Friday, February 26, 2010

As Promised....Our Valentine's Day Beauty and the Beast in Pictures

Last year I took my first year Daisy troop to go see Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang with the profit of our sales from cookies. The kids weren't really sure about this "adventure" but they were excited non the less. I was praying for a great outcome. I wanted both the girls and there moms to have a wonderful time at this event. Plus, I wanted to use our money doing something that many girls might not have the opportunity to do. Build-A-Bear and Chuck E' Cheese can always be done with family and friends. But the theater. Its definitely a love of mine and I wanted the kids to enjoy what it had to offer just as much as I knew it did. With the help of one of the girls mom and dad, they managed to score a limo for a pretty good price that was willing to drive us all in one car to PPAC and home after the show. Jason and I paid for the limo ourselves as a gift to everyone. It was a fantastic night and the girls really enjoyed themselves so much. I even think the parents did too.

Well fast forward to this year. I asked the girls at the beginning of the year "What do you guys want to do with the money we earn from cookies?" I was expected the same ideas from them as last year. Was I ever surprised when they said to me that they wanted to go back to the theater again in the LIMO!! Pretty sure the limo ranks on their top 10 best things ever. So I was in luck when I found that Beauty and the Beast was playing at PPAC. So we planned our event according to prices for tickets and such. The only day that was decent and not a late showing was February 14th. We even managed to score the greatest Limo guy on earth again. On Valentine's Day no less!! Jason and I invited the girls and their moms to our home before the show for supper. After we would then pile into the Limo (taking two trips because I had 24 people!!) and head off to PPAC in time for the 6:30 show. I even managed to score the Johnston sunrise to come and take a picture of our event thanks to one of my Co-leaders Jessie!! The first picture is of the Troop and the Leaders, it was taken by my husband Jason on top of our van. From left to right:

Miss. Danielle (Co-Leader) and her daughter Victoria, Olivia, Kasandra, Giulia, Ally, Miss. Denise (Co-Leader), Aaliyah, Kiley (Leader), Tucked behind me in blue is Jasmine, Madisyn, Fiona, Miss. Stacy (Co-Leader) and her daughter squeezed against her is Hope, Behind Miss. Stacy is Haylee and then Miss. Jessie (Co-Leader) and her daughter Jamilyn and of course we are all in front of the LIMO!

Here is a fantastic picture of the Girls with their Moms

I have to say speaking from me, the night was wonderful. The girls had a great time and I hope that the parents did too. I really couldn't have asked for a better evening out. Our next adventure coming up is a trip to Slater mill for a Tea Party. I am hoping to have an event in April with the girls and their dads, grandfathers, uncles for a SCIENCE NIGHT. Should be very exciting. We definitely have a lot of things planned from now until our bridging ceremony in June.


  1. OMG is Olivia actually wearing a pair of JEANS!!!