Sunday, March 20, 2011

If you could.....

Would you purchase a home that you could afford, and still live in the current home you have now. The catch being the house you want to purchase is from the 1780's and needs to be completely gutted. From floor to ceiling, plumbing, electrical, new roof, siding, heating system. Would you? This massive overhauling would probably cost between $50,000-$100,000 dollars and would take 2-3 years for it to be completed, or longer depending on your financial situation. The best part is a property currently on the land pays $1,000 in rent, so it would help pay for the rent of the property you purchase.

Just curious what others think. Of course if you haven't guessed, I am talking about us. The thought has crossed our mind. Only, and I mean only if the price was right. The sellers have had the property on the market for almost 3 years. It would literally be a "as we can afford it" type project. The house is huge, with a huge yard, close to Jason's job. The idea is of course appealing, but, the question is...What would you do?


  1. Me, no never. I love the character and beauty of old home, but I like when they come already ready. I would rather pay more for a house that is ready to live in that I could save up to add special touches down the line. But you, you're family, you seem a bit more adventurous/handy in the home improvement arena. If something took me 2-3 years to finish I would loose interest/get annoyed.
    Plus, does it ever get done on the expected time line or budget?
    That's just my opinion. I mean my version of home improvement is adding new doorknobs and cabinet handles.

  2. I wouldn't do it. If it was being done over 6 months, maybe, but having a project that was that big, for that many years... it is just too much. I would get frustrated if all my spare time/family time/relaxation time would have to go in to fixing up the house. But then again, I am not known for enjoying house maintainance.