby" with him to watch too

Owen 2 years old

Handsome little man Owen at 2 1/2 hanging out watching the "BIG TRUCKS" dig a whole in front of our house. He had the best seat around. On top of my washer/dryer

Owen 3 years old. And still such a handsome little man. Notice he still has his "baby". Them two are insuperable. So much so, we have a spare for those just in case moments

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