Thursday, July 29, 2010

35 Weeks!

4 MORE WEEKS TO GO!!!!!!!!! Things are starting to go full gear here at the house. I finally am getting things accomplished and it looks like I just might have everything finished and ready to go by the time little man arrives.

I have taken this week to really get some much needed projects done around the house accomplished and scratched off my to do list. I have a bunch more to do this weekend. But I think with the both of us going full force, we should be able to get just about everything done we need too.

Diaper bag is packed. I picked up a few things I needed at Target for my hospital bag and that too will be packed and ready to go. Just need to get a few things last minute together before we head to the hospital. Blanket, pillows, odds and ends.

We are in the process of gearing up Owen by getting rid of his pacie. Though I truly didn't want to do this. It has come to our concern that he is having some major teeth issues that will require some surgery in the future. I didn't want it to be even worse, so we decided that it had to go. I feel so bad. Trust me. But I rather spare him the pain of a bad surgery, then to prolong giving his pacie up. We are still working on the "potty" training, but have found he is as stubborn as weeds. We are really hoping that he will be 100% accomplished (at least during the day) enough to go to Pre-School in the fall. We will see though.

These days I am feeling tired and a bit uncomfortable. Mostly when I am waking up to go potty in the middle of the night. I can't describe the feeling, but lets just say some nights it requires a lot on my part to actually get out of bed. I have found as long as I am constantly busy and go, go, go I do pretty good. The minute I rest though. BAM. I am in for a world of hurt.

I am experiencing more and more "contractions" these days. Some last only for 15 minutes or so. Others have lasted well into the 2 hour range. This being my 6th pregnancy. I don't take any of it as the "real deal". Just wait it out, breath through them, and continue on my way. Unless my water breaks, or they are about 4 minutes apart, then I know that its just things getting "READY" so to speak.

I had an ultrasound last week at my 34 week appt. It was for growth check and fluid levels. Because I have been so up in the air as far as measurements. They wanted to get a better picture as what was going on. Baby is measuring a tad below what they would like him too. However, all around he is measuring about a week ahead. My fluid levels were low. They are concerned and rechecked 3 times just to make sure. I go back next week for another ultrasound and fluid level. We do believe I am leaking fluid, but so minimal their is no reason for concern. If my levels are lower then what they were last week, we will talk about options. If its the same, we will monitor with a repeat ultrasound every two weeks. If its much better then what it was last week. I will have one more ultrasound just before I deliver. So no worries until their needs to be. I am getting things ready for the "just in case". Rather be safe then sorry.

I can't expect all of my kiddos to be perfect all the time. That would be too easy!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Call it what you will. Most of you will say "NESTING" however, this time around I say its MOTIVATION!!! You know, that time just before baby arrives everything has to be picture perfect. The house scrubbed, the laundry done and folded. That paint job you keep meaning to get around to doing, but never do. You know, the everyday things!

I whole heartily would 100% agree with you if it was any of my other kiddos. I had this obsession about having the house completely perfect. Everything needed to have order amongst what can easily turn into chaos. The laundry had to always be done, folded and put away. The dishes always had to be done every night. I went through toys, clothes, and baskets of items to either give away, keep, or throw. I would even go so far as washing the curtains, the rugs, the bedding every other day. I had this need to be ready and on point. Diaper bag packed, hospital bag packed, you name it, I was ready, willing and able to go at a moments notice.

However, this time around. I just haven't had the "Get Up and Go" motivation I have needed. With a busy year of schooling Olivia, just having Ezme and Girl Scouts, I really haven't had much time to think about adding a new little to the family. I have felt extremely bad. HORRIBLE even. This little guy deserves just as much as the others did. And I just didn't have it in me.

Well, I finally have found some motivation (and good weather) to get some much needed things done around the house. I went and purchased a few items that we needed for baby. Bottles, pacies, a few outfits. I am in the process of cleaning out the diaper bag and will have that packed by tonight. His clothes will come upstairs sometime within the week/weekend. Blankets, and toys are already out since Ezme still plays with a lot of them. The pack-n-play that goes next to my bed will be cleaned, washed and put together again and back in my room by the end of the weekend. The car is cleaned, just needs a good vacuum through it. Car seat will come up this weekend as well and get a good scrub through.

It's just now odds and ends. We would like to try to get a new fence up soon, and clean the yard (its so overgrown right now it looks like a JUNGLE in our backyard). I still have some things to do upstairs in the bedrooms. One being possibly getting a professional carpet cleaning company in here to get the carpets cleaned. I have done my best doing them on my own. But I think they are in dire need of some TLC. They aren't horrible, but the stairs. Well. THEY ARE!! Plus I have a few things to paint upstairs. Thankfully though, a lot of it is already done.

The next few weeks will be busy with Girl Scout planning, school planning, getting the girls ready for camp and soccer. It's busy busy as always. I think once this weekend passes, I will feel a lot better about all that I have accomplished and wont feel so stressed that a lot of it isn't finished. Here's hoping.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Only 38 More Days!!

Time is coming quickly. I can't believe its only 37 more days left to go. And in my case, even less then that, as I don't go past 40 weeks and even then much past 39 weeks. So if you haven't had the chance to vote yet, put your thoughts in now!! Little boy will be here before we know it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Past Week

Gosh, it seems I get on a roll of typing and keeping up with my blog, and then a lull. Nothing really to report of our last weeks adventures. Mostly we stayed in the house and cleaned, organized and tried to get some sense of order again in our ever crazy life. Jason built me a beautiful desk with shelves in our dining room. I am so in love. It keeps everything I need at my finger tips and best of all, NO MORE CLUTTER IN THE KITCHEN. With the computer gone, and the printers gone, it makes for more counter space as well as just clutter free in general. It's really nice. Plus the dining room had this odd space next to our fireplace that just wasn't being used to its full potential. So I asked hubby to build me a desk and a few shelves. He did an amazing job, and I am glad that the project is almost done.

In other news, I am starting to get my last bit of ENERGY as I am growing in size. I needed it too. My house has screamed "SCRUB ME" for weeks now. But with the humidity and hot hot weather, its been tough. I managed to get myself up for the cleaning frenzy on Wednesday and Friday of last week. And lets just say, it looks amazing. Now all to do really is paint and keep the house cleaned. So that is what I am tackling today. Hoping to get as much painting done as the weather is perfect for what I need to do. I also am hoping to make it to Home Depot to get a roller to do a bunch of touch-ups that need done around the house as well.

Over the weekend I was blessed to have my "best friend" from growing up come down with her new husband. It was fantastic to see her. We have been friends for 25+ years. With her growing up directly across the street from me, it wasn't hard to not have us see each other on a regular day to day basis.

She and her hubby went to go see the Jon Bon Jovi Concert at Gillette. They had a great time, but didn't get home until well after 2am. I was sound asleep, so I didn't get to talk about their day until they woke up on Sunday. I think they had a great time. I know I did having them here. We spend the entire day Saturday before they left shopping at Wretham outlets. Got some great deals and tons of clothes for the kids. All who needed something or rather desperately. Just a few more things for each of them, and they will be all set for fall and winter.

That is about our extent of our fun weeks adventures. Hopefully I will have more exciting things to share for this week and pictures too!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The continued saga of the House issue

Yesterday I managed to get some things done in the upstairs part of the house. Of course, It wasn't at all what I wanted to accomplish for the weekend. Especially since we have company coming on Friday, a baby arriving in 6 weeks, and Jason pretty much gone for the next 2 due to work. But oh well.

I am pretty much at a loss for loving my house enough to even want to clean it. I know that sounds harsh, but when your constantly trying to put toys away, organize things so it doesn't look cluttered, or just all together do the normal, laundry, dishes, sweeping. Things just don't seem to have the love it once once. I am trying however, but its tough.

Jason managed to get my new desk and shelves up in the make shift office area of our dining room. We splurged a little and bought a prefab kitchen counter-top. It looks nice. The shelves add to the room a lot. My only worry as always is making this house look cluttered and small and unappealing when we do sell it. So I am always thinking of ways to make it look functional without looking junky. A yard feat let me tell you.

I also managed to get Ezme's toddler bed up here to start gearing her up for transition in a few months. Why wait. Baby is going to need a crib and since I try hard to move all the kiddos around to big beds before they walk, now is a good time as any. She has already managed to crawl herself into it and lay down. She loves it too. But until I get new railings, she will be sleeping in the crib.

Next is just sorting out through clothes and getting the car seat upstairs, cleaned and put into the van.

I however am still looking into the house in Lincoln. Despite Jason being 100% on board. It really is a wonderful home, big enough for all of our needs and we would never have to move again. I am praying a lot right now and having faith that God will give us the direction we need. If this was to work out for us, I couldn't imagine a better place or area to live in. It was even voted best place to live!!

Today's goal is to get more things accomplished, cleaned and clutter free. I am hoping to get things painted as well. I might even splurge and hire someone to come and do some work for us to get the house potentially ready to put on the market if it were to come to that.

Who knows.

Potty Training Day 3

Eh, not such a good day today. Owen isn't feeling good. His belly hurts. Lots of yucky poops. So we have decided to just put today on hold. He did however manage to make it to the potty this morning on his own. So that was a great thing. Earned himself another truck.

We are going to keep working on the "potty" but for today I have put him in a pull-up just to help ease his mind and lets face it....Mine too.

Accidents: 1

Successes: 1

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Potty Training Day 2

Woke up this morning and had Owen put on big boy underwear right away. He did a great job continuing to go and sit on the potty. But at last, he had an accident. Both ways. UGH!!

Anyways, the boys are off running errands. Jason is a little leary of taking him without a pull-up. But I told him that we needed to stick with it. Gave him some extra clothes, and off they went.

Ezme is snoozing and the girls are across the street swimming. I am enjoying the day cleaning. Wahoo. Hoping to get the upstairs and most of the downstairs cleaned. Company coming on Friday!!

Accidents: 5 (he ended up getting yucky poopies and didn't feel well)

Successes: 2

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to Make It a Reality?

So, if anyone who reads this blog. And I don't know who you are. I could use your help and prayers. As many of you may or may not know, we have been (or should I say, I have been) looking for a new home for quit some time. Despite how Jason feels about the idea of "moving" right now. I know that in my heart, its really the best time. You know, that gut feeling you get when you just know that you should do something. Well, I have had that gut feeling for some time. Only, its getting stronger, as the days goes on.

Our house is small. Its lovely, and wonderful, and everything I love about a house. But lets face it folks, if you have visited my home, or have had the pleasure of spending a good chuck of time spend here. You will say under your breath: ITS TOO SMALL!! Too small for visitors, too small for a (soon) to be family of 7. To small for Girl Scouts twice a week, for birthday parties, or celebrations. Home-schooling and heck, even breathing sometimes.

So how do I make selling my home and purchasing a big one a reality? How do I get my husband to feel as on board with the idea as I am. How do I get him to see that waiting for "the right time" is RIGHT NOW and not years from now? How?? I have prayed, contemplated, tried over and over again to make our house work. Begged, pleaded, dropped the idea. I am just feeling that *PUSH* from someone bigger then me. And I can't seem to find a way to make the hubby feel the same.

So help me faithful blog readers. Give me ideas. Give me direction. Give me places to call, people to contact. You name it, I am up for the challenge. I am ready, willing and able.

Here is just a sneak peak of a home that I really am interested in pursuing. Its got everything we wanted. Bedrooms, bathrooms, space for office. 5 working fireplaces, large lot for kids to play in. Close to Jay's job. So close he could walk or bike it during nice weather. Great schools. It's a "AS IS" home, but from what I could tell, its had a lot of work done into it. Right now its under a "SHORT SALE" contract. I am hoping that maybe we would be lucky to offer it lower then the asking. The biggest problem is this: If we don't sell our house for at least 180,000-190,000 we wont have a down payment that we need. SO HELP ME MAKE THIS A REALITY!!!

Home in Lincoln, RI

Potty Training Day 1

The adventure begins with my final straw this morning with his coy little grin saying to me "Mommy, I pooped." I pretty much decided then that it was time. So off came the pull-ups and onto the big boy pants.

So far he has used the potty (per my request and reminder) about six times. He managed to stay completely dry all morning and even went out with us to run errands at Home Depot and BJ's before having an accident just before we came home. Pretty good for 6 hours out of the house!! I am hoping for a good day tomorrow as we will be home all day and errand running will be scarce. Though I can't say I am looking forward to now having to bring a newly potty trained little one to the potty about 100 times when we are out and about. Sometimes bringing four kiddos to the bathroom can be a bit much.

And I know what some of you are thinking "just stay home". Well sadly, I can't do that. Life is too busy to be around the house. Errands are always to be run no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Oh well. Its the fun price I pay for mommy-hood. And heck, lets face it. I love it too much!! Can't wait to see what day 2 holds.

Accidents: 2

Successes: 0

Choo Choo! Let the Potty Train*ing Begin

That's right folks. We have decided today was the day!! With all the craziness going on in our lives. 6 weeks left until baby boy arrives, and continued chaos of the fall, we just figured what better day to start, then today. He has *FINALLY* told us when he "pees" or "poopies" in his pull-ups. That right there was the key to knowing he was really ready. If he knows when he is doing these, then he can better tell us when he has to go. We are in this 100% now. So I will be blogging our daily adventures in potty training a BOY land. I will say this, when it came to the girls, all I needed to do was buy the coolest underwear of their choice (princesses for Olivia, and Thomas the Train for Emma-James) and a few intensives. That was it. The rest was history and them doing it all on their own. I guess I couldn't expect it to be that easy with all of them. But heck, a girl can wish right!

So with Owen we went out and purchased a HUGE case of 70 Hot wheels cars for him. His favorite. And for less then $20 bucks for the whole thing, I couldn't go wrong. So I told him that every time he uses the potty he gets to choose one of the cars. He is really excited. I am not expecting first day miracles, but you gotta start somewhere.

This is actually the perfect time to get him accomplished in this new stage. He wants to go to NURSERY SCHOOL with Emma-James in the fall, plus do swimming lessons. And in order to do these, he has to be fully potty trained during the day. We have about a month to get him in gear. I am really excited for this. Though a little sad, as I realize that just one more of my "babies" is growing up far to fast for this momma!

Friday, July 16, 2010

33 Week Check-Up

Had my 33 week check-up this afternoon. Gosh, its just flying now. Of course that's how it would work now huh. Having been pregnant with Ezme less then a year ago, I was so excited and SO READY for her to arrive. This time around though there is just so much left to do. And heck, lets face it. It really isn't getting done.

My Appt. though went fantastically. Probably one of the first that went so well. Everything was perfect. Lost all the weight they said I gained two weeks ago. So I am back to "normal" again. I knew that it just wasn't possible for me to gain 5 pounds in just two weeks. I didn't even eat that much so I knew it was completely a flaw. Baby's heartbeat was in the 150's. Went high in the 190's for awhile. Doctor said he hoped it was just due to his movement at that particular time. So didn't seem concerned. My belly is still measuring big. So the ultrasound will determine how big this little boy is going to be. If it's extra fluid, or what is going on. If his overall weight and my measurements suggest bigger, then we will possibly move my due date around for earlier then Sept. 3rd. But right now, we are sticking with the date we have placed.

Next Thursday I get to see pictures of little man, and then I don't go again to the doctors until August 10th. To which I will be going every week from that point out. Ugh, its coming so fast. Time to get my butt in gear and stop being lazy with the heat.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Long Awaited Christmas Present has Arrived!!

Back in December my mom gave me the best gift of all. A brick with Anabelle's name on it. It now rests in the most perfect spot at Woman and Infants Hospital. Right in front of the glass windows to the opening of the new NICU. I am so excited to go visit it when we have this new little guy. Talk about a fantastic present to come along at the best time. I hope you guys all enjoy it as much as I do.


Vote, Vote, Vote!

So as you can see, I started a poll on the side "How much will baby boy Weigh?" So vote everyone. We were completely shocked to say the least that Ezme weighed more then a pound more then all the other kiddos when she was born. I mean, shocked. So I thought it would be fun to see how much this little guy is going to weigh. When we had Owen, we were told he would be well over 9 pounds. And a skinny little boy came out. So we weren't prepared at all with clothing or anything. Jason even had to run back home and ruffle through the kids preemie play clothes to find something to bring him home in. Hehe.

If you would like, here is the weights of all the kiddos to give you an idea to better help you decide!! Good luck!

Olivia - 6 lbs 9 oz. 19 inches long
Anabelle- 4 lbs 6 oz. 17 inches long
Emma-James- 7 lbs 1 oz. 19 inches long
Owen- 7 lbs 2 oz. 19 inches
Ezme 8 lbs. 2 oz. 20 inches

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grampy's 90th Birthday!

Today was my Grampy's Surprise 90th Birthday Party!! I am amazed and jealous at how great at 90 years old he looks. I mean, when my great-grandpa turned 90, he looked even older then that. So comparing them both at this age, he hasn't aged a bit!! We even went through old photos to put up around the party area and to me he looks the same as he ever has. Thinning in his hair a bit, but seriously, that's about it. I hope I have his genes and I look that good at 90!!!!

On to the party!! We (my mom, sister, Nana, myself) went through this elaborate and I do mean ELABORATE scheme to get him to the party without him knowing it was a surprise. My sister and my mom sent out invitations to all of his friends, and relatives to let them know of the day and time all the while it was hush hush for the soon to be 90 year old! My Nana would invite friends and family she met on the streets, in stores, or whom may have called letting them know of the surprise party as well. The day of, we had no clue how many would actually be coming. It was crazy but exciting.

My sister was in charge of baking and decorating a beautiful and elaborate cake just for my Grampy. She also managed to bang out 4 dozen brownies, and two watermelon fruit bowls. WAY TO GO RYANN!!

Can you believe this was her first time EVER making a two tiered, fondant cake with all the little things that went around it. I was super impressed at the work she did. Awesome Job Ryann!!

From the side

The head table. Complete with 90th Balloons!!

Mom, Jason my Dad and myself were in charge of all the foods, the decorations at the hall, the centerpieces. My sister helped work on the photos of my Grampy through the years. Let me say from Friday morning until the party on Saturday afternoon, it was non-stop GO GO GO!! We managed to bang out over 200 mini sandwiches, my mom made sweet and sour meatballs, two fruit bowls made by my sister, deserts up the wazoo, veggie platter and about 3 dozen deviled eggs. It was crazy insane I tell you. But everyone did a fantastic job. I only wish I had gotten photos of all the yummy food!!! We had so much left over though. It could have fed the National Guard and then some. Let's just say we ate leftovers until we left on Monday afternoon.

As we were setting up the last of the food, greeting all the guests, my grandparents finally arrived. My Nana had lied to my Grampy saying it was a Anniversary Party for a friend of theirs. All the while truly thinking that, he purchased a card and stuck $20 dollars into it. This is the photo my sister managed to score as he walked into the hall. Mind you, he doesn't understand why there are 30 people in front of him snapping photos and singing happy birthday. He kept saying, its an anniversary party, not a birthday. And looking for the guy that the party was for!! HEHE. LOVE IT!!

Grampy (Nana is off to the side). Arriving to his 90th Birthday!

The party was really fantastic. So many people came to help him celebrate. He was in awe and touched that he had so many family, friends and relatives that came and loved him enough to travel the distances they did. It really was very touching to see so many faces. I would have to say at least 100 people were there. And the best of all was that all the Kids, grand-kids, and great grand-kids were their as well. That in itself was amazing. I don't think we have EVER been in the same room together all at once.

Nana and Grampy with their three kids. From Left to Right: Uncle Paul, Susan (my mom) Nana and Grampy and Uncle Ted

The Grand-Kids and Great Grand-Kids From Left to Right Miles, Melanie, Kristen, Myself holding Ezme, My sister Ryann holding Tyson, The girl in the green is not related however she is holding one of the Great Grandchildren Riven, Brandon my cousin holding Riven's twin sister Meadow. In the front is Wesley, Olivia, Owen and Emma-James. The other two children are too not related to the family, but popped in the picture anyways

My nephew with the birthday man himself!

I am really glad that we were all able to get together for this event. Its hard to believe that he has seen so many things happen in his 90 years of life. I can only imagine to live that long and be as healthy, happy and blessed as he is.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ezme 10 months Old

I am so sad today realizing that in just 8 weeks Ezme will be turning 1 and we will be welcoming a new little one into the family. Gosh how it has just flown by this time around. I mean, the others of course went by fast, but Ezme just seemed to go by SUPER FAST. Where did the last 10 months go. I guess having been so busy with Girl Scouts and holidays and then finding out we were expecting another one helped move things along. So now as we wait patiently for little man to arrive, we are relishing in the last few weeks we have with our little baby girl. Knowing that in just a matter of weeks, she will no longer by the baby of the family, but a big 1 year old!!
Here are a few things that Ezme is doing at 10 months old!!

* Babbling and talking almost non-stop. Can say "Mama, Dada, House, at, and Hot"
* Cruising all over the house and has started to work on climbing stairs. Which is a great big help for mommy!
* Loves all table foods. Refuses anything processed or liquid form of food
* Loves to feed herself
* Starting to stand up on her own in the middle of a room. Walking is close by!!
* Drinks from a sippy cup everyday now (though she has been doing this for some time, we finally packed the bottles away for baby brother)
* Is still sleeping through the night HURRAY
* Has a favorite blanket Daddy's old one. So she officially has a NEMO
* Waves Bye and Hi to everyone that will talk to her
* Loves attention from people, but will grow shy to someone she doesn't feel comfortable with
* Loves the car and long trips. What a lifesaver!
* All around is a very happy and outgoing little girl! Very blessed.
* LOVES to give kisses. This includes the Mmmmm sound when she does it too. Its so cute. Just watch out, sometimes you will get a full mouth kiss

Deep in Thought


Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Weekend

Wow, what a weekend. This year we decided to stick around RI and head up all the local fun for the 4th of July. We usually are on vacation either in N.H. Visiting Santa's Village or Storyland in the White Mountains. Last year we heading up to my family's house in Millinocket for my 10 year reunion. This year though, I really wanted to enjoy being home.

This year we enjoyed taking the kiddos to the fireworks over by Jason's old house. We packed a nice supper and snacks for the kids and headed over to Tucker Field in Cumberland. We managed to score a terrific parking space and loaded the kids up in our new wagon and set off down the street about 2 miles away. I was impressed that I managed to walk all the way down without much pain.

The kids had a fantastic time, and as always made friends to play with right away. It was nice to spend the evening together just as a family. Something we do often, but it never seems to be a "quiet" and quality time. We area always busy running around, doing errands, busy busy busy.

This year the fireworks were to be canceled due to funding in the Cumberland budget. But in the end, some of the local businesses managed to donate a good amount of money to help and the fireworks were saved. And saved they were. THEY WERE AMAZING!! An hours worth of non-stop color in the sky. The kids were in LOVE. Even Ezme was fascinated and wouldn't take her eyes off at all. She cuddled right up with Jason and never budged until they were finished. So I want to give a shut out to all the local businesses that helped put on one of the best shows I have seen in years. THANK YOU CUMBERLAND AND CUMBERLAND BUSINESSES. YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB!!!!

Sadly we kept the camera home so we weren't able to capture any photos. But I promise when I say, everyone had a fantastic time.

Nothing was scheduled for the 4th of July. Funny, isn't it. The actual 4th and nothing ever goes on. I find that rather odd. But anyways, I ended up finding plenty to do around the house. One being, cleaning and scrubbing the inside of my car. And I am glad I did. Though it took me over 4 hours in 90 degree heat. Its nice to have it done. Not to mention my next task is to get the rugs washed and a few more things cleaned. It will be one thing I can do to cross off my to do list before baby arrives. HURRAY!

The 5th was spend getting the kiddos ready and heading to Cumberland once again for the 4th of July parade. From what I hear, its a pretty big one, so I wasn't expecting a two hour long parade. I am so happy we went though. So much fun. The kids met friends as always, managed to score tons of candy, and eat lots of yummy food. We found a nice shady spot that I sat in for the entire time. Too hot and muggy to be standing for such a long time. Not to mention for Ezme too. So we chilled and watched from the sidelines. Great view too. So I can't complain. The parade was amazing and who knew that one could last so long. Watching them from my home town I just assumed everything was less then 20 minutes. Hehe, WHO KNEW!

We are heading up to Millinocket in the morning, so I will do my best to give you updates from their. Have a great week/weekend everyone.

Olivia and Owen dressed in their 4th of July attire getting ready for the Parade to start

Emma-James quickly posing for a photo. She was in a hurry as the Parade was about to start

Ezme half smiles. She was sitting in the wagon waiting for the Parade too.