Sunday, June 12, 2011

Providence Museum

I have a huge task to undertake before Monday and I desperately needed a few moments of peace and quiet to accomplish this goal. I was undertaking a huge job. Make 18 snack bags for Emma-James' Pre-K graduation by Monday! I could do it. Of course I waited until the last minute, but I knew if I kept my mind on the task at hand, I would finish!!

My sweet husband offered to take the kiddos to the Providence Children's Museum for the day while I slaved over my sewing machine. Of course I didn't hesitate one bit. I quickly packed up their bags, change of clothes, snacks, drinks and plenty of diapers to last them all day if need be. Thanks to their wonderful "Auntie Tanya and Uncle Greg" we have a years pass to the Providence Museum. We attend to use it at every opportunity and chance we have. Its the perfect place for all 5 kiddos to enjoy. As a mom of 5, its sometimes hard to find places that caters to each age group.

Here are a few pictures of the days events with Daddy. The kids and I know what a great guy he is. I just want to let you guys know too.

Ezme sporting her very "FIRST" set of pigtails

Attempting to get a group shot of all the kiddos. Harder task then one thinks

Emma-James and Ezme sporting pigtails

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall"

Olivia and Emma-James climbing to the top of the Jungle Gym

Almost there.....

"Hi Dad, I made it to the top"

"Me too!"

Ezme enjoying her favorite thing in the entire world *WATER* Jason said she couldn't contain herself when she saw that it was actually ok to play in the water and we wouldn't get mad

Future Musician?

Owen really loved playing with the connect squares.

And of course. The favorite of Emma-James. The DRAGON!

I think the kiddos had a great time. Ollie stayed home with me and took a fantastic 4 hour nap. And best part, I managed to finish all 18 snack bags by 11pm and ready to go with Emma-James tomorrow morning. Woot.

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