Monday, June 28, 2010

Feeling Stuck

Today, today sucks. Plain and simple. I am having a horrible, no good, very bad morning/afternoon and I am almost positive the evening. Is the weather contributing to my foul mood? Who knows. But today, today I woke up in a semi good mood and now, now I am just angry.

I am not angry at anyone or anything in particular. Just angry at my house. Angry at how small it is. Angry that in all essence of the word, I am feeling STUCK!! This feeling is consuming me at every moment of every day it seems. I try, and lord knows I have tried to make this house work for us. Moving furniture, painting rooms, organizing toy closets and clothes dresses and kitchen items. Moving our "semi" office area from the kitchen back to the dining room. You know, the little things. But in the end, this "moving" and "rearranging" and "organizing" DOES NOT in anyway give me more space. I have done everything possible with a small budget and a small house and just can't seem to find the energy anymore to do so. Don't get me wrong, I love my house. I love what we have created living in this home. Bringing our little ones to this house, making it a home for them to enjoy.

But now, now folks its come to a realization that it just can't continue like this. My house has finally outgrown our family. The kiddos are now almost sleeping on top of each other, and short of giving up our master bedroom for everyone, we are pretty much in a state of "SURVIVAL MODE". I spend so much of my days yelling at the kids to "PICK UP". I don't want to do this anymore. I want them to have a place to call their own that they can play until their hearts desire. Let their creative juices run free instead of me saying "pick up that mess, stop getting that out, don't touch. Seriously, it gets rather old for me to say it, and I am sure the kiddos hate it even more.

When we go to my parents house, my husband even says, "Man, we haven't had to speak to the kids at all while being here." REALLY, NO KIDDING. Do you know why that is dear husband. Its because they have the entire cellar to play, enjoy, make creative messes and they are not in the way of others. The entire house stays clean while just one room is a mess. UGH I WANT THAT!!!

So I am on a mission you could say. At the moment, it looks like a one woman mission as I have no backings of my husband. I am on a mission to sell my home, for a good price, buy a new home, and live happily ever after. Now, anyone in this economy knows. THIS ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN YOU CRAZY PERSON. But you know what, Rome wasn't built in a day. And I have faith. So, if you are reading this, and would love to buy a wonderful 2 story home. With two bedrooms, 1 bathroom. Completely remodeled and upgraded with a wonderful waterfall pond in the backyard to enjoy. Then come on down.

I plan on posting about this adventure as much as possible! So stay tuned. Pictures of home will go up as I continue to get this crazy place cleaned, organized and in better shape then it is now.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

30 Weeks!! The Countdown Begins

30 weeks today. Seriously?? Where in the heck did the last 30 weeks go. This pregnancy is just flying by so fast. Usually by now I am in full Nesting mode. With the bedroom ready, clothes ready to be unpacked and in some cases, even in the drawers by now. Car seat out, washed and ready to go. This time around though, I have been so busy with the month of June and all the different activities and craziness that I just haven't had much time to think about "NESTING" for this little one. Now that things are starting to finally come to a close and my weekends are less busy and stressful, I am sure things will start to pick up.

Its hard to believe that in just 8 or 9 short weeks we will be bringing out 6th baby home!! CRAZY!! I never in a million years thought we would ever be blessed with 6 little ones to call ours. Never thought we would have five beautiful babies here to be ours to love and care for. And never in my wildest dreams thought I would have two little ones so close in age and less then a year apart.

The time seems so far away, yet I know how close it really is. With all that the summer has in store for us the weeks will just fly by. The 4th of July is just around the corner and then we will be heading to Maine shortly after that for a week to help celebrate my grandfather's 90th Birthday. After that my closest friend and her family will be visiting us at the end of July for a few days. So the month of July is pretty much covered.

After this, Olivia will be in Girl Scout camp for two weeks. And then we have two weeks to get things together and ready before little man shows up.

I am hoping to accomplish a few things over the next few weeks. One being getting the house back in order from the last few weeks of craziness. Then Jason and I want to cut all the trees in the backyard down and put up a new wooden fence. We would not only like to do this in the back of the yard, but also cover up the metal fence as well. The kiddos are pretty good about NOT climbing it. But sometimes every once in awhile I catch Owen or Emma-James trying to get over the fence into our neighbors yard and I rather be safe then sorry. Plus this gives us a little more "privacy".

Next of course is getting ready for baby. I still need to dig out clothes, get the car seat ready and CLEAN OUT MY VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also wouldn't mind getting some odds and ends done around the house. Painting trim, touching up paint spots.

I also want to get things together for the first few months of Girl Scouts and of course Olivia and school. And my biggest goal is to start potty training Owen. Though he is being rather stubborn about the whole thing. For now, we are just working on the "pulling up and down the pants" and not being scared of the potty. I am sure things will come together soon. He so badly wants to go to school with Emma-James in the fall, so I think he will be more motivated as the time approaches. It definitely would be nice to have only two in diapers for sure!

After my appointment next week, I will be seeing my OB every two weeks until I am 35 weeks and then its every week then on out. I am hoping my regular doctor will be back from maternity leave and I will get lucky enough to have her deliver me again. She is such a sweetie and I really love her to death. Lets pray. I will find out next Tuesday if she will be back in time!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day


Dear Sweetheart,
Happy Father's Day to the greatest man in the world. I sometimes lay in bed and wonder how in the world I got so lucky. You are truly the best person a girl could EVER ask for. Because of all the things you do for me, I have a beautiful home that you have worked so hard to make a wonderful and happy place to live. Together we have 5 gorgeous children and a soon-to-be little boy on the way. Because of you we are happy, loved and taken care of. You tuck us into bed at night. Kiss our boo-boo's. Hug our souls and take care of our everyday needs from cooking and cleaning, to wiping bottoms or doing laundry. You never cease to amaze me. You are a wonderful and caring man to give me the opportunities to have Girl Scouts in our home not once but twice a week for the entire school year. Not ever complaining once. You are always willing and joyfully their to help me with anything I might need at a moments notice. An extra pair of hands, a quick trip to the store for snacks or an arts and craft project. Maybe even typing up a quick letter or printing out something I might need at a drop of a hat. I am always quick to come up with last minute ideas, and you are always my rock in helping me full-fill them by any means necessary. You willing worked hard on getting our backyard ready for our first GIRL SCOUT CARNIVAL or made sure you were home to help with last minute preparations for the girls BRIDGING CEREMONY. You never say no to me and always are willing to help with a smile on your face.

You are such a wonderful and caring father. The kids adore you and light up every time they see you walk through the door after work. You are always ready and willing to help them with homework, play with them in the yard, or make supper a cooking project together. You wake up with them every morning despite some nights going to bed in the wee hours. Making sure you get your time with them before work. Who doesn't love DADDY MORNINGS. Breakfast with you everyday is always a treat for them. So much so, that if I give you the chance to sleep in. I am hounded by the ways of the world and told by my own kiddos they rather wait for Daddy.

Sweetheart, you are truly a wonderful man, husband, and father. I don't know how I could go on my days knowing you were not walking this journey with me. I love you more then words will ever express. I am so happy that I am able to say Happy Fathers Day to you!!

Happy Father's Day sweetie. I LOVE YOU more and more as each day goes. Hugs.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony

All the preparations and hard work paid off in what I hope and pray was a beautiful and fun afternoon for all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and family that were able to join us in our girls bridging ceremony from daisy girl scouts to brownie girl scouts.

Though the day was hectic and started my morning pretty early. About 5:30am. I am really happy that everything seemed to go off without major catastrophe. All my girls did a fantastic job! They were so pretty in their uniforms and I couldn't have asked for them to be more well behaved then they were that day. They sang all of there songs to perfection and even did a fantastic job during their candle ceremony. I am truly honored to have such a wonderful group of girls and will dearly miss them over the summer break. I cannot wait to get started again this fall and begin more new and exciting adventures. Until then, enjoy some of the photos that we (or rather my husband) was able to capture during today's ceremony.

The table decorations. Complete with butterfly clay pots. I had to paint 70 of these little turkeys. But managed to get them all done. And they came out beautifully. They were either green wings with pink middles or pink wings with green middles. Everything was color coordinated. Complete with hot pink or hot green table clothes and butterfly candies that went into each pot. How pretty are they!!

The guests

All 8 cakes, yes you read right 8 CAKES were hand made and decorated by myself and my co-leader Jessie. Without her, I think I would have gone insane!! She did a fantastic job helping me and did all the frosting making herself. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Each cake went on one of the 8 tables.

The other cake. Notice how they were too color coordinated to match the clay pots I painted. I know, I am weird. But I enjoyed doing this so much. And I loved that the girls and their families had such a great time. That all that matters.

The candle ceremony!

The girls did a great job learning their songs and singing them for their families. There numbers were:

The Girl Scout Promise
Something in my Pocket
Black Socks
Alice the Camel
Make new Friends

Of course I couldn't let them not have props for each song, at least a few of the songs. So for Black Socks, I managed to score a package of black socks for each of the girls to hold up. Best part, they were Owen's size so he is able to use them come this winter!! SCORE. For the song "Something in my Pocket" each of the girls colored their own pair of "Smile Faces" that I laminated and out a Popsicle stick backing onto the back for them to hold to their face. They were so adorable. And each set of smiles really captured the girls true artistic talents and uniqueness about them. Something I really love. Especially Olivia's. Who decided on the day we decorated them that she wanted to color hers green. When I asked her why, she told me because they looked like peas and not lips and teeth. That's my girl. Going against the grain. LOL. And for our last song, the girls each had a silver and gold ribbon tied around their wrists representing the song "MAKE NEW FRIENDS, BUT KEEP THE OLD, ONE IS SILVER AND THE OTHER GOLD" When they sang the song for the last time, they made a circle representing "THE CIRCLE IS ROUND, IT HAS NO END, THATS HOW LONG I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND." It was really sweet.

Olivia, Kasandra, Jamilyn, and Jasmine Singing "BLACK SOCKS"

Sharon, Victoria, Hope, Haylee and Fiona Singing "BLACK SOCKS"

Fiona and Madisyn Singing "BLACK SOCKS"

After their singing, the girls each spoke about a pedal and the color the pedal represented. They then had to light a candle and then retire their pedal on the board. They truly made me tear up during this. They were so grown-up reading their cards and retiring their "colors".

Our retired DAISY pedals

Picture of all my girls in their DAISY UNIFORMS (From Left to Right) Olivia, Kasandra, Jamilyn, Jasmine, Sharon, Victoria, Hope, Haylee, Fiona, and Madisyn.

Picture of all my girls in their BROWNIE UNIFORMS (From Left to Right) Same as ABOVE

Olivia with her new Brownie Sash

Ahhh. Its bittersweet. As the time starts new in the fall as Brownies. I am reminded how quickly the next two years will go by and I will be doing this again. Not only for Olivia who will be bridging to Juniors, but for Emma-James and her troop who will be bridging to Brownies. And lets not forget Miss. Ezme who is just around the corner. Ugh, stop growing up girls!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Emma-James last day of Nursery School

Emma-James had her last day of nursery school today. She was able to invite a parent and choose daddy. Stating that "Mommy, you always come with me, lets give Daddy a chance instead" So happily daddy went. Of course, she is daddy's girl through and through so she was really delighted that he went. Jason said she sang her little heart out and was so proud of all of her accomplishments. I have to say I am too. She had done so wonderfully since January. She really caught up with her language skills. As well as her comprehension. She is now able to tell us the colors and shapes and starting to work hard on her picture drawings that actually resemble us. Of course we are going to be working with her extra hard this summer to give her that extra boost she needs for when she starts Pre-K. Until then, here are a few photos of her special time with daddy.

Getting ready for snack time. It was ICE CREAM DAY at school

Singing her heart out to the audience (aka moms and dads)

Getting nervous. Not sure about what

Last day of school picture in front of Cherry Hill Pre-School

9 Month Check-Up

Ezme had her 9 month well baby visit today. Her stats were:

Weight:19 lbs 7 oz
Height: 27 inches

She did fantastically at the Doctors today too! Our pediatrician was so impressed at how quickly and might I add how healthy she has been. No phone calls or concerns with the little stinker for 3 months. For her, that's a record. If you remember correctly, Ezme was struggling since just a few weeks old with a lot of congestion and respiratory problems. We had her on numerous medications to help her breathing as well as the nebulizer for most of the winter up until even her last appointment in March. We think a lot of it has to do with how late my doctor insisted on waiting to deliver her. Due to her fast birth, she might have had a few underlying issues that were never addressed because she didn't show distress or signs right away. And her constant breathing problems and gunky sounding chest were chalked up to being born almost near the beginning of winter and flu season. Not to mention having 3 other kiddos at home. Now that we have really looked at all the facts, both of us feel the same way. We are going to watch this little guy closely and make sure that we stay clear of a lot of the issues we had with Ezme. Not that we weren't able to work through them. We just don't want to see this little guy struggle like Ezme did. Especially if we can prevent most of it from happening.

Both of us are really impressed with her skills as of late. Crawling, babbling, clapping, interacting with her siblings. Taking control when she feels she can. But also backing down when she finds that she cannot take charge. Its funny to watch this kind of interaction with her and her older siblings. They all have really seemed to find their ways amongst each other. And asserting themselves. All of them trying to be the "oldest" and the "boss". I definitely have the "Take Charge" kind of kiddos. I don't really see any of them being quick or the "sit in the back of the class" type of kids.

Ezme is about 2 months ahead of the. So that makes me happy knowing that she really caught up so quickly in the last 3 months. She is very much a happy baby and I love watching her grow and change everyday. I can't wait to see what the next three months have in store for her. Will she walk before her first birthday? Only time will tell!!

During our visit today too, I asked about having the kiddos lead numbers checked. Because we received such high numbers on our lead water test. I wanted to make sure there wasn't any concerns. Of course Ezme could have cared less, and Owen was the same way. Emma-James worked herself up in such a frenzy. I was so angry, they took her in by herself and shut the door. I was one angry momma!!! They said it was for Owen and Ezme's benefit. But I told them, listen. They don't care, and don't ever do that again. I hate this person who does the blood work for my doctors office. And honestly, no one else likes them either. But what can you do. Expect complain, and complain I did. Next time they better watch out. Hormonal mother on the rebound. I wont let you get away with it a second time let me tell you!!

***UPDATE*** The kiddos test results came back in. Hurray, there numbers were terrific. They all scored a 2. AWESOME. I am so happy. We will continue to use the filter and be thankful we spend the extra money on it. Boy has it come in handy.

Binky baby!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ezme's New Teeth!!

I can't believe I am even typing this, but Ezme has officially gotten her first two bottom teeth in the same exact time. How can this be???? My other kiddos were well over a year old before this happened so I was in complete shock and a little denial when Emma-James told me in the car one day that Ezme had a tooth. She kept telling me, "Mommy, Ezme has a tooth, Ezme has a tooth." Of course I was driving and couldn't really tell or not until I stopped. But when I did, and checked I was shocked to say the least.

My baby is growing up too fast. Someone has definitely got to make this stop. I mean, next its walking and gosh, I am not at all ready for that. Now that she is in full gear with the teeth coming in, she has really enjoyed playing with her fingers and tongue on her new mouth toys. She can't seem to get enough of them right now.

I am really blessed to have easy going teethers. I never know its the case until I put my finger in their month one day and poof, they are there. No fevers or cranky babies. Never any drooling or excessive chewing. One day we have no teeth, and the next morning there are two. Amazing.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ezme is 9 Months Old

Gosh. I can't believe that I completely forgot to write up about Ezme turning 9 months old!! That just goes to show you how badly my brain is working these days. Shame on me.

Ezme is doing fantastic. At her 9 month check up (on June 15th) she weighed in at
19 lbs 7 oz and was 27 inches long. She is a growing weed I tell you. And with all the food she has been eating lately, its no wonder how she has gained well over 4 lbs since her last visit at 6 months old. If you recall, Ezme was struggling with solid foods and would barely let me put the food in her mouth without major meltdowns. We really thought we would be seeing a food therapist at some point if things didn't progress better. Even by the end (almost beginning) of her 8 month mark, we were still unsure that she was grasping the concept of food. But one evening it just seemed to click with her and BAM! She was eating solid foods like a champ. And we are not just talking baby food, the little monkey was eating EVERYTHING she could get her hands on. Cheerios, mac and cheese, fruit, you name it. Her favorites as of now are daddy's ribs and sweet potato. Though she is definitely an equal opportunity eater. She really loves loves loves green beans and peas. I mean, so much so that sometimes she will eat at least 2 full number 2 jars of these and still beg for more. I am so lucky to have such great eaters. None of my kiddos are picky and will eat or at least try just about anything that is put in front of them. I am very lucky!!

Here is a few fun things Ezme is doing at 9 months old:

* Continues to crawl everywhere and loves that she can do it fast enough to keep up with her big brother and sisters.
* Stands in the middle of the floor unassisted for a 10 seconds.
* Cruising furniture, and her crib ALL THE TIME
* Says "ma ma" "dada" "house" "cat"
* Constantly babbles to anyone who will listen. The T.V. Big sisters or Big Brother, me, the cats, her stuffed animals.
* Has officially fallen in love with her very own "NEMO" blanket. Which happens to just be Daddy's old blanket from when he was a baby. I think its so sweet. Thank you Vovo!!
* Loves animals. And animals seem to really just adore her.
* Waves hi and bye
* Knows her name 100% now and chooses to ignore you!
* Loves to cuddle
* Has gotten her first two teeth in (almost 4 months before any of the other kiddos)
* Can finally put her hair in a pony tail on the top of her head. Can't believe she even has hair do do this.
* Sleeps through the night from 7pm-8am!
* Still takes about one nap per day. Never did the two nap thing at all.

As you can see, Ezme is really starting to find her own personality and turn into a fun and interactive little girl. Its so weird how she goes from infant to big girl in just a few short months. It makes me sad to realize that in just 10 weeks she will be sharing her attention with her new baby brother. Something the other kiddos didn't have to worry or do quiet so soon. I hope her little Ezme heart will understand that mommy loves her just as much as I do the new baby.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Busy Life and Girl Scout Carnival

Sorry for the lack of writing these past few weeks. I have been CRAZY busy (as always of course) working on the yard and of course cleaning inside the house. Things have gotten so insane that I find myself wondering where the days go. By the time Jason gets home from work, the kids bathed, fed and in bed. Its already 7pm. Most nights we have even crept into the 8pm range. Its insanity I tell you. My time spend cleaning, organizing and all together getting the house and the yard in shape was due to the fact that I organized a GIRL SCOUT CARNIVAL at my home on Memorial Day. I wanted to get a chance for any new comers that would like to join girl scouts to get to know myself and the other area Johnston leaders before the start of the new school year. As much as it makes since to sign up in the fall. It also kind of sucks too. You don't get as much time to get to know the new kiddos. And of course, it doesn't give the parents the time to get to know you and what girl scouts is all about. So I thought what better way to get the community involved then to do an OPEN HOUSE. I invited about 40 or so girls to the event and about 20 girls showed up.

As with every new "PLANNED" event, the first year is always the "work out the kinks" year. We know what we will do next year, what worked, and what didn't. Foods to serve and such. All in all though, I have very little to complain about. Next year should be even more fun as Emma-James will be gearing up for kindergarten and her little friends from Pre-School have already asked me about signing up their daughters. Plus the best part, is they have little girls Ezme's age which makes it even more fun for when she starts Girl Scouts. So I am really looking forward to that.

Some of the girls taking a break from the games and eating their lunch

Fiona playing the duck game in my backyard pond

Some of the Girls playing the Bean Bag Toss

We had a wonderful morning/afternoon. The weather was beautiful and the kids had a great time gathering lots of fun prizes and playing the games. Next year I hope to have even more fun things planned for the event. A balloon artist, bounce house and even more games are in the works. Plus I wont have it on a holiday so that will help.

The year though is coming to a close. With only two more meetings until our Bridging Ceremony on the 19th things are getting a little crazy. I will be sad to see the girls go for the summer. But with all the things that need to be done before baby arrives, and the fact that the summer heat is already killing me. I will be glad to have a few weeks off to get some much needed things accomplished.

We have another busy weekend planned as we head into Summer Birthday Part mode starting tomorrow and then a Baptism/Birthday on Sunday. Should be VERY interesting and I will be posting lots I am sure over the weekend. Until then. Have a great Friday everyone.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

27 Weeks

SERIOUSLY???? 3 more weeks and I will be 30 weeks. You have got to be kidding me. I usually am in the "I can't wait until baby comes mode" but right now I am in the....PLEASE GIVE ME MORE TIME MODE! With Girl Scouts ending in just two short weeks, and the end of June being my 30 week...things are coming at a faster rate this time around then Ezme.

I still have SO MUCH to do. The house needs to be organized, cleaned, scrubbed and many places needs a fresh new coat of paint. And no, I am not doing this because I am nesting. But because its what I do every summer. Its much easier to send the kiddos outside while I do many of these tasks, then it is during the winter and they are under foot all the time.

I also need to get together all the baby boy clothes and start organizing them into bins, drawers and the bedroom he will be sharing with Owen and Ezme. Lets not forget the fact that we are going to Maine for 11 days for my Grampy's 90th Birthday. And then the end of the month my best friend and her family will be joining us for a few days. So our summer is already nuts and technically it hasn't even started yet!!

Okie, side tracked their for a second. Anyways, I am doing pretty good. I have had a few days of really feeling "pregnant" and a few mornings where I just haven't felt good. But I am chalking those up to my crazy insane life, and the lack of sleep I have gotten. Baby is moving *better* but I would still love more action from him. Especially during the day and not always have it be the same time every evening. Even despite the fact I rest a good hour in the afternoon. I get maybe a kick and that's about it. At least he is letting me know he is still their, so that makes me stay calm for the most part.

I ended up loosing my mucus plug (TMI) today. I am not to worried though, I lost it rather early with Ezme. Though not THIS early. Spent the evening with mild cramping so I am hoping for relief by the morning. Otherwise its going to be a LONG 12 weeks to go for sure. I have a check-up on Tuesday so I will let my doctor know what is going on. He may want to check to see if I am dilating (which I am sure I might be) or if my cervix is changing enough to cause concern. Both which happened when I was pregnant with Ezme. Until then though, I am just taking it easy and hoping to get a lot accomplished between now and Sunday. Life doesn't end just because your pregnant. At least in my case it doesn't.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Road Work

This morning we were awoken by the dog barking and a wonderful construction crew in the front of our house (we have no front yard, so literally in the front of our house). They were their to dig a bunch of holes to replace all the old lead piping on all the homes that were build before 1971. Of course, our house was on the list. Build in 1890ish, its pretty old.

So I decided why not turn this day into a "school lesson". The kids had a great time. Though we weren't able to actually get close to the hole. We had something even better. One of the holes being dug was directly in front of my window where the laundry room is. The kids had the best seat in the house!!

The guys who were hired to do the work for the town of Johnston were fantastic. They really took the time to answer the questions that the kids had. Even talking to them about odds and ends. I have to say, they really were very sweet. Especially since they were behind schedule due to a pipe that burst filling all of their newly dug holes into mud and mud ponds. The kids (especially Owen and Emma-James) were in love with all the big trucks and the mess the "big boys" got to make. Owen would bring his "pretend" tools down to help and Emma-James couldn't get enough of the "BOYS".

Digging one of the holes on the street (There were about 4)

Part of the hole that was dug in front of our laundry room window

Owen sitting on my dryer watching the big boys

The holes filled in, just about ready for the black top

Black top down and the holes covered up. Just in the nick of time too. As soon as this was put down, we ended up getting a storm so severe. The rain came down in sheets and I think it could have been pretty bad if they were still working when the rains came.

Have to say the whole experience wasn't too bad. We were afraid we were going to be stuck here at the house and not able to run errands. But they were here by 7am and done by 2pm. Not shabby at all. Hopefully this will help with our lead problem. Though we don't use tap water anyways for cooking or drinking. When we upgraded our kitchen we spend a little extra money to get a filter system in our kitchen for the purpose of clean water all the time. Especially with the new baby and such. We wanted to make sure the kiddos were always safe. I guess we will just have to see what the test shows.

**UPDATE** We received our testing back from the water. Ugh, not as great as we hoped. Lead tests should be about 15 ppb (parts per billion) and ours were 96 ppb. I will be getting the little ones checked just to make sure we have no issues. I rather be safe then sorry later down the road.