Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today's Agenda

Love Sundays. Sometimes. Sundays that I can go out, do things with the family, explore, enjoy each others company. Those are the Sunday's I love. This Sunday, like many Sunday's before it. Has been spent cleaning, laundry, dishes, and all around catching up on the weeks *messes* so we can start all over again Monday morning. Even with my attempt everyday to keep everything manageable and under control, it still somehow gets completely uprooted somewhere between Thursday evening and Friday morning. Still can't figure out how, but it does. And lets face it, IT DRIVES ME NUTS.

I will spend a better part of my morning/afternoon cleaning, doing laundry, making beds, putting toys away, washing floors, scrubbing the bathroom, etc. etc. In the hopes I can finish by some magical hour (a.k.a. before midnight) so I can work on a little sewing and some other things I have put on the back burner. Oh, and lets not forget the weekly grocery shopping for food, lunches, and snacks. Yup. Got to love Sundays!!

So those of you who are out, enjoying this beautiful sunny weekend weather. Jealous. Those of you who are inside working on the house, cleaning and organizing. I feel your pain.

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