Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ezme's New Teeth!!

I can't believe I am even typing this, but Ezme has officially gotten her first two bottom teeth in the same exact time. How can this be???? My other kiddos were well over a year old before this happened so I was in complete shock and a little denial when Emma-James told me in the car one day that Ezme had a tooth. She kept telling me, "Mommy, Ezme has a tooth, Ezme has a tooth." Of course I was driving and couldn't really tell or not until I stopped. But when I did, and checked I was shocked to say the least.

My baby is growing up too fast. Someone has definitely got to make this stop. I mean, next its walking and gosh, I am not at all ready for that. Now that she is in full gear with the teeth coming in, she has really enjoyed playing with her fingers and tongue on her new mouth toys. She can't seem to get enough of them right now.

I am really blessed to have easy going teethers. I never know its the case until I put my finger in their month one day and poof, they are there. No fevers or cranky babies. Never any drooling or excessive chewing. One day we have no teeth, and the next morning there are two. Amazing.

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