Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ollie is 7 Months Old

Another month has just flown by. Soon we will be gearing up for 1st Birthdays, Baptisms, Walking and Talking. Ugh. Going by too fast.

Ollie is doing fantastically. He is a great little guy and is full of energy. Much like his brother and sisters, he is a go-getter and nothing will stop him.

At 7 months old Oliver can:

*Roll over everywhere imaginable
*Army Crawl
*Get on his hands and knees and crawl
*Find his pacie at night
*Eat solid foods (for the most part)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guess What!?

Owen is one step closer to *FINALLY* being potty trained. THANK THE LORD!!!!!! It has taken numerous steps to get this little boy to finally figure it all out. God love him though, he knew how to *go* just couldn't feel *when* to go.

My little big boy spent the entire day, running errands, going about, and was dry the entire time. He did fantastically!!! I am so proud of him. He was so cute, he would sit on the potty at some stores and say "mommy, I just can't do it. It just wont come out and I have to go." Awwww. At least he trying. I think if we can keep it up, and he can continue to do as well as he did today, we might just have success by the end of the week.

I will say this, I am so glad I didn't push him like a lot of people suggested. I wanted him to do it when he was truly ready. This way we have less one step forward, three steps back type of deal. I did the same with both girls. They successfully without much help from me trained themselves at 2.5 months each. So, I am not worried that he wont do the same.

Next in line.....Ezme. She has been watching her big sisters and big brother and has started to show an interest in it herself. So who knows. I might just have one in diapers come the summer. Strange.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Better Today

Though I am still feeling rather blah about the past 2 weeks in general, I am taking some much needed advice from my hubby and good friend Liz. "Stop worrying so much about what others think of you. Your a good person, with a good heart. You speak the truth and from the heart. If they decide after knowing you for x amount of days, weeks or months, that they no longer can be a friend or acquaintance then you can't keep beating yourself up." They are right, but man it sucks. I always take it completely personally and despite my efforts of trying not too, the feeling never seems to go away.

Anywho, I am trying not to dwell on any of it. Thinking positive will have to get me through until Tuesday when I find out what will happen. Which to me seems so far away.

In the meantime, I have a few orders to put together for Anabelle's Attic. Not to mention house cleaning, a birthday party this afternoon for Emma-James and a few odds and ends I hope to accomplish over the weekend. So I have enough to keep me busy per say.

We are also heavily into rearranging and organizing our bills. Making payments lower on the van and the house. Attempting to consolidate all the credit cards into one. Finding what we can cut out of our monthly expenses to save a little. Looking over the budget though, every item that we have are things that we cannot get rid of. There are only two that we could attempt to try harder to keep down to a better price tag per month. Those being FOOD and MERCHANDISE. Food of course is hard. With seven people its never easy to cut down the cost. Price of food is going up and frankly, its insane. We try to buy "healthy" items for the family. Better meats and fish at Dave's Market, which of course adds up. And watch prices from Dave's to Stop N' Shop, to Target and Walmart. We even shop in bulk at BJ's on everyday items such as toilet paper and paper towels, cat food, dog food and laundry detergent. Still, those don't seem to help. Cutting coupons can only go so far, as most don't offer what we purchase on a regular basis. And last but not least. A small house doesn't give us the luxury of keeping a stocked cabinet with canned/dried essentials. It's enough to make you go bananas. I shop with a list. Write down on big items when they were purchased. Keep coupons handy. Buy non-name brands when possible. Bake cookies/cupcakes/snack items rather then purchasing. I think the next thing I am going to have to do is start making our own bread and maybe buy a cow :-)

Any ideas to keep costs down, I am all ears. Until then, I am off to sew and clean!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Have you ever had a conversation with someone thinking everything went wonderfully. A great conversation for more then 2 hours found both of you learning so much about each other. Only for it to make you feel later down the road (a few days) that that person has cut complete ties with you. You sit and question was it something I said? Was it something I did?

Yah, I am there right now. It hurts. I am going over things in my head with no answers. I feel guilty and not sure why. I called to see if there okie with no return call back. I hurt. And it's not a good feeling. Praying for peace in my heart tonight and a great happy heart tomorrow.

Owen and Oliver

Pictures to compare! Just to let you know too, Oliver is about 4 pounds heavier at 6 months of age then Owen was at the same time. Owen continues to still be the underdog of the family. Small in both weight and size. Much like his daddy was when he was younger. Oliver clearly takes after his Uncle Jaime.

Owen at 6 months old. Look at all the hair he has!!

Oliver 6 months old. He is working on growing all the hair

Oliver Sitting Up

I am in awe that at 6 months Oliver has already mastered sitting up. He wont do it for long though, because he rather be laying on his belly, army crawling around the living room floor. We even had to put the rug away because it was driving him nuts and he would scream at it. Here are a few pictures of mr. monkey man himself.

Yesterday morning at breakfast. Hanging out. Notice the purple pacie. Yah, Ezme and Oliver share well together

Oliver hanging out watching Seseme Street. He was looking at the picture but Big Bird came on. I pretty much wasn't going to get a photo of him looking at the camera at that point

Monday, March 21, 2011

Loving God Today

Have you ever felt that some days are so hard you want to stay in bed with covers over your face. Hide from the world around you. Lately that is EXACTLY how things have been feeling around here. The stress of life, work, money has been so overwhelming that its been like a circle that just keeps going around and around. No end in sight.

Last night though, we finally got a little good news. Mind you, I was half asleep and it was 1am when I was told. Now that I am wide awake, I am fully taking it all in. I felt like God really heard our prayers. More ways then one.

I am feeling so giddy right now. You know, that moment when your 5 years old and you know Santa is coming. You stay up all night waiting for him to arrive, only to fall asleep. When you wake up the next morning your so giddy with anticipation that you can't help but crawl out of bed at 5am to go take a little peak before anyone wakes up. Yup, that is exactly how I am feeling today. I can't explain it. Just really feeling happy and excited, full of energy that I haven't felt in a long time.

This doesn't mean we are out of the woods. But it does help, A LOT!! We are currently looking into more avenues to help make our situation more of a positive one. But today, today is a good day. Today I am not stressing, worrying, and waiting for answers.

Thank you God for listening. I know you have great things planned for us, and I am hearing and waiting patiently.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

If you could.....

Would you purchase a home that you could afford, and still live in the current home you have now. The catch being the house you want to purchase is from the 1780's and needs to be completely gutted. From floor to ceiling, plumbing, electrical, new roof, siding, heating system. Would you? This massive overhauling would probably cost between $50,000-$100,000 dollars and would take 2-3 years for it to be completed, or longer depending on your financial situation. The best part is a property currently on the land pays $1,000 in rent, so it would help pay for the rent of the property you purchase.

Just curious what others think. Of course if you haven't guessed, I am talking about us. The thought has crossed our mind. Only, and I mean only if the price was right. The sellers have had the property on the market for almost 3 years. It would literally be a "as we can afford it" type project. The house is huge, with a huge yard, close to Jason's job. The idea is of course appealing, but, the question is...What would you do?

Anabelle's Attic

Don't forget to keep checking www.anabellesattic.blogspot.com
Hoping to have a PayPal account up and running very soon for better ordering and paying for everyone. Thanks for visiting.


Today's Agenda

Love Sundays. Sometimes. Sundays that I can go out, do things with the family, explore, enjoy each others company. Those are the Sunday's I love. This Sunday, like many Sunday's before it. Has been spent cleaning, laundry, dishes, and all around catching up on the weeks *messes* so we can start all over again Monday morning. Even with my attempt everyday to keep everything manageable and under control, it still somehow gets completely uprooted somewhere between Thursday evening and Friday morning. Still can't figure out how, but it does. And lets face it, IT DRIVES ME NUTS.

I will spend a better part of my morning/afternoon cleaning, doing laundry, making beds, putting toys away, washing floors, scrubbing the bathroom, etc. etc. In the hopes I can finish by some magical hour (a.k.a. before midnight) so I can work on a little sewing and some other things I have put on the back burner. Oh, and lets not forget the weekly grocery shopping for food, lunches, and snacks. Yup. Got to love Sundays!!

So those of you who are out, enjoying this beautiful sunny weekend weather. Jealous. Those of you who are inside working on the house, cleaning and organizing. I feel your pain.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gentleman's Choice

This year, being Olivia's first year in school, she was able to attend the Gentleman's Choice Dance with her friends. She was pretty excited but gave Daddy some pretty explicit rules to adhere by if she was to choose him.

1) You cannot act silly
2) You cannot act weird
3) Don't embarrass me

Funny how things never really change. I can almost without question say I am pretty sure I gave my dad the same set of rules when he took me to the Daddy/Daughter dance. I guess the torch has been passed on.

I am thinking they are going to have a great time. Not to mention, they booth look fantastic. I think pink does them both well!!

Handsome Daddy, Swanky Daughter

Two of a Kind

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ezme and Fluffy

Ezme 18 months old. Isn't she such a cuttie!

Ezme hanging out with her new Rabbit "Fluffy" I made it for her in about an hour using all the extra fabrics I had lying around

Ezme and Fluffy

Happy Ezme

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just for Auntie

My sister bought this really pretty fleece pull over jacket for Oliver for Christmas. I was a little bummed that it was going to take at least a year before he would be able to fit into it. Besides the color (orange) and the animal on it (a moose) it was two of my favorite things rolled into one.

But fear not my friends. My chubby little man at 6 months old fits into it perfectly. I was trying to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING that big boy would fit into, so I grabbed this in hopes that it would work for the time being. But fear not my friends. My chubby little man at 6 months old fits into it perfectly. And I am thinking if I had waited just a little longer, forget it. He is huge!!

So Auntie. For your viewing pleasure, here are a few pictures of your chubby nephew sporting the really great jacket he got from you. HUGS AND KISSES!

Oliver sporting his cool fleece jacket from Auntie


Handsome little man!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can't Touch This

Seriously? Can this little boy get any more handsome then he already is? Ever since the day he was born he always has had this gorgeous face. It has got the be the dimples! Watch out ladies.



Loved this picture especially. Just thought it was neat.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Anabelle's Attic Open for Business

For the time being ANABELLE'S ATTIC will be open for business at
www.anabellesattic.blogspot.com until it's future home is finished by my wonderful husband
For now though, please take a moment to view all the wonderful items. With more to come as the days pass. If you see something you love and would like it in a different fabric, I am happy to custom order anything you wish. Just allow extra time for making and delivery. Thanks so much, and happy looking!! Checks are happily accepted.

The Future Home of my Business will be:

Anabelle's Attic

P.S. Just wanted everyone to know...the footprints you see in the logo are indeed Anabelle's footprints taken right after she was born. What a wonderful way to honor my little Angel!

Oliver 6 Months

I probably already wrote about all the wonderful things Oliver is doing at 6 months old. The most impressive being: rolling over EVERYWHERE, sitting up on his own and of course, trying desperately to crawl. The boy wants to go, go, go. He has officially decided that giving mommy a heart attack by sleeping on his belly is the way to go. Despite my attempts of flipping him over, he still managed to get back on his belly. Crazy boy.

We are currently still trying to feed him solids by spoon. Like his counterpart Ezme, he isn't at all interested. Instead, he screams in protest. Oh my dear little boy, you will like spoon. And fast. This month will be learning not only is the spoon good, but transitioning to a sippy. Big things happening.

Oliver, 6 months old. Handsome little fellow!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ezme 18 Months

This time last year I wrote about how strange it would be (this year) to have a 6 month old and an 18 month old. While each kiddo are both in a different stage of "growing" up, it wont be long before they are more alike that it will be harder to tell the different between them. Of course there always will be 11 months between them. The fact though, is once they hit the pre-school age, there will be very little in difference. Both will attend Pre-School together, learning to write and read together. Figuring out their colors and shapes together. They will go to Kindergarten together, ride the bus together, and I am sure get into arguments together. All the while loving each other as if they were born at the same time.

Ezme is growing in leaps and bounds of course. She is a smart cookie that one and amazes me just how much she is learning on a daily basis. She has seemed to figure out there are two ways to growing up in this house. Be LOUD and get heard, or be quiet and let others do the talking for you. Ezme is a leader, not so much a follower. At 18 months Ezme is now:

*Sleeping in a big girl bed from 6pm-8am
*Eats with a fork and spoon successfully
*Drinks from a big cup successfully
*Uses a straw successfully
*Can turn on and off the T.V.
*Can use books appropriately

Vocabulary at 18 Months:
*Chloe (our dog)
*Boo (our cat)
*pick me up
*NO (a favorite of course)
*Ollie or Oliver (mostly Ollie)
*Vivia (Olivia)
*Can say her name Ezme
*Thank You
*Bus (loves to say this over and over when Vivia comes off the bus)
*call papa (will point to the phone or when the phone rings and says "call papa")
*bye (and waves)
*hot (Can point to our heater and say "hot")
*What? (loves this word. Ezme, can you pick up your toys. What?)
*can successfully listen and follow directions. I.E. Ezme, can you put this diaper in the trash?
*Ezme, can you pick up the blocks?
*Ezme, can you put your shoes on?
*can successfully put her shoes on herself.
*can jump up and down successfully with both feet off the ground
*can point to objects and name them correctly. I.E. ball, for ball, cat for cat
*can count to 3

Body Parts Can Point too:
*butt butt

I am pretty sure I am forgetting a bunch of words that she is saying right now. I am trying to listen to all she can say, but she is such a mover and shaker its hard to keep her still these days.

At her recent 18 month check-up her stats were:

weight: 26 lbs 4oz.
height: 32 inches

She is above average in language, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills and ranges between 22-24 months. Exciting!! If she keeps this up she will be entering college by the time she is 5. Hehe. I suspect another Olivia on her hands.

She is a terrific little girl and really seems to take in the day to her fullest. She is the light of our lives and I am so glad that she is with us. I am a lucky mom for sure.

Ezme 18 months old

Monday, March 7, 2011

Absence and Quick Update

Sorry everyone for my lack of blog updating. I have been so busy the last week or so getting my business off the ground that I haven't had a moment to really sit down and do any amount of blogging. I have tons of pictures to update everyone with. Including a good little report of Miss. Ezme. Hard to believe that she is now 18 months old and Oliver just passed the 6 month mark. If I keep this up, we will have to write about him being 7 months!

Time has certainly gone by pretty fast in our house. Spring is soon upon us. The days are getting longer. Though you wouldn't really believe it with the cold snap we continue to have. It hasn't been much over the mid 40's for the last several weeks. I shouldn't complain though, at least there isn't any snow on the ground and we seem to be past the "storm" stage. For now at least.

The kids are busy as ever. Emma-James is gearing up for Graduation from Pre-Kindergarten very soon. June will be around the corner before I know it. Owen is still....well....Owen. Stubborn as ever. We continue to motivate and push the "Potty" training, but he still continues to be stubborn about it. We have now told him we will no longer change his bum. He has to do everything. Wipe, clean, change. If we wants to go potty in his panties, then he will have to deal with the mess. It seems to be working. Slowly.

Olivia is doing fantastically in school. Though she is getting rather bored with the material she is learning, she loves being with her friends and of course her teacher. If school was year round and on weekends too, she would be very happy. We are seriously thinking (for both girls) what to do for the fall, its tough decision. Any and all ideas are appreciated.

Ezme and Oliver are of course growing like weeds. I will give them their own posts very soon. Lets just say, the baby stage for both of them are LONG GONE. Ugh.

Jason is hard at work as always. Time never seems to be on his side. We are currently struggling with our house and the issues of it being worth....NOTHING. The thoughts of ever moving into something bigger is really not even in the picture anymore. We don't qualify for anything. We need to figure out some things pretty soon. And one of them is maybe selling our house short sale and moving into a rental for a few years. The thought of that is less then appealing, but at least we could go somewhere there are better schools for the kids. We will see. Jason is such a great man, harder worker, and wonderful provider for his family. I just wish he could get a break. He deserves it.

Myself. I am busy keeping the house from falling under, and working on opening my business. Hoping I can get a good base of people who love my stuff and want to purchase it. I have good days of it selling, and bad days where no one will really want to purchase my items. I am having fun with it for sure, but knowing that all this beautiful stuff I am making could seriously just be something I will end up giving away, SUCKS!

I will hopefully sit down later on and really update my blog. Pictures of course. I have so much of course to tell you guys. Until then, I hope you enjoyed a little snip-it of what is going on.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

THE WINNER IS.........

Lynn!! Congratulations!! Your books are on their way. If you can, just message me your home address!! I will have them in the mail hopefully by the end of the week.

Thanks everyone for playing. This was a lot of fun. I think I am going to have to think of some other "give-away opportunities" for the future. So stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't Forget to Comment *LAST DAY*

Poll will close at midnight tonight. I will announce the winner Wednesday morning.

You could win these beautiful set of books by simply leaving a little message. So far three people have commented, so odds look good. March 1st is the deadline. Love to hear from all of you viewers out there. Comments welcome here!