Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ezme 18 Months

This time last year I wrote about how strange it would be (this year) to have a 6 month old and an 18 month old. While each kiddo are both in a different stage of "growing" up, it wont be long before they are more alike that it will be harder to tell the different between them. Of course there always will be 11 months between them. The fact though, is once they hit the pre-school age, there will be very little in difference. Both will attend Pre-School together, learning to write and read together. Figuring out their colors and shapes together. They will go to Kindergarten together, ride the bus together, and I am sure get into arguments together. All the while loving each other as if they were born at the same time.

Ezme is growing in leaps and bounds of course. She is a smart cookie that one and amazes me just how much she is learning on a daily basis. She has seemed to figure out there are two ways to growing up in this house. Be LOUD and get heard, or be quiet and let others do the talking for you. Ezme is a leader, not so much a follower. At 18 months Ezme is now:

*Sleeping in a big girl bed from 6pm-8am
*Eats with a fork and spoon successfully
*Drinks from a big cup successfully
*Uses a straw successfully
*Can turn on and off the T.V.
*Can use books appropriately

Vocabulary at 18 Months:
*Chloe (our dog)
*Boo (our cat)
*pick me up
*NO (a favorite of course)
*Ollie or Oliver (mostly Ollie)
*Vivia (Olivia)
*Can say her name Ezme
*Thank You
*Bus (loves to say this over and over when Vivia comes off the bus)
*call papa (will point to the phone or when the phone rings and says "call papa")
*bye (and waves)
*hot (Can point to our heater and say "hot")
*What? (loves this word. Ezme, can you pick up your toys. What?)
*can successfully listen and follow directions. I.E. Ezme, can you put this diaper in the trash?
*Ezme, can you pick up the blocks?
*Ezme, can you put your shoes on?
*can successfully put her shoes on herself.
*can jump up and down successfully with both feet off the ground
*can point to objects and name them correctly. I.E. ball, for ball, cat for cat
*can count to 3

Body Parts Can Point too:
*butt butt

I am pretty sure I am forgetting a bunch of words that she is saying right now. I am trying to listen to all she can say, but she is such a mover and shaker its hard to keep her still these days.

At her recent 18 month check-up her stats were:

weight: 26 lbs 4oz.
height: 32 inches

She is above average in language, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills and ranges between 22-24 months. Exciting!! If she keeps this up she will be entering college by the time she is 5. Hehe. I suspect another Olivia on her hands.

She is a terrific little girl and really seems to take in the day to her fullest. She is the light of our lives and I am so glad that she is with us. I am a lucky mom for sure.

Ezme 18 months old

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