Friday, February 26, 2010

As Promised....Our Valentine's Day Beauty and the Beast in Pictures

Last year I took my first year Daisy troop to go see Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang with the profit of our sales from cookies. The kids weren't really sure about this "adventure" but they were excited non the less. I was praying for a great outcome. I wanted both the girls and there moms to have a wonderful time at this event. Plus, I wanted to use our money doing something that many girls might not have the opportunity to do. Build-A-Bear and Chuck E' Cheese can always be done with family and friends. But the theater. Its definitely a love of mine and I wanted the kids to enjoy what it had to offer just as much as I knew it did. With the help of one of the girls mom and dad, they managed to score a limo for a pretty good price that was willing to drive us all in one car to PPAC and home after the show. Jason and I paid for the limo ourselves as a gift to everyone. It was a fantastic night and the girls really enjoyed themselves so much. I even think the parents did too.

Well fast forward to this year. I asked the girls at the beginning of the year "What do you guys want to do with the money we earn from cookies?" I was expected the same ideas from them as last year. Was I ever surprised when they said to me that they wanted to go back to the theater again in the LIMO!! Pretty sure the limo ranks on their top 10 best things ever. So I was in luck when I found that Beauty and the Beast was playing at PPAC. So we planned our event according to prices for tickets and such. The only day that was decent and not a late showing was February 14th. We even managed to score the greatest Limo guy on earth again. On Valentine's Day no less!! Jason and I invited the girls and their moms to our home before the show for supper. After we would then pile into the Limo (taking two trips because I had 24 people!!) and head off to PPAC in time for the 6:30 show. I even managed to score the Johnston sunrise to come and take a picture of our event thanks to one of my Co-leaders Jessie!! The first picture is of the Troop and the Leaders, it was taken by my husband Jason on top of our van. From left to right:

Miss. Danielle (Co-Leader) and her daughter Victoria, Olivia, Kasandra, Giulia, Ally, Miss. Denise (Co-Leader), Aaliyah, Kiley (Leader), Tucked behind me in blue is Jasmine, Madisyn, Fiona, Miss. Stacy (Co-Leader) and her daughter squeezed against her is Hope, Behind Miss. Stacy is Haylee and then Miss. Jessie (Co-Leader) and her daughter Jamilyn and of course we are all in front of the LIMO!

Here is a fantastic picture of the Girls with their Moms

I have to say speaking from me, the night was wonderful. The girls had a great time and I hope that the parents did too. I really couldn't have asked for a better evening out. Our next adventure coming up is a trip to Slater mill for a Tea Party. I am hoping to have an event in April with the girls and their dads, grandfathers, uncles for a SCIENCE NIGHT. Should be very exciting. We definitely have a lot of things planned from now until our bridging ceremony in June.

13 weeks

Gosh it feels weird to be already 13 weeks. I can't imagine where the time from when we found out (Christmas Night) up to this point has gone. I am hoping the next 20+ weeks fly by just as fast.

So an update for all of you loyal blog readers. Baby belly-button is doing great. I went last Friday at 12 weeks for my Nucal Test to make sure baby is healthy and growing as he/she should. And the testing came back terrific. A nucal test for those of you who may not be familiar, is an ultrasound where they measure the skin folds on the back of the baby's next. Its imperative that when you are receiving this test that you are between 11 and 13 weeks. Any older then this, the baby's folds begin to take shape to look more like a head and neck and they no longer can accurately get a measurement. Anything below a 3 is perfect and baby belly-button measured at 1.23 HURRAY!! So all is well. The next testing we are waiting for is the blood work that goes along with the ultrasound testing. Although I am not a big fan of the AFP testing (also known as Alpha Fetal Protein) as it has come back with bad readings since having Emma-James. So I don't base my little ones health around this test. Especially since having it with Anabelle and it came back fine. And we all know that was completely wrong. I also will be tested for a blood clotting disorder that my sister and mother have. Though it has not caused any problems in the past, they want to make sure and be more prepared just in case. Especially since I am so soon after having Ezme.

Right now baby is as big as a peach. Its hard to describe how big the baby is to Emma-James. She wants to know why the baby hasn't come out already and why it takes SUCH A LONG TIME!! As you can see, patience is not her biggest trait *smiles*. I found this really great application that I put on my Ipod. It tells you how big the baby is and what is forming and growing during each week. So this week, its as big as a Peach. When I told this to the kids, they thought it was a little weird that the baby is as big as a piece of fruit. Now Emma goes around telling everyone "mommy has a baby in her tummy, and its a peach" Gotta love her.

Not much else to report really. We have our level 2 ultrasound scheduled for the first week in April. We are still debating back and forth as to "should we find out" or "should we be surprised" I am pretty sure the way we roll we will find out. Though you never know, baby might not even want to participate in this weird parent ritual.

My blood pressure continues to be high which is a growing concern. I only have another week left and then I will be in my second trimester. They are hoping it will taper off during this time. If not, they will continue to monitor me and see how things go. The other concern they have is the fluid I have around my right overy. It seems that I had a cyst burst last Tuesday and that was the cause of my horrible and very painful discomfort. My Doctor said that the fluid was still there and to keep an eye out on continuing pain. I had some the other day but it seems to be better now. Lets just hope this doesn't cause problems later on during the last few weeks of pregnancy. Until then, I am scheduled to start seeing a new Doctor next month. My hurt still hurts that my Doctor will be leaving March 1st on maternity leave, but I understand and am so happy for her and her family. They will be expecting baby number 4 a girl in June!!

I guess for the next few weeks its just same old same old. I have blood work on Tuesday. The lovely 1 hour glucose test. Blah. I don't mind the drink, but when you have to do it twice, it kinda sucks. Other than that, its pretty quiet for the next week or so. Though I may jink myself for typing this. Hehe.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A day in Pictures

Emma-James and Owen decided to put on costumes from Halloween and enjoy running around the house. Its been raining here non-stop since Tuesday, so why not burn a little energy off thinking your a dragon or a loud Giraffe! Of course, Ezme really had nothing to say about this adventure.

The messy Giraffe aka Owen

The fire breathing Dragon aka Emma-James

The not so impressed Ezme

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sick Kiddos

So poor Olivia woke up tonight at 11pm throwing up. She managed to miss her sisters face and "nemo" blanket by inches. Through all of this, Jason was able to strip Emma's bed without even a peep from her. I told Olivia to go downstairs and sit on the couch while we cleaned everything up and she changed clothes. I mentioned to Jason if she went an hour without throwing up again, it was just a random incident and she could go back to bed. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! She threw up again as soon as I said that and about every 15-30 minutes until 6am. Poor monkey had a horrible rough night. Though she said she loves staying up late because all of her "favorite" shows were on. I will say this, she does sick well. She woke up feeling a whole lot better. We took it easy with liquids and food until we were certain she could keep it all down. Now we wait for the rest!

****edited to add**** February 26, 2010

I woke up this morning just having a funny feeling that something was going to happen. And that something was going to be Emma. It ended up being a long night with Ezme. She would start screaming out of no where. Jason was sweet to get up both times (as he couldn't sleep) and make a bottle for the angry woman. She settled down after eating, but honestly, I don't know where it came from. He gave up trying to get any sleep in at 6am and went downstairs. I slept in a little and got up around 9 this morning. The morning was going pretty well until we got the call from Emma's school saying Emma threw up and managed to get 3 of her friends. Blah. 2 down, 2 to go. She has been laying on the couch quietly since 11am. Throwing up every 45 minutes or when she goes to the potty. Though not always a great aim when it comes to the bucket, she is trying her hardest. She is napping now as well as Owen and Ezme. I am enjoying the quiet before everyone wakes up. Not to mention Jason is working until 10pm and I am flying solo on this one until he arrives. I am not the greatest right now when it comes to throwing up. Being pregnant makes my stomach extra sensitive. Ahhh, the joy's of parenthood. I have to say though, we have been lucky. The kids haven't been sick like this since Emma was 1!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Beloved kitty MOOSE April 2006-February 14, 2010

As many of you may know, or in some instances, may not know. We lost our wonderful and lovable kitty Moose on what we believe was Valentine's Day. Jason had let him out after the girls and their moms arrived for dinner at our home before leaving in the Limo for Beauty and the Beast. We thought nothing of this, as he always goes out. He went under our van as soon as he ran outside and that was the last place anyone (including some of our neighbors had seen him). We spend the better part of Sunday evening calling for him repeatedly and all day Monday. Nothing. This is so unlike him to not come when he is called the first time. We began to think the worse. The pet police caught him, maybe he was hit by a car. Or even someone found him and brought him to their home. Tuesday morning came around. I was gearing up to meet a good friend of my Tanya at a local restaurant in Attleboro. Jason was sweet enough to get my car moved and warmed up for me since the weather was really wet and snowy. The kiddos were in the living room window watching daddy outside. 30 seconds later I heard the kids start crying and Jason opened the door to inform me he finally found Moose. I was like, geez, about time. Little did I know, that when we went closer to the door, moose was passed away on the ground under the car and frozen. My heart sank. I tried to keep it together for the kids, but lost it. Moose was more then just a "pet" to us. But a family member. We found Moose as a kitten after we lost our second baby. So he was so much more to me then just a "cat". The kiddos were sad of course. Owen kept asking me when his kitty would sleep with him. Emma couldn't understand why moose wasn't moving, and Olivia, poor Olivia who has dealt with death so much just said, "Ah, there goes someone else I love, whats one more?" Ugh. I hate that my seven year old feels this way and thinks that death is just "another run of live" Though it is, I still don't think a seven year old has to deal with death as much as she has. It just shouldn't be natural.

So, as a way to remember our sweet kitty, whom I am still grieving heavily over and trying hard to come out of this "funk" I want to show you a few pictures of him. Please enjoy.

Moose at 8 weeks old. He loved sleeping with Emma-James when she was a baby

We Love you Moose Kitty!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Still Here.

I am so sorry I haven't updated this blog in over a week. We have had a very rough 10 days here at our house. We lost our beloved kitty "Moose" on Valentine's Day and haven't really been the same since. We have taken the last week or so to help the kiddos (mainly Emma-James) go through the motions of loosing Moose and why he isn't with us anymore to cuddle on our bed or turn the water faucet on in the middle of the night. I promise that as soon as I am able to really devote some time, I will update everyone with the latest events in our ever busy home. Between Doctors Appointments, and Girl Scouts, and the loss of Moose, we just have been really in a fog. I hope all my blog reading friends are doing well out there is computer land. Until then, enjoy your quiet rainy Tuesday evening!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope your day is spend quietly relaxing with the ones you love. Today the kids woke up this morning feel terrific, as well as Jason and I. HURRAY! Not only were we all tired of just being tired, but we also wanted to be sick free today, because its BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at PPAC with the Girl Scout troop! And lets not forget we will be having not only the girls come for supper tonight, but there moms too!

This morning will be spend finishing up around the house. Doing a load of laundry or two. Then grocery shopping and cooking and then decorating the tables for supper just before people arrive. So its a busy, busy day. The limo should be here by 5:15 and the Beth from the Johnston Sunrise will be here at 5 to do a little snip-it for the paper. Very exciting. I will promise to post pictures tomorrow of our festive Mom/Daughter event.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Scrubby Scrubby

Today, as always is a cleaning day for us at our house. With Jason home to help, we spend one day during the weekend to clean the house top to bottom. This includes washing bedding and blankets and cleaning walls and floors with a good old fashion scrub down. So today is no different in our house, except we are expecting my Girl Scout troop and their moms tomorrow for supper before we head off in the LIMO for Beauty and the Beast at the Providence Performing Arts Center in Providence! We are super excited (at least I am) and of course I am excited for the girls (most of them) to see their first Broadway play. When I decided to take a Girl Scout troop on, I wanted to bring as much culture and "unknown" to my troop. I wasn't about to do the famous trip to "Build-A-Bear" or "Chuck-E-Cheese" I really wanted to give a lasting memory for my girls and have them grow up loving the theater as much as I did. Though I wasn't able to enjoy it as much as I am now.

So today is spend cleaning and scrubbing, organizing and washing. I am still deciding what to cook for tomorrow's supper, but I am sure I will figure something out. I want something easy, but not messy, so I will toss around a few ideas and most likely will make my final decision by tonight so I can run out and do some food shopping.

So off I go to clean, clean, clean. At the rate I am going I should be done by 3am!!! Blah.

Friday, February 12, 2010


As a mom of 5 kiddos, soon to be 6 (5 on earth) I have come across in my years of learning some very useful ways of parenting and getting through the everyday day by day living. I have even received some wonderful advice along the way of ideas that I might not have come up with myself. So as a small token of friendship to all of my friends who are becoming FIRST TIME PARENTS this spring, summer or early fall. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to put together a post of "MOTHER'S ADVICE YOUR MOM NEVER TOLD YOU". Maybe it was things you found out on your own, or through a good friend of yours. So please, give all the tidbits or words of wisdom you can. I think it would be a lot of fun to exchange ideas. And heck, I might even learn a thing or two. I will continue to add items to this post, as well as refreshing it every week so we can see what others have to say. So add please!


* Always make sure to pack the diaper bag the night before
* Pack a spare (small) package of emergency diapers in the car along with emergency wipes TRUST ME you will find a reason to use them
* Bring a canister of warm water with you for mixing bottles (it will always be there, and you don't have to worry about the water supply or how to warm the bottle)
* The more babies you have, the more it hurts after labor. Those contractions to tighten your uterus back to size HURT LIKE HECK!!!!
* Never be afraid to wear your own clothes during labor. With the knowledge that they might have to be cut off in an emergency. Old clothes from home are way more comfortable then those gown's they make you wear.
* Never be afraid of saying "NO" Its your body, the nurses and doctors can't always be in charge. YOUR HAVING THE BABY!
* Pack the hospital bags early around 30 weeks. You never know when you will need it. It happened to me twice.


The Outcome for the Kiddos

So after Olivia's Appointment on Tuesday, and her ear infection that came about her well visit, I knew that I had to take the other three in as well. Just to make sure. I didn't do this on Wednesday and I am regretting this. Due to the weather though, I was too afraid to leave the house and get stuck in a horrible storm (that never came mind you).

So we went yesterday evening to see our good old Pediatrician. And of course, we had double ear infections to go around and yuckies for Ezme. YAH!!! So medicine for the group again. I should say, this is their second since Christmas. But honestly, I am lucky that its just an ear infection. It could be worse, say the stomach flu. I have known a lot of kiddos that have gotten this since the start of winter, and its not much fun. So knock on wood! With all the things the kids do outside and all the kiddos in my house once a week, bugs will fly! I am just thankful they will be better for Sunday!!

Already with one dose of antibiotics in the kids and they are already feeling so much better.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ezme 5 months old

Ezme enjoying her bumbo chair

Bad Weather....Sick Kids

So today we were hoping to enjoy a peaceful day watching the snow from our bedroom window with the kiddos while watching movies and eating lots of junk food. But of course, that is not the case as always. Jason got called into work, and both of us are not happy. The weather is growing increasingly bad, and I am nervous about his drive home in a blizzard. Why in the world someone who actually lives NEAR THE OFFICE could be bothered to help Jason out and go themselves to fix the problem is beyond me. So right now, I am annoyed and angry that he has to drive the 20 minutes in the snow, fix the problem, and drive another 20 minutes home in what will potentially be blizzard like conditions by then. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

On top of that, all the kiddos are sick. Olivia has a nasty ear infection again and currently on an antibiotic. This is her second since Christmas. I am quiet surprised as she usually gets one a year at the most. Emma-James and Owen both have fevers, so I am almost positive its from an ear infection. And poor Ezme STILL has a bad chest cold/congestion that we can't seem to get rid of. I am at my wits end on what to do. She really didn't sound horrible yesterday when I took her in for a follow up with our Pediatrician, but her O2 stats again were between 94 and 96. I don't think that poor girl is ever going to see 100% again. Last night and today she is back to being very gunky and coughing all the time. Plus with the bad weather today, I am not able to run to see her at the office, so we will all have to wait until tomorrow. Should be a fun day! Especially since it was a long night of coughing, fevers, in and out of bed, wanting to be fed, held, or go to the bathroom. So I am sure that a good long nap is in our favor for all of us. If you get a moment, say a little prayer for healthy kids soon. Not to mention Jason and I. We all are really run down this week, and we all want to be better for Sunday! I am taking my Girl Scout troop to see Beauty and the Beast and I don't want to miss it! I promise to keep you posted on how are day goes. But from the quiet state my kids are in right now, I am thinking that's how its going to be all day.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Appointment Today

I went to go see the nurse midwife/ultrasound tech. today at Broadway OB/GYN. I had to have a bunch of things done today. One being an ultrasound to check baby and see how strong the heartbeat is!!! Baby Belly-Button is doing fantastically. The heartrate was a strong 156 beats per minute and baby is growing like a week. Now measuring around a day ahead. Grow baby grow! Though my blood pressure was yet to be desired at 130/80. The highest its been in a very long time. Thankfully its still early in the pregnancy, but we will monitor it closely just to make sure. Especially since I at the time of getting pregnant, I was only 3 months out of having Ezme, they will monitor my blood pressure among other things a little more closely just to make sure that I and the baby are doing well.

I also had to have some blood work done. The normal routine stuff you have to go through during early pregnancy. Next week I will be seeing the doctors at the PDC in Providence for a Nucal test as well as the inter graded blood serum. This gives us information to see how the baby is doing and if we should be concerned with any potential issues such as T18 or down syndrome. As many of you know, we would continue on with the pregnancy regardless of complications or illness and as always pray for the best. But this is our child, and we like Anabelle, will love them no matter what!

So for now its a pretty quiet time. I will go see my favorite doctor one last time in two weeks. And then continue most likely to stay in the practice until I deliver. I will miss her dearly, but honestly, with all the bouncing around I have done in the past, I think I just rather deal with the motions and wait it out. In the end, I have a little baby to hold, despite the doctors, I think at this point, I can honestly say, I know a little more then them right now. This might come off as being prissy and know-it-all ish. But honestly, with all I have been through, the testing I have done, this is really an old hat for me. I am not saying I don't learn something new each time. But its funny that sometimes I will have to remind the doctors about certain things because they themselves have forgotten.

I'll keep everyone posted of course on how things are going. Blood pressure aside, I am still feeling great!

Ezme is 5 months old

Gosh, its hard to believe how fast time has gone by since last month. Ezme is now 5 months old, and next month she will be a half a year old!!! Gosh, when did this happen. My little monkey is growing up so fast. She is a big smiler and loves to cuddle when she is super tired. She will snuggle on your chest and bury her head until she falls asleep. Such a sweetie. These are the things that she is working on or can do now at 5 months old:

*Loves to sit in her bumbo chair
*Loves to have people talk to her and carry her everywhere
*Loves to smile
*Does NOT take a morning nap at all
*Sleeps from 12pm-4pm and then again from 7pm-7:30am the next day
*Is almost ready to fully roll over from back to belly (FINALLY)
*Still eats about 6 bottles a day, but has gone from eating some solids, to refusing them all together.
*We have tried bananas and apple sauce and she hates both
*Is babbling and talking more to her big sisters and big brother
*Still has a bit of stranger anxiety, but if she realizes she is being held, then she doesn't seem to care
*Still favors mom over anyone, but loves her daddy too
*Does a fantastic job at grasping toys, putting her pacie in and out of her mouth
*Is able to sit up on her own (short period of time)

Weight is about 12 lbs 14 oz.
Height is about 24 inches

All in all, she is doing fantastically as being the "baby" in the family. I would say she takes this roll very seriously *smiles* It is going to seem very weird in a few short months to have a not quit one year old and a newborn all over again. But I have a feeling they will be lasting and best friends. One can only hope.


Monday, February 8, 2010

10 weeks 4 days

So far I have been feeling really great. Minus the trip home from Maine yesterday. It wasn't a great one for any of us. Long and tiring. And toward the end, my body just couldn't take the continue up and down of the hilly roads. Thankfully we were able to stop a few times off the highway to let my body settle. We made it home by 8pm and I was happy to be in my own bathroom to be sick. I love visiting, but man, does the long drive kill sometimes!

Last week I found out that my wonderful doctor whom I love to death will be leaving next month for maternity leave. She is due with a little girl in June but will be leaving next month until October for early leave. I am so sad and heartbroken. She is one of the best doctors I have had since delivering Olivia. She is sweet and caring. She listens without judgment and she makes you feel important without feeling silly or stupid. I am sad she will be gone. I was so excited that I would have had the same doctor for two of my kiddos finally, but that will not be the case. So now I am gearing up for my very last visit with her at the end of February. I don't know how I will do, but my heart is hurting for sure. I have had some heavy thinking to do in regards to staying in the practice for only one other doctor I like. Or leaving to find someone else. Its a hard decision. But I seem to have this happen to me often. Bouncing around seems to be the thing I do.

Until then, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow for some routine blood work, going over paperwork and possibly scheduling for my first NST ultrasound. This pregnancy seems to be going by fast, but I am sure this summer it will slow down. Being hot and sticky tends to do that to you!

Until then, I will keep you posted on how things go tomorrow. It definitely will be a busy day.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

Today my best friend from Maine was blessed to find true love and married a very sweet and caring man. And I was able to be part of this blessed event too. Sara and I have known each other for over 25 years. We practically grew up in each others home only living less then 50 steps from her front door to mine. She of course was two years older then me, and that made her almost like GOD in my eyes. She knew everything. From boys to makeup. Was a whiz in school, and when she started driving before me, I thought she was amazing! I knew that I wasn't far behind in many of these things, but when your a little kid, two years is a HUGE DEAL! Of course, she wasn't always truthful in her findings of the world. But that is what makes our memories of our younger years so fun and exciting.

Anyways, my best friend AKA big sister was married before. To a guy I never really cared for. He was controlled and manipulative. She lost her spark and love for life and most of all, her beautiful smile. I missed the old Sara so much. I longed for her to come back to life and be happy again. Her two greatest joys in life during that time where her boys. Joshua (7) and Austin (4 almost). When she finally had cut ties from this guy through a divorce her life was chaotic and crazy for a long time. I knew she was worth being happy and loved by someone who truly cared for her. But it would take a little time for this to happen. When it did though, it was wonderful. She met Frank in February 2009 and her eyes were opened to a whole new world. She took things slow, but fell in love with him almost immediately. Frank, has a son of his own, Gabe (10). They wanted to take things slow for the boys. Not rushing into anything and allowing things to take its time. This allowed them to find where the relationship was going before getting the boys emotionally involved. Who knew that a year exactly to the date of their first meeting they would be blending together their love and their family!

There wedding was beautiful. She was beautiful. And most of all, her SMILE that was gone from her and the spark in her eyes, were once again beautiful! She has found someone who will truly make her happy. Something she has deserved all along.

To Sara and Frank, if you happen to read this, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your wonderful and beautiful evening. Your words to each other captured the hearts of everyone in the audience. I don't think their was a dry eye. I wish that we could see each other more often and we could get to know Gabe and you Frank more then we have in the past. But as I said, your more then welcome anytime at our home. We would love for you all to visit. Though its small, we always make room for FAMILY!!
And to my newest nephew. Uncle Jason and I love you very much. As much as we love Austin and Joshua. All of the kids are very excited to welcome a new cousin into our family. Hugs to you all, we miss you so much!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And Baby Makes 8..........

A man and a woman had a little baby. There were 8 in the family. That's the magic number!

Yes, its true. We are expecting baby number 6! We are shocked and excited all at the same time. We were blessed to find out on Christmas. I told Jason that I was sad that I hadn't gotten him anything for Christmas, but instead told him that he would have a nice bundle delivered in about 9 months. You would think after the amount of times I have told him, he would have understood what I was telling him, but my silly husband was a tad clueless. God love him. I think we were both caught off guard as we never in our wildest dreams thought that we would ever be able to get pregnant alone. With all the fertility things that have been going on with me, this definitely was a welcome and completely wonderful surprise. We are still processing the fact that I am indeed expecting a new baby. But we are very excited!

So for all of you math people out there, yes, we will be having two little ones around the same time making them Irish Twins. Ezme will not even be a year old when this little one joins our crazy and loving family. My official due date is the beginning of September. But we are thinking we will have a baby sometime the end of August. This would be ideal as both will start school together and be able to do things as most "true" twins would do. Minus getting there drivers license together. I think daddy is on board with that one, as I don't think his heart can handle both of his babies driving at the same time.

I am almost 10 weeks (this Friday) and I have been feeling terrific. Minus the food poisoning I have gotten a few times, and the nasty headaches I can't seem to get rid of, I have been feeling better then I have ever had with any of my other pregnancies. Of course it makes me worry all the time that something is wrong. Though we seem to think that because I just had Ezme, my body never really forgot that I was pregnant, so its just taking over without taking a break. Good news for me!!

Right now we are going about life as a soon to be family of 7! We are looking into hopefully buying a bigger home. But if not, looking into ways we can accommodate our current home for everyone on a better level. I will still keep my duties as stay-at-home mom and homeschooling parent. As well as continue to be Girl Scout Leader for Olivia's troop. I am also hoping to pick up a new troop in the fall. My plate is full these days, but honestly, I have wonderful help from Jason, loving and caring friends and family, and a terrific support system. I truly could not ask for better. My goal is to best document this pregnancy everyday as I possibly can. This may be our last little one, so I want to be able to remember these moments forever. Until then. Stay tuned for Baby Belly-Button and take a guess as what this one will be. Boy or Girl!!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

As Promised.....

Ezme at 4 months old:

Her stats were (as of January 15, 2010)

Weight 12 lbs 10 oz.

Height 23 1/2 inches

*Postponed shots until she is finally feeling better.

She is still fighting off a nasty bug since the 15th. She is now on an antibiotic, as well as a steroid and the nebulizer and medication for her acid reflux. Its been a struggle to get her back to HEALTHY, but we continue to work hard. At least she has been fever free and no hospital visits. So that is really good news. We are thinking it might be a case of RSV, but we aren't for sure. Such a stinker she is. Definitely keeps us on our toes. We will go back in two weeks during Olivia's check-up to see how she is doing. I will say, the wheezing since being on the steroid is about gone!!

A New Month

Gosh, I can't believe that February is already here!! It seems like we just celebrated NEW YEARS and now we are already in our first day of a new month. My how January just flew by. Its hard for it not too. With all the birthday's this month, 14 in total, the time just flies. Plus lets not forget to mention our wedding anniversary. As busy as January is, I always look for February for the piece and quiet and relaxation I have needed since the start of the holidays back in November. But sadly, this is not the case this year. We are JAM PACKED! We will start our weekend adventures with a Wedding of my friend in Maine. Followed by next weekend taking my Girl Scout Troop to see "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST" at the Performing Arts Center. Complete with LIMO RIDE! Then the following week is school vacation week, but I will be enjoying this time cleaning my house and getting cookie orders ready for all my girls. And I am sure the last weekend will sneak something in. So in a nutshell it will be a busy, hectic month. Until then. I have a few things I need to catch up on for the month of December and January. For instance, Christmas photos. Plus a 4 month old picture of Ezme before she turns 5 months old next week. Big girl photos of my new 4 year old and 7 year old girls. Plus a picture of the gap in Olivia's mouth since loosing her first top tooth. Ahhh, busy busy. Certainly never a dull moment here. I will work hard on pictures I promise. Until then. HAPPY 1st DAY OF FEBRUARY!!!!!