Thursday, June 30, 2011

5 Day Challenge (Day 4)

Woot. I am loving this!! Honestly, even though I didn't have anyone join in challenging themselves this week I love that I have *readers* who can hold me accountable and keep me motivated. I think sometimes just having someone "cheer" you on is a good PICK-ME-UP!!

Anyways, Today is Day 4 of my challenge. I am keeping today pretty easy and low key. I think I just need "simple" to get me through. My goal is to finish up the house by 3pm and then try to head to get Owens' hair cut and run a few errands. I also have a dinner to go to for all the Girl Scout leaders and Olivia has Garden Club at School in the evening. Just another busy day in the Rodrigues house. So we will see what the day holds.


Living Room

*Clean floors
*Wash down TV Cabinet
*Wash windows and mirrors
*Organize School Closet

Dining Room

*Clean Floors (Including polish. Needs a few protective coats)
*Wash down dining room table and chairs
*Wash windows
*Organize Computer desk

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ollie is 10 Months!!

Can you believe it? 10 months ago my second little guy came into the world. I wasn't quiet prepared to be a mom of 5 so soon after having Ezme. I was worried that she would feel unloved that a new little one had taken her mommy away and she would miss on those special moments with just me. I then worried about Ollie. How would I be able to love a new little one so soon after Ezme. Would he fit into the family? Would the other kiddos accept him as quickly as they had welcomed Ezme into the family?

10 months later I can honestly say that he is just as welcomed, just as loved and just as adored as if he had come 10 years later. We just adore him to the 10th degree. He is kissed, hugged, toddled around at every moment. There isn't a moment that goes by that someone isn't fighting over him. Weather its to feed him, hold him, or change him. And lets face it folks, he is loving every second of it!!

At 10 Months Old Ollie is now weighing in at a solid 22.8 lbs with a height of 28 1/2 inches long. He is wearing clothes between 18 months and 2T with occasionally being able to fit into 12 months. At 7 months we had to purchase a new car seat for him as he had already outgrown his bucket seat. BIG MAN!!

Ollie is babbling up a storm. Trying to say "Mama" and "Dada" He enjoys being around his big sisters and big brother. He follows Ezme and Emma around the house all the time.

He is now eating table foods that we eat. So whatever we have during the day, he will eat as well. This little boy is a food machine. There isn't much he wont eat. His favorite at the moment is carrots and green beans (which happens to be the other kids favorites too)

We also have switched him to whole milk as well. With his current weight and height we couldn't justify the need to continue with formula for all of his bottles. He still gets a formula bottle in the morning and then one before bed and whole milk during the day. He is doing excellent with it. He is such a good eater that we know he will find the nutrients he gets from formula in the foods he eats.

Ollie's FIRST BIRTHDAY is just around the corner. We are holding a huge party for both him and Ezme. They also will be baptized too. I am so excited!! We were unable to do anything like we had planned last year. It was intended to have a party/baptism right after Ollie was born, but sadly plans had fallen through. I am hoping this time things will go off without much issue. I just want everything to be wonderful. And most importantly, special for the kiddos. We are looking for a weekend in August to hold the party/ceremony.

Until then, Ollie is enjoying his new found ability. CRUISING FURNITURE. Its only a matter of time before he starts walking. I am hoping it will be before his 1st Birthday Party as I have the cutest outfit for him to wear. Until then, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Oliver at 10 Months! Its all about the tongue!

Owen at 10 Months! Its all about the Hair!

5 Day Challenge (Day 3)

Today's challenge should be a lot easier then days 1 and 2. My goal today is to finish anything that I didn't get to on Tuesday plus accomplish the living room and dining room. Which are by far the two easiest rooms in the entire house.


Living Room

*Clean floors
*Wash down TV Cabinet
*Wash windows and mirrors
*Organize School Closet

Dining Room

*Clean Floors (Including polish. Needs a few protective coats)
*Wash down dining room table and chairs
*Wash windows
*Organize Computer desk

*Projects I didn't accomplish on Tuesday:

*Clean spice and decoration cupboard
*Organize "junk drawers"
*Wash walls and trim
*Scrub floors
*Clean Fridge, Ovens and Stove Top

Cellar Stairs (Possibly waiting until hubby takes Friday off to help)

*Clean cellar stairs (keep, donate, sell, throw away)
*Paint (wont start this tomorrow, but will get done before summer is out)
*Wash down walls, vacuum stairs


*Organize linen closet (everything to fit onto one shelf)keep, throw-out
*Organize sink cabinet (Diapers, wipes, essentials) keep, throw-out
*Major scrubbing of toilet, shower, sink, tub, floor
*Wash walls and trim

**UPDATE** Things are going well today. Kids have been really good. Olivia is helping me "baby-sit" the other kiddos while I clean downstairs. MONEY is her motivation. She picks up after them and makes sure the upstairs stays clean for me all the while earning some spending money in the process. This adventure cost me $2 bucks, but I told her that if she keeps helping me out, she can earn .50 cents everything she does what she is asked. I might be broke by summers end, but its worth it. I think I might even have Emma and Owen on board when they figure out Olivia is earning money to buy herself something. Who knows. Taking a little break, might finish up after kiddos go to bed. Not sure. But happy to know I will have it done by tonight *smiles*

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 Day Challenge (Day 2)

Ugh, I almost wish I had more to do upstairs. Downstairs makes me crabby. I think its because its the most *USED* part of the house. Everything just gets thrown all around. Shoved onto the dining room table, into nooks and crannies. Drives me batty to say the least. So today's challenge will actually be a challenge. Finding a place for everything!! Especially kitchen stuff. If you have not had the pleasure to visit my house, then you should know that my laundry room, kitchen, bathroom is on the same floor. In fact, you could even say the laundry room and bathroom are in the kitchen. Plus not to mention the cellar stairs is right off the kitchen so you see them ALL THE TIME. My goal is to get as much done as possible. The good part is I can do the bathroom in the evening after the kids go to bed if I have too. Wish me luck. What is your challenge for the day?


Downstairs Laundry Room and Kitchen

*Wash, fold, put all clean laundry away
*Clean laundry cabinets (keep, donate, sell, throw-away
*Sort through kitchen cabinets (keep, donate, sell, throw-away)
*Clean spice and decoration cupboard
*Organize "junk drawers"
*Wash walls and trim
*Scrub floors

Cellar Stairs

*Clean cellar stairs (keep, donate, sell, throw away)
*Paint (wont start this tomorrow, but will get done before summer is out)
*Wash down walls, vacuum stairs


*Organize linen closet (everything to fit onto one shelf)keep, throw-out
*Organize sink cabinet (Diapers, wipes, essentials) keep, throw-out
*Major scrubbing of toilet, shower, sink, tub, floor
*Wash walls and trim

*UPDATE* Its been a S*L*O*W process all day long today. I really have only managed to get the rest of the kids dressers cleaned and organized. I finished the last load of laundry and will be folding and putting everything away momentarily. I also went through the basket of socks. Which if you know me, I absoultely DREAD!! But its finished. I ended up throwing a lot of "strays" away, but in the end, its probably a good idea. The kids need new socks come this fall anyways.

I am going to keep chugging through until supper. Goal will be to feed the kiddos, get them washed up and in bed by 6pm and then finish as much as I can before I drop at 11pm tonight. Hopefully hubby can come home and help me a bit and get me back on track. I am thinking the cellar stairs will have to wait until tomorrow at least. Maybe even the weekend. I hate those darn stairs!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Day Challenge (Day 1)

Every so often I read a blog that usually pertains to "30 Day Challenge" of something. Usually it involves some sort of cleaning and organizing or a "Get Healthy" challenge.

However, I am not giving myself 30 Days. That would be too easy. I would end up falling off the wagon and loosing my momentum after only a few days have gone by. Instead I am giving myself 5 days. Starting today and ending on Friday at midnight. The challenge? Clean my entire house. Your saying to yourself right now, "But you clean everyday Kiley!" True, true. But this is different.

THE CHALLENGE: Get everything organized, de-cluttered, packed, thrown-out, sent away what need be by Friday.

I have seriously lost touch with the inside. Though its always clean and looks well organized. The clutter is driving me NUTS. I cannot stand it anymore. It just seems to be things EVERYWHERE despite every attempt to keep things in their proper place. So check back often to see what today's challenge is. Join me if you want and tell me how it went. Were you able to accomplish everything you had hoped today. Did you spot a movie on T.V. that kept you at bay, or the sun shining bright through that dirty window that said "Come out and play" Or did you fulfill your challenge. Each day I will write about what my daily challenge is and report back to let you know if I accomplished it. So, who is going to join me??


Organize upstairs (Plus sew 2 orders)

*Clean Kids room (Keep, pack away, throw, donate
Organize toys
Organize stuffed animals
Outgrown clothes
Wash walls
Wash trim
Label everything

*Clean Master Bedroom (Keep, pack away, throw, donate)
Organize clothes that are piled on floor
Organize sewing area
Acquire Tupperware bins to pack all outgrown clothes
Wash Walls
Wash Trim
Label everything

**I did an awesome job today. The only thing I have left now is to pack all the clothes I sorted through and put them into Tupperware bins and then to label the kids dressers and all my sewing supplies. I also need to wash down the walls and trim but I am thinking I am going to do that tonight while everyone is sleeping. And finish up in the morning. I am almost dreading tomorrow now.

***Done. Still need to label everything in my bedroom but for now the toy closet is finished. So proud of my first day. Hope that day 2 is just as productive.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Handmade Bags

Here are just a few of the bags that I have made over the last week or so. The polka doted one with the pink ribbon was made in one afternoon for a 1st Birthday Party.

Orange flowered beach bag with 100% rip stop nylon with orange zipper is a fantastic way to make a statement at the beach or outdoor function. Made out of durable canvas outdoor material, this bag is sure to be the hit of the summer.
(we made this bag personally for Olivia's 2nd grade teacher) Custom orders are always welcome!!

Sample of the beach bags I made for my co-leaders

Pink, green, brown polka dotted bag with pink bows. Bag is lined with 100% rip stop nylon and includes two storage compartments. Material is easily washable with a damp cloth. Terrific for on the go, the beach, or a day outing. Enough room to store all of babies essentials!! Custom orders available

Inside of Bag

The Alligator that Ate the Pink Marshmellow

Cool Huh?

Hanging Around

Want to see just how strong my 9 Month Old little guy is?





This is Ollie at 9 months old hanging onto our shower curtain rod in the bathroom. The boy has always had a tight, firm grip to him. We just never knew how strong it truly was until we saw that he could literally grasp onto the bar for a good 30 seconds before letting go. All of the pictures are of him hanging on his own. I am right next to him to catch him so he wasn't harmed at all. He actually thought this was fun and got extremely angry when daddy and I said he was all done.

Future something for sure. FOOTBALL? HOCKEY? HEAVY WEIGHT? Who knows. But I wouldn't want to be messing around with him. At 23 pounds, would you?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Emma-James Graduates from Pre-K

Its truly hard for me to believe that Emma-James has graduated from Pre-K today. When she was born, Olivia had just entered Cherry Hill and I was talking to Miss. Cheryl about the day when Emma would join. I cannot believe how fast the last 5 years has flown by for her. I was more emotional and sad watching Emma graduate then Olivia for sure. Maybe its because Emma was my little one after Anabelle. We skipped over so much after loosing Anabelle that it was bitter sweet watching Emma become such a big girl. She has truly blossomed in the 2 years that she has been at Cherry Hill. Making lasting friendships that I hope will follow her for years to come. Both her mommy and daddy are very proud of all the things she has overcome and accomplished this year. We love you sweetie!!

Emma-James all lined up and ready to sing her heart out!

Cherry Hill Pre-K Friends

Friends continued

Emma-James in her Cap

Emma-James all lined up and ready to sing her heart out!

Cherry Hill Pre-K Friends

Friends continued

Emma-James in her Cap

Emma receiving her Diploma from Miss. Cheryl. Notice the picture of her on the diploma in her cap and gown. Isn't it the cutest thing you ever saw. I am ordering copies in bigger print for sure.

The yummy cake Giana's mom made for the after party!

The Cherry Hill Pre-K Girls

Emma's best friend Max. She loves him!

Emma and Miss Cheryl


Love this picture of her. Daddy took it at the front door to the school. Last time she will be entering as a student. Next time she goes she will be visiting as a Kindergartener.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2nd Grade Field Trip

A few weeks ago Olivia came home with a paper from school and asked me to fill it out. It was a letter from her teacher asking parents if they wanted to help chaperon the 2nd grade class on their field trip to the topiary gardens in Portsmouth, RI. It was almost perfect that the date was on a Tuesday and hubby was already home. PERFECT. So I didn't hesitate to say yes. Its not often I get to spend one-on-one time with just Olivia. Especially now that she went to school during the day.

The morning started off with a rocky start. An overtired Olivia, cranky mommy, and fussy baby made it much harder for me to actually leave. I hated that I was leaving Jason with fussy babies, a huge list of "to do's" and not to mention that it was Emma-James' last day of "BIG SCHOOL"

Hubby was sweet as always. He told us to go, have a great time and drove off as we entered the school. I was excited. Olivia hadn't been feeling well the day before. She even requested to stay home on Monday just so she could sleep so she would be well for her first field trip. Luckily, she started to feel better by morning but was still not quiet her bouncy self.

We were blessed to have a Charter Bus take us to the venue for the field trip. I choose to ride in a friends car on the way down. However, on the way home Olivia asked me if I would go home with her. She didn't have anyone to sit with and wanted to have some company, so I said yes.

The place was absoultely beautiful. Though I wouldn't say its a great place to visit with 2nd graders, as they were bored quickly. It is definitely a place I would recommend seeing if you are ever in the area. The hours upon hours that it takes to create such a beautiful work of art is simply amazing. They even have a assorted garden and live stock (chickens) living on the grounds. Sadly, we weren't able to do the tour of the old Farm House which saddened me, but the kids were happy about it of course. Even though the day was overcast and windy with a few sprinkles here and their, it truly couldn't have been a better day spend with my oldest Olivia and her classmates. Thanks again sweetheart for inviting me. Mommy had a fantastic time!!

This is Olivia and her friends from her 2nd grade class. This was the group that was given to me for the afternoon. They were a great group of kids!!




I took each of the kids pictures on a tree that we had found. It had this low lying "U" curve it in. The kids thought it was neat so I told them to jump up onto it and I would take their picture.





Group Shot of all the 2nd Graders from Sarah Dyer Barnes Elementary School

Mrs. Pool and Ms. Carnavale's 2nd Grade Class

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Providence Museum

I have a huge task to undertake before Monday and I desperately needed a few moments of peace and quiet to accomplish this goal. I was undertaking a huge job. Make 18 snack bags for Emma-James' Pre-K graduation by Monday! I could do it. Of course I waited until the last minute, but I knew if I kept my mind on the task at hand, I would finish!!

My sweet husband offered to take the kiddos to the Providence Children's Museum for the day while I slaved over my sewing machine. Of course I didn't hesitate one bit. I quickly packed up their bags, change of clothes, snacks, drinks and plenty of diapers to last them all day if need be. Thanks to their wonderful "Auntie Tanya and Uncle Greg" we have a years pass to the Providence Museum. We attend to use it at every opportunity and chance we have. Its the perfect place for all 5 kiddos to enjoy. As a mom of 5, its sometimes hard to find places that caters to each age group.

Here are a few pictures of the days events with Daddy. The kids and I know what a great guy he is. I just want to let you guys know too.

Ezme sporting her very "FIRST" set of pigtails

Attempting to get a group shot of all the kiddos. Harder task then one thinks

Emma-James and Ezme sporting pigtails

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall"

Olivia and Emma-James climbing to the top of the Jungle Gym

Almost there.....

"Hi Dad, I made it to the top"

"Me too!"

Ezme enjoying her favorite thing in the entire world *WATER* Jason said she couldn't contain herself when she saw that it was actually ok to play in the water and we wouldn't get mad

Future Musician?

Owen really loved playing with the connect squares.

And of course. The favorite of Emma-James. The DRAGON!

I think the kiddos had a great time. Ollie stayed home with me and took a fantastic 4 hour nap. And best part, I managed to finish all 18 snack bags by 11pm and ready to go with Emma-James tomorrow morning. Woot.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

How do you.....?

Fight a battle when you always seem to loose no matter what?

When I was pregnant with Anabelle and we knew (or at least I knew) that her diagnosis was terminal I had a reason to fight. Fight the doctors, fight the statistics, fight those who stood in my way. I did it because it was something I truly believed in. Though she didn't live as long as I am sure we all had prayed for. I fought hard enough to get what was important to me. TIME. I can honestly say that was a battle worth fighting. Anabelle and I came out the winners in the end for sure.

This battle. The battle of our house. It seems to be a battle we continue to fight and loose. Its not just me who wants to leave. The kids are feeling the pressure. My husband, who is the most easy going man you will ever meet in a million years is starting to show signs of stress. With nothing to gain living here. Our financial future seems to be very rocky. We are unable to refinance or remortgage and lets not forget that their is no collateral built into our home, we worry about what we will do when the kids start college.

How much do I keep fighting what seems to be a loosing battle. What can we do, if anything to change this outcome before it gets worse? Ideas are welcome. Though I will say right now, we have truly thought about selling at a total loss and renting, but renting isn't an ideal situation for us that we could make work. So if you have something that maybe we haven't thought about, I am all ears!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Followers and Saturday

Thank you to all who has clicked on the follow button! I only have one new member and its already the 4th, so if you haven't clicked on "follow" please think of adding me to your list. My goal is 50 people by June 30th!!

Today is Saturday. Friday and Saturday's are house cleaning days. Laundry and bedding and the entire upstairs on Friday and then downstairs on Saturday. Saturday is also for running errands, grocery shopping and doing any last minute store stops that I didn't get to. Since Jason and I are so busy during the week, we really enjoy grocery shopping and running errands as a family. Its quality time we get to spend. Even if its just running around.

Sunday's we try to spend it somewhere together. The park, the ocean, the zoo, anywhere to get us out of the house. Sometimes we just stay home, doing yard work or catching up on things we didn't get to finish on Saturday. It seems the days just quickly go by, and before you know it. The day is gone.

I am excited for July to arrive. We will be heading up to Maine for a few weeks to see my sister and nephew. The kids will enjoy catching up, and I will enjoy not having to do any cleaning, laundry, vacuuming for a good week or two. That right there is as good of a vacation as I am going to get. Anyways, I must get back to cleaning. I have a few other posts floating in my head that I want to share, so look forward to that later on.

In the meantime, I would love to hear how you spend your weekends. What do you do? How do you spend it as a family?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Days 30 Friends

I have a goal this month. And I need your help!! For the next 30 days I would like to see a blog reader join my blog. Hence the "30 DAYS 30 FRIENDS" I know I bug you, but it sure would be nice to put a name (even if it isn't real) to my readers.

So for the next 30 days would you consider becoming a friend on both this blog and Anabelle's Attic?

My goal is 50 people by June 30th!! So tell your friends and send them my way. I think to mark this special occasion I might have to do a give-away!! Maybe something handmade this time. So what are you waiting for? Join today!


School should be the safest and most rewarding place you go too. You should be able to walk into a classroom, be greeted by a teacher who loves her students unconditionally, respects them as individuals, and keeps them from harms way. They are for the next 6 hours at least a parent, a confidant, a doctor, a referee....I could go on and on the daily giving a teacher shows her students each day they walk into her classroom. However, my story isn't quiet the sunshine and roses I wish I could write about.

I loved school, at least from what my mom would tell me. I adored my kindergarten teacher. Loved going to school, my sister and I went together. I was five and she was four. At that time, kindergarten accepted kids who were four years old. We had a great time. I remember painting, coloring, learning my ABC's. Enjoying the ride on the bus. I have great and happy memories of my first year at "big school."

When 1st grade rolled around I was excited for all the FIRSTS. Bringing lunch to school, staying all day and not coming home, taking the bus with the bigger kids. Learning to read bigger books, do hard math. I would be in the same class as my very best friend Seth. I was stoked.

My teacher, we will call her Miss. "A" was dressed in a pretty orange dress. She had short hair and was in her mid 30's. She greeted us all at the door. Excited to start her first day of school with all of her new students. I was ready to go.

The first few weeks of school went fantastic. I have no real memories of me thinking my year wasn't going to be a great one. Until the day things started to change....

My first memory of things going bad was at Christmas time. We were all sitting in class learning Math. She was trying to help a student understand how to do a problem. He just couldn't seem to grasp what he was learning and she clearly had enough of trying to help him. She said "I am going to hit you if you don't figure this out on your own." He started to tear up and asked if he could go to the bathroom (we had bathrooms in our classroom) to wipes his face. She let him go. But on his way back, when he was walking to his seat, she took the roll from the wrapping paper and whacked him on his butt. Hard. Hard enough we all heard it and looked up at the boy she hit. He started crying again. I felt bad. So I told her that it wasn't nice to hit people. Especially kids. That got me into trouble and my name on the board. Strike one.

After Christmas I thought maybe with time off she would be the teacher we all had in the beginning of the year. She wasn't exactly the person you wanted to sit on their lap and give hugs too. I am not sure what we were doing that brought on her anger this time around. All I can remember is we were doing spelling or reading and this other little boy couldn't read a particular word. Clearly she was frustrated beyond belief and decided that hitting him over the head with the thickest and hardest book she could find was more appropriate. I didn't say anything this time around, but I cried. Uncontrollably. She went over to the blackboard and immediately wrote my name on it. She told me I was being "disruptive" REALLY , ME? Your the one hurting all of us and I am being disruptive. I wanted to punch her.

We now come to STRIKE THREE. My turn. It was spring time. The snow was melting off, the playground was now in use. Snowbanks still covered some of the school grounds, so it was nice to be able to play in the sun, but still throw snow balls too.

I walked in school like any other day. By springtime, I dreaded going to school. Begged my mom to let me stay home. Did everything I could. It didn't work as much as I hoped. Despite my efforts to try to tell my parents what was going on at school, they didn't really believe me. They thought I was mistaken by what was going on and that I was making things bigger then they actually were. Its your "imagination" Kiley, they would say.

Until this day. This day was different. This day the bad things happened to me. This day she just went too far. It was break time. During this time we were able to use the bathrooms, go to the water fountain for some water. Talk to our friends for a few minutes. I needed to use the bathroom so I walked in like I had done everyday since August. The girls bathroom didn't have locks on the stall doors. I remember hating to use the bathroom as I was always afraid someone would walk in on me. So when this little girl walked in to use the bathroom she asked me if I would hold the door closed for her while she went. "SURE." I said. I don't mind. About a minute later, my teacher had come into the bathroom looking for me. This is what happened and what was said that morning:


Me: (I think she thought I was fooling around.) "I am holding this door for the little girl."


Me:(She is actually screaming at me.) "she is almost done."

She then proceeds me to grab me by my shoulders with a grip I have never known. She took my entire body, picked it up and slammed my head against the tile bathroom walls.

Miss. "A": You will "NOT" disobey me again. I don't care that your holding the door for her. When its time to go into the classroom, you go."

She then proceeds to push me out of the bathroom and into the hall. Which was a HUGE mistake.

Me: "Don't push me." While yelling at the top of my lungs.

Miss. "A": "Get into that classroom right now and sit down. You will be staying after school."

Me: "Your a B!@$*!" I said. With full furry and as loud I could. Which she then proceeds to grab me by my arm.

Me: "Let go of my arm, your hurting me, Let go, let go."

Miss. "A": I will be calling your parents about this today. You will not be going home after school. They will be coming to get you.

Me: "Go ahead. They wont believe anything you tell them. Your a bad teacher and a B!@#$." (Of course my language for a 1st grader probably wasn't very appropriate. But I was so angry I just wanted her to hurt the way I did. And my seven year old thinking thought it was the only way.)

By this point there are teachers out in the hallway. Kids coming out of there classrooms trying to figure out what was going on. She of course told them it was all my fault, that I "hit" her and I wasn't listening. I didn't know this until later down the road that she had said that. Of course she would blame a 7 year old.

I sad at my table and cried. Cried because she hurt my head. Cried because I had to stay after school. Cried because I wasn't going home. Cried because I wanted my Mom and Dad. Seth (my close friend, who probably does not remember this, came over and asked if I was ok)

My next memory is the kids lining up in the hallway to go home. The older kids asking if I was ok. They knew I wasn't a kid who EVER got into trouble, so to see me in detention was shocking.

My dad finally came in. Which felt like an eternity to me. I just cried. I told him EVERYTHING that happened, but I felt as though he didn't believe me. As a seven year old, the only thing I wanted to do was be good. You automatically have this fear of having your name on the board, getting sent to the principals office, getting in trouble with your teacher. I am not sure how this comes about. How does a child know this can happen before they even step foot in school? I didn't really have older siblings, or older friends that told me this. I just knew.

After my dad arrived, it was myself, my teacher, and the principal all meeting in the classroom to talk about the incident. The principal immediately asked what had happened and the teacher of course told her side of the story. Which was all but a lie. I immediately spoke up.

Me: She is lying. That didn't happen at all.

Principal: Then please tell me your side of the story.

Me: I went through the entire story again. Telling it bit by bit. I even threw in the foul language I used. I wasn't about to lie to the principal. I am crying the entire time, just wishing I could go home at this point.

Principal: What do you think should happen? How should we work on this situation. You cannot go around saying things like that to an adult. Especially your teacher.

Me: I want her sorry ass fired. She is a horrible teacher. (at this point, I also mentioned all the other things that were going on with her in the classroom. That I wasn't the first she had hurt.)

Dad: This is been going on all year?

Principal: Kiley, maybe it would be best if you left the room.

Dad: Why don't you go outside and play on the playground?

Me: I want her fired. If I see her back here tomorrow when I come to school. I will never come back.

From that point on I don't remember much. I remember going outside to play. I don't know what was said after I left. I just remember hating her so much I wanted her to just go away.

The following day she was there at the school. I cried going into the classroom, cried sitting at my table. That first day was just horrible. I ended up having an accident because I was too afraid to go to the bathroom. Though I don't even know if my parents knew that.

The following day was just as bad. By then my parents told me that she had gotten a five year probation period. Which means, if she did anything at all to another student her licensed would be revoked and she would loose her job. Seems to me she got the better end of the deal and I was the one being punished. I trusted NO ONE at that point. Not the teachers, not the principal. When it came to school, not my parents. I felt they needed to protect me, and I wasn't getting that going to school with that crazy lady. I even ran away a few times. Left the school completely and ran to my Nana's house. I hated being at that school. Hated it. Things got slightly better. I had two fantastic teachers for 2nd and 3rd grade. I felt safe. But still worried all the time about her.

Years down the road. I am graduating from high school. I am at an event in my town for younger kiddos. I was asked to help out. Of course. Love too. Never thinking that Miss. "A" would be there. I started to feel a little sick, finding ways to walk out of the room. Keep busy without making eye contact.

She walks over, looks at me and says straight in my eyes "I am really sorry for what happened to you that day long ago. I hope you can forgive me someday." To which I say, "I forgave you a long time. I forgive you now. I am going to college to become a teacher. I hope someday, that I am 3x's the teacher you weren't. I hope that no one ever has to go through what I went through. I hope you learned your lesson and that you will never harm a kid again." She told me how proud she was of me, that I have a lot of fight in me and too keep that attitude. She gave me a hug.

I walked away. Smiling. Smiling ear to ear.