Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope your day is spend quietly relaxing with the ones you love. Today the kids woke up this morning feel terrific, as well as Jason and I. HURRAY! Not only were we all tired of just being tired, but we also wanted to be sick free today, because its BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at PPAC with the Girl Scout troop! And lets not forget we will be having not only the girls come for supper tonight, but there moms too!

This morning will be spend finishing up around the house. Doing a load of laundry or two. Then grocery shopping and cooking and then decorating the tables for supper just before people arrive. So its a busy, busy day. The limo should be here by 5:15 and the Beth from the Johnston Sunrise will be here at 5 to do a little snip-it for the paper. Very exciting. I will promise to post pictures tomorrow of our festive Mom/Daughter event.

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