Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ollie is 10 Months!!

Can you believe it? 10 months ago my second little guy came into the world. I wasn't quiet prepared to be a mom of 5 so soon after having Ezme. I was worried that she would feel unloved that a new little one had taken her mommy away and she would miss on those special moments with just me. I then worried about Ollie. How would I be able to love a new little one so soon after Ezme. Would he fit into the family? Would the other kiddos accept him as quickly as they had welcomed Ezme into the family?

10 months later I can honestly say that he is just as welcomed, just as loved and just as adored as if he had come 10 years later. We just adore him to the 10th degree. He is kissed, hugged, toddled around at every moment. There isn't a moment that goes by that someone isn't fighting over him. Weather its to feed him, hold him, or change him. And lets face it folks, he is loving every second of it!!

At 10 Months Old Ollie is now weighing in at a solid 22.8 lbs with a height of 28 1/2 inches long. He is wearing clothes between 18 months and 2T with occasionally being able to fit into 12 months. At 7 months we had to purchase a new car seat for him as he had already outgrown his bucket seat. BIG MAN!!

Ollie is babbling up a storm. Trying to say "Mama" and "Dada" He enjoys being around his big sisters and big brother. He follows Ezme and Emma around the house all the time.

He is now eating table foods that we eat. So whatever we have during the day, he will eat as well. This little boy is a food machine. There isn't much he wont eat. His favorite at the moment is carrots and green beans (which happens to be the other kids favorites too)

We also have switched him to whole milk as well. With his current weight and height we couldn't justify the need to continue with formula for all of his bottles. He still gets a formula bottle in the morning and then one before bed and whole milk during the day. He is doing excellent with it. He is such a good eater that we know he will find the nutrients he gets from formula in the foods he eats.

Ollie's FIRST BIRTHDAY is just around the corner. We are holding a huge party for both him and Ezme. They also will be baptized too. I am so excited!! We were unable to do anything like we had planned last year. It was intended to have a party/baptism right after Ollie was born, but sadly plans had fallen through. I am hoping this time things will go off without much issue. I just want everything to be wonderful. And most importantly, special for the kiddos. We are looking for a weekend in August to hold the party/ceremony.

Until then, Ollie is enjoying his new found ability. CRUISING FURNITURE. Its only a matter of time before he starts walking. I am hoping it will be before his 1st Birthday Party as I have the cutest outfit for him to wear. Until then, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Oliver at 10 Months! Its all about the tongue!

Owen at 10 Months! Its all about the Hair!

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