Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And Baby Makes 8..........

A man and a woman had a little baby. There were 8 in the family. That's the magic number!

Yes, its true. We are expecting baby number 6! We are shocked and excited all at the same time. We were blessed to find out on Christmas. I told Jason that I was sad that I hadn't gotten him anything for Christmas, but instead told him that he would have a nice bundle delivered in about 9 months. You would think after the amount of times I have told him, he would have understood what I was telling him, but my silly husband was a tad clueless. God love him. I think we were both caught off guard as we never in our wildest dreams thought that we would ever be able to get pregnant alone. With all the fertility things that have been going on with me, this definitely was a welcome and completely wonderful surprise. We are still processing the fact that I am indeed expecting a new baby. But we are very excited!

So for all of you math people out there, yes, we will be having two little ones around the same time making them Irish Twins. Ezme will not even be a year old when this little one joins our crazy and loving family. My official due date is the beginning of September. But we are thinking we will have a baby sometime the end of August. This would be ideal as both will start school together and be able to do things as most "true" twins would do. Minus getting there drivers license together. I think daddy is on board with that one, as I don't think his heart can handle both of his babies driving at the same time.

I am almost 10 weeks (this Friday) and I have been feeling terrific. Minus the food poisoning I have gotten a few times, and the nasty headaches I can't seem to get rid of, I have been feeling better then I have ever had with any of my other pregnancies. Of course it makes me worry all the time that something is wrong. Though we seem to think that because I just had Ezme, my body never really forgot that I was pregnant, so its just taking over without taking a break. Good news for me!!

Right now we are going about life as a soon to be family of 7! We are looking into hopefully buying a bigger home. But if not, looking into ways we can accommodate our current home for everyone on a better level. I will still keep my duties as stay-at-home mom and homeschooling parent. As well as continue to be Girl Scout Leader for Olivia's troop. I am also hoping to pick up a new troop in the fall. My plate is full these days, but honestly, I have wonderful help from Jason, loving and caring friends and family, and a terrific support system. I truly could not ask for better. My goal is to best document this pregnancy everyday as I possibly can. This may be our last little one, so I want to be able to remember these moments forever. Until then. Stay tuned for Baby Belly-Button and take a guess as what this one will be. Boy or Girl!!!!!!

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