Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2nd Grade Field Trip

A few weeks ago Olivia came home with a paper from school and asked me to fill it out. It was a letter from her teacher asking parents if they wanted to help chaperon the 2nd grade class on their field trip to the topiary gardens in Portsmouth, RI. It was almost perfect that the date was on a Tuesday and hubby was already home. PERFECT. So I didn't hesitate to say yes. Its not often I get to spend one-on-one time with just Olivia. Especially now that she went to school during the day.

The morning started off with a rocky start. An overtired Olivia, cranky mommy, and fussy baby made it much harder for me to actually leave. I hated that I was leaving Jason with fussy babies, a huge list of "to do's" and not to mention that it was Emma-James' last day of "BIG SCHOOL"

Hubby was sweet as always. He told us to go, have a great time and drove off as we entered the school. I was excited. Olivia hadn't been feeling well the day before. She even requested to stay home on Monday just so she could sleep so she would be well for her first field trip. Luckily, she started to feel better by morning but was still not quiet her bouncy self.

We were blessed to have a Charter Bus take us to the venue for the field trip. I choose to ride in a friends car on the way down. However, on the way home Olivia asked me if I would go home with her. She didn't have anyone to sit with and wanted to have some company, so I said yes.

The place was absoultely beautiful. Though I wouldn't say its a great place to visit with 2nd graders, as they were bored quickly. It is definitely a place I would recommend seeing if you are ever in the area. The hours upon hours that it takes to create such a beautiful work of art is simply amazing. They even have a assorted garden and live stock (chickens) living on the grounds. Sadly, we weren't able to do the tour of the old Farm House which saddened me, but the kids were happy about it of course. Even though the day was overcast and windy with a few sprinkles here and their, it truly couldn't have been a better day spend with my oldest Olivia and her classmates. Thanks again sweetheart for inviting me. Mommy had a fantastic time!!

This is Olivia and her friends from her 2nd grade class. This was the group that was given to me for the afternoon. They were a great group of kids!!




I took each of the kids pictures on a tree that we had found. It had this low lying "U" curve it in. The kids thought it was neat so I told them to jump up onto it and I would take their picture.





Group Shot of all the 2nd Graders from Sarah Dyer Barnes Elementary School

Mrs. Pool and Ms. Carnavale's 2nd Grade Class

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