Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dream House number 2

Looks like the house went under contract yesterday. Sucks. Going to keep going though. Can't live in this house forever so I know that the perfect LARGE house is out there somewhere. Just don't know when we will get it, or where it is.

Yup, we are still (or should I say, I am still) looking around for a new home for our expanding family. For the longest time Jason has really wanted to wait until financially we are more settled and the market gets a little better. However, I have a friend (who is a Realtor) whom I asked if she minded coming by our home and looking around to give us a price and discuss with the both of us if moving or even a long term rental was a better option for us to do now, or to wait for a few years when the market gets better.

Basically, she told him in a nut shell (the same thing I have been telling Jason for a year now) that now is the time to buy. Because homes are going up for "Short Sale" or "As Is" or in general just because with a good price. Its really in our best interest to sell. Especially since the areas we are looking into moving too are usually on the "high end" and the larger homes that we need.

This particular home is a Short Sale. Which actually gives us a little wiggle room as it takes awhile for a bank to approve any offers that come in. This home is truly perfect for us, 4 bedrooms 1 full bathroom with 2 half baths. A decent size yard (not huge, but it really doesn't matter to us). Really nice back porch, with tons of space inside. Over 2800 sq. feet. The best part really is its right across the street from an elementary school. (not literally, this house is on a side road, so the walk is about 2 minutes) And even better then that, its a 3 minute drive to Jason's job. Close to everything we go too on a daily basis and room for us to grow into!!

It does need some work from what I have been told. Kitchen overhaul and the bedrooms upstairs need some TLC. Honestly though, for the price they are asking, and even if we can lower it another $10,000 then we are really getting an amazing deal.

So right now we are waiting. Waiting for Hubby to have a moment to call a few loan people. Waiting to see if we can make it happen. If we can, then waiting to put our house on the market or get ready to put it up for a rental. Crazy. I am really not holding my breath to be honest. We haven't had much luck so far. But having a "dream" is what keeps me going. So here it is folks. House number 2 that we like. Enjoy my dream along with me won't you!!

Lincoln, RI

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