Saturday, June 11, 2011

How do you.....?

Fight a battle when you always seem to loose no matter what?

When I was pregnant with Anabelle and we knew (or at least I knew) that her diagnosis was terminal I had a reason to fight. Fight the doctors, fight the statistics, fight those who stood in my way. I did it because it was something I truly believed in. Though she didn't live as long as I am sure we all had prayed for. I fought hard enough to get what was important to me. TIME. I can honestly say that was a battle worth fighting. Anabelle and I came out the winners in the end for sure.

This battle. The battle of our house. It seems to be a battle we continue to fight and loose. Its not just me who wants to leave. The kids are feeling the pressure. My husband, who is the most easy going man you will ever meet in a million years is starting to show signs of stress. With nothing to gain living here. Our financial future seems to be very rocky. We are unable to refinance or remortgage and lets not forget that their is no collateral built into our home, we worry about what we will do when the kids start college.

How much do I keep fighting what seems to be a loosing battle. What can we do, if anything to change this outcome before it gets worse? Ideas are welcome. Though I will say right now, we have truly thought about selling at a total loss and renting, but renting isn't an ideal situation for us that we could make work. So if you have something that maybe we haven't thought about, I am all ears!!

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