Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ezme is 9 Months Old

Gosh. I can't believe that I completely forgot to write up about Ezme turning 9 months old!! That just goes to show you how badly my brain is working these days. Shame on me.

Ezme is doing fantastic. At her 9 month check up (on June 15th) she weighed in at
19 lbs 7 oz and was 27 inches long. She is a growing weed I tell you. And with all the food she has been eating lately, its no wonder how she has gained well over 4 lbs since her last visit at 6 months old. If you recall, Ezme was struggling with solid foods and would barely let me put the food in her mouth without major meltdowns. We really thought we would be seeing a food therapist at some point if things didn't progress better. Even by the end (almost beginning) of her 8 month mark, we were still unsure that she was grasping the concept of food. But one evening it just seemed to click with her and BAM! She was eating solid foods like a champ. And we are not just talking baby food, the little monkey was eating EVERYTHING she could get her hands on. Cheerios, mac and cheese, fruit, you name it. Her favorites as of now are daddy's ribs and sweet potato. Though she is definitely an equal opportunity eater. She really loves loves loves green beans and peas. I mean, so much so that sometimes she will eat at least 2 full number 2 jars of these and still beg for more. I am so lucky to have such great eaters. None of my kiddos are picky and will eat or at least try just about anything that is put in front of them. I am very lucky!!

Here is a few fun things Ezme is doing at 9 months old:

* Continues to crawl everywhere and loves that she can do it fast enough to keep up with her big brother and sisters.
* Stands in the middle of the floor unassisted for a 10 seconds.
* Cruising furniture, and her crib ALL THE TIME
* Says "ma ma" "dada" "house" "cat"
* Constantly babbles to anyone who will listen. The T.V. Big sisters or Big Brother, me, the cats, her stuffed animals.
* Has officially fallen in love with her very own "NEMO" blanket. Which happens to just be Daddy's old blanket from when he was a baby. I think its so sweet. Thank you Vovo!!
* Loves animals. And animals seem to really just adore her.
* Waves hi and bye
* Knows her name 100% now and chooses to ignore you!
* Loves to cuddle
* Has gotten her first two teeth in (almost 4 months before any of the other kiddos)
* Can finally put her hair in a pony tail on the top of her head. Can't believe she even has hair do do this.
* Sleeps through the night from 7pm-8am!
* Still takes about one nap per day. Never did the two nap thing at all.

As you can see, Ezme is really starting to find her own personality and turn into a fun and interactive little girl. Its so weird how she goes from infant to big girl in just a few short months. It makes me sad to realize that in just 10 weeks she will be sharing her attention with her new baby brother. Something the other kiddos didn't have to worry or do quiet so soon. I hope her little Ezme heart will understand that mommy loves her just as much as I do the new baby.

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