Thursday, June 3, 2010

27 Weeks

SERIOUSLY???? 3 more weeks and I will be 30 weeks. You have got to be kidding me. I usually am in the "I can't wait until baby comes mode" but right now I am in the....PLEASE GIVE ME MORE TIME MODE! With Girl Scouts ending in just two short weeks, and the end of June being my 30 week...things are coming at a faster rate this time around then Ezme.

I still have SO MUCH to do. The house needs to be organized, cleaned, scrubbed and many places needs a fresh new coat of paint. And no, I am not doing this because I am nesting. But because its what I do every summer. Its much easier to send the kiddos outside while I do many of these tasks, then it is during the winter and they are under foot all the time.

I also need to get together all the baby boy clothes and start organizing them into bins, drawers and the bedroom he will be sharing with Owen and Ezme. Lets not forget the fact that we are going to Maine for 11 days for my Grampy's 90th Birthday. And then the end of the month my best friend and her family will be joining us for a few days. So our summer is already nuts and technically it hasn't even started yet!!

Okie, side tracked their for a second. Anyways, I am doing pretty good. I have had a few days of really feeling "pregnant" and a few mornings where I just haven't felt good. But I am chalking those up to my crazy insane life, and the lack of sleep I have gotten. Baby is moving *better* but I would still love more action from him. Especially during the day and not always have it be the same time every evening. Even despite the fact I rest a good hour in the afternoon. I get maybe a kick and that's about it. At least he is letting me know he is still their, so that makes me stay calm for the most part.

I ended up loosing my mucus plug (TMI) today. I am not to worried though, I lost it rather early with Ezme. Though not THIS early. Spent the evening with mild cramping so I am hoping for relief by the morning. Otherwise its going to be a LONG 12 weeks to go for sure. I have a check-up on Tuesday so I will let my doctor know what is going on. He may want to check to see if I am dilating (which I am sure I might be) or if my cervix is changing enough to cause concern. Both which happened when I was pregnant with Ezme. Until then though, I am just taking it easy and hoping to get a lot accomplished between now and Sunday. Life doesn't end just because your pregnant. At least in my case it doesn't.

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