Friday, February 12, 2010

The Outcome for the Kiddos

So after Olivia's Appointment on Tuesday, and her ear infection that came about her well visit, I knew that I had to take the other three in as well. Just to make sure. I didn't do this on Wednesday and I am regretting this. Due to the weather though, I was too afraid to leave the house and get stuck in a horrible storm (that never came mind you).

So we went yesterday evening to see our good old Pediatrician. And of course, we had double ear infections to go around and yuckies for Ezme. YAH!!! So medicine for the group again. I should say, this is their second since Christmas. But honestly, I am lucky that its just an ear infection. It could be worse, say the stomach flu. I have known a lot of kiddos that have gotten this since the start of winter, and its not much fun. So knock on wood! With all the things the kids do outside and all the kiddos in my house once a week, bugs will fly! I am just thankful they will be better for Sunday!!

Already with one dose of antibiotics in the kids and they are already feeling so much better.


  1. ACK! Glad they are feeling better, though if you or they are sick on Tuesday, I will have to cancel our get-together. I cannot get anything else!

  2. I hear ya. I think I will be fine by Tuesday. I am going to see Beauty and the Beast at PPAC on Sunday, so I definitely don't want to still be sick. I woke up feeling better today then I did yesterday and I plan on going to bed early tonight too. I'll let you know, but I think I will be fine. What time were you thinking?