Saturday, October 31, 2009


The kids had a great time at their friends house for Halloween. We managed to make almost all the houses in the neighborhood and they enjoyed their goodies when we returned from the Trick-or-Treating they did. Steph and myself were completely amazed at how well the two 2-year-olds stayed steady with the older bunch. Way to go Owen and Mia! The kids are jonked and so are Jason and I. I am sure tomorrow is going to be more of a great day. Can't believe it will already be November 1st.

Olivia, Nicky, Emma-James, Owen, Mia and Ezme

Ezme 7 weeks old

Ezme is now 7 weeks old, and I am still in awe at how time just seems to fly by. I guess that happens when your mom to 4 and your life revolves around school work, swimming lessons, Girl Scouts, changing, feeding, cleaning and organizing. Not to mention the numerous trips to the library, grocery store and target. Busy busy.

Ezme had another check up today. Nothing too big. Just a over-all well baby visit. Weight is great. we are up to 9lbs 10oz. and 22 inches long. She is growing like a week thats for sure. We are still eating about every 4 hours, but we tend to cluster feed in the morning. Ezme has no problems drinking sometimes 12 ounces in a single morning feed. She is also sleeping through the night and has been for about a week now. Usually she will go down around 8:30pm and sleeps until about 8 or 8:30 the next morning. HURRAY. Now if only mommy could relax enough to sleep through the night as well. *giggles* Its hard though when you are listening for 4 sets of breaths all through the night. Ahh, I don't really mind though. I have plenty of time to sleep when I am old and gray.

Ezme 7 weeks old. Lounging around in her seat

Tomorrow is Halloween. We plan on spending the evening with some good friends in Lincoln. They live in a great area for Trick-or-Treating. Lots of friendly houses and and its mostly a dead end road, so we don't have to worry so much about cars. Unlike our area that is very busy with cars and trucks and sadly not many people on our street keep there lights on for Trick-or-Treaters. Its just nice that we have a place we can go. I will post pictures as soon as I can.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Auntie Ryann visits and Birthday Wishes

My sweet sister decided to come down this month not only to see her newest niece again, but to also be here for Owen's 2nd birthday. Plus I have been dying to take Tyson to the Zoo here in Providence, but the weather doesn't always seem to understand that we don't have time for rain, wind or snow. So with that, we were very lucky to have beautiful weather while they where here. Thank Heavens. I wasn't quit sure how to explain to my 3 year old nephew that we couldn't go see the Elephants again this time. Sadly though, it was me who was unable to attend this years Spooky Zoo at Roger Williams. I was a busy beaver cleaning the house and getting party things ready for Owen's 2nd birthday. My parents along with my sister took the kiddos to the Zoo while hubby and I handled the party stuff here at the house. It really worked out great that way too. By the time they arrived home, everything was just about finished.

Tyson and Owen enjoying MUD

Emma-James and Tyson hanging out in the toy box

I was so happy that my sister and nephew as well as my parents could come down for Owen's 2nd birthday. It was such a great day. Warm weather, great food, lots of friends and family. I still can't believe that we managed to pack almost 30 people in the house and that included at least 12 kids. WOW. I still have been horrible getting Thank You cards out in the mail, but I have not forgotten. I keep hoping for a good picture of Owen to send everyone along with the Thank You's. But those who have had pleasure to spend time with a 2 year old, knows that its always a hit or miss with them. So keep a lookout. I promise I will send them to you!

Owen blowing out his Big Birthday candles

Opening up his presents

I would have to say all in all the day was a complete success. Everyone to me had a good time. We had the pleasure of spending his birthday with some great friends as well as our great neighbors. Owen had a fantastic time being the busy body that he is. And by the end of the day, was so tired that he fell asleep in his clothes. Poor bugger. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN, MOMMY LOVES YOU TONS!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ezme is a MONTH OLD!

Ezme is now one month old. Hard to believe the time has flown by so fast! I couldn't wait for her to arrive, and now she is already one month old. In one month she has made about two dozen trips to the Mall. She has gone to watch her big sisters at swimming lessons 6 times, she has rode in mommy's van at least everyday sometimes twice a day since she was born. Walked around Boston Common, has been Apple Picking,and enjoyed the sunny outside. Here is a picture of the big blue eyed girl!

Ezme 1 month old