Thursday, June 30, 2011

5 Day Challenge (Day 4)

Woot. I am loving this!! Honestly, even though I didn't have anyone join in challenging themselves this week I love that I have *readers* who can hold me accountable and keep me motivated. I think sometimes just having someone "cheer" you on is a good PICK-ME-UP!!

Anyways, Today is Day 4 of my challenge. I am keeping today pretty easy and low key. I think I just need "simple" to get me through. My goal is to finish up the house by 3pm and then try to head to get Owens' hair cut and run a few errands. I also have a dinner to go to for all the Girl Scout leaders and Olivia has Garden Club at School in the evening. Just another busy day in the Rodrigues house. So we will see what the day holds.


Living Room

*Clean floors
*Wash down TV Cabinet
*Wash windows and mirrors
*Organize School Closet

Dining Room

*Clean Floors (Including polish. Needs a few protective coats)
*Wash down dining room table and chairs
*Wash windows
*Organize Computer desk

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