Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sick Kiddos

So poor Olivia woke up tonight at 11pm throwing up. She managed to miss her sisters face and "nemo" blanket by inches. Through all of this, Jason was able to strip Emma's bed without even a peep from her. I told Olivia to go downstairs and sit on the couch while we cleaned everything up and she changed clothes. I mentioned to Jason if she went an hour without throwing up again, it was just a random incident and she could go back to bed. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! She threw up again as soon as I said that and about every 15-30 minutes until 6am. Poor monkey had a horrible rough night. Though she said she loves staying up late because all of her "favorite" shows were on. I will say this, she does sick well. She woke up feeling a whole lot better. We took it easy with liquids and food until we were certain she could keep it all down. Now we wait for the rest!

****edited to add**** February 26, 2010

I woke up this morning just having a funny feeling that something was going to happen. And that something was going to be Emma. It ended up being a long night with Ezme. She would start screaming out of no where. Jason was sweet to get up both times (as he couldn't sleep) and make a bottle for the angry woman. She settled down after eating, but honestly, I don't know where it came from. He gave up trying to get any sleep in at 6am and went downstairs. I slept in a little and got up around 9 this morning. The morning was going pretty well until we got the call from Emma's school saying Emma threw up and managed to get 3 of her friends. Blah. 2 down, 2 to go. She has been laying on the couch quietly since 11am. Throwing up every 45 minutes or when she goes to the potty. Though not always a great aim when it comes to the bucket, she is trying her hardest. She is napping now as well as Owen and Ezme. I am enjoying the quiet before everyone wakes up. Not to mention Jason is working until 10pm and I am flying solo on this one until he arrives. I am not the greatest right now when it comes to throwing up. Being pregnant makes my stomach extra sensitive. Ahhh, the joy's of parenthood. I have to say though, we have been lucky. The kids haven't been sick like this since Emma was 1!!!!

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