Monday, February 1, 2010

As Promised.....

Ezme at 4 months old:

Her stats were (as of January 15, 2010)

Weight 12 lbs 10 oz.

Height 23 1/2 inches

*Postponed shots until she is finally feeling better.

She is still fighting off a nasty bug since the 15th. She is now on an antibiotic, as well as a steroid and the nebulizer and medication for her acid reflux. Its been a struggle to get her back to HEALTHY, but we continue to work hard. At least she has been fever free and no hospital visits. So that is really good news. We are thinking it might be a case of RSV, but we aren't for sure. Such a stinker she is. Definitely keeps us on our toes. We will go back in two weeks during Olivia's check-up to see how she is doing. I will say, the wheezing since being on the steroid is about gone!!

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