Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Day Challenge (Day 1)

Every so often I read a blog that usually pertains to "30 Day Challenge" of something. Usually it involves some sort of cleaning and organizing or a "Get Healthy" challenge.

However, I am not giving myself 30 Days. That would be too easy. I would end up falling off the wagon and loosing my momentum after only a few days have gone by. Instead I am giving myself 5 days. Starting today and ending on Friday at midnight. The challenge? Clean my entire house. Your saying to yourself right now, "But you clean everyday Kiley!" True, true. But this is different.

THE CHALLENGE: Get everything organized, de-cluttered, packed, thrown-out, sent away what need be by Friday.

I have seriously lost touch with the inside. Though its always clean and looks well organized. The clutter is driving me NUTS. I cannot stand it anymore. It just seems to be things EVERYWHERE despite every attempt to keep things in their proper place. So check back often to see what today's challenge is. Join me if you want and tell me how it went. Were you able to accomplish everything you had hoped today. Did you spot a movie on T.V. that kept you at bay, or the sun shining bright through that dirty window that said "Come out and play" Or did you fulfill your challenge. Each day I will write about what my daily challenge is and report back to let you know if I accomplished it. So, who is going to join me??


Organize upstairs (Plus sew 2 orders)

*Clean Kids room (Keep, pack away, throw, donate
Organize toys
Organize stuffed animals
Outgrown clothes
Wash walls
Wash trim
Label everything

*Clean Master Bedroom (Keep, pack away, throw, donate)
Organize clothes that are piled on floor
Organize sewing area
Acquire Tupperware bins to pack all outgrown clothes
Wash Walls
Wash Trim
Label everything

**I did an awesome job today. The only thing I have left now is to pack all the clothes I sorted through and put them into Tupperware bins and then to label the kids dressers and all my sewing supplies. I also need to wash down the walls and trim but I am thinking I am going to do that tonight while everyone is sleeping. And finish up in the morning. I am almost dreading tomorrow now.

***Done. Still need to label everything in my bedroom but for now the toy closet is finished. So proud of my first day. Hope that day 2 is just as productive.

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  1. I was considering working on the outside of our house this week. However with temps soaring into the upper 90's mid week, I may have to get a big jump on it tomorrow. Looks like your list for today has gone well.