Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gentleman's Choice

This year, being Olivia's first year in school, she was able to attend the Gentleman's Choice Dance with her friends. She was pretty excited but gave Daddy some pretty explicit rules to adhere by if she was to choose him.

1) You cannot act silly
2) You cannot act weird
3) Don't embarrass me

Funny how things never really change. I can almost without question say I am pretty sure I gave my dad the same set of rules when he took me to the Daddy/Daughter dance. I guess the torch has been passed on.

I am thinking they are going to have a great time. Not to mention, they booth look fantastic. I think pink does them both well!!

Handsome Daddy, Swanky Daughter

Two of a Kind


  1. awww, a tear sprang up seeing the two of them together, all dressed up.

  2. Don't they look so cute. Ahhh. Where did the time go? I am bummed these came out so dark and fuzzy. I am hoping the professional ones that Jason has done there come out better.