Friday, July 16, 2010

33 Week Check-Up

Had my 33 week check-up this afternoon. Gosh, its just flying now. Of course that's how it would work now huh. Having been pregnant with Ezme less then a year ago, I was so excited and SO READY for her to arrive. This time around though there is just so much left to do. And heck, lets face it. It really isn't getting done.

My Appt. though went fantastically. Probably one of the first that went so well. Everything was perfect. Lost all the weight they said I gained two weeks ago. So I am back to "normal" again. I knew that it just wasn't possible for me to gain 5 pounds in just two weeks. I didn't even eat that much so I knew it was completely a flaw. Baby's heartbeat was in the 150's. Went high in the 190's for awhile. Doctor said he hoped it was just due to his movement at that particular time. So didn't seem concerned. My belly is still measuring big. So the ultrasound will determine how big this little boy is going to be. If it's extra fluid, or what is going on. If his overall weight and my measurements suggest bigger, then we will possibly move my due date around for earlier then Sept. 3rd. But right now, we are sticking with the date we have placed.

Next Thursday I get to see pictures of little man, and then I don't go again to the doctors until August 10th. To which I will be going every week from that point out. Ugh, its coming so fast. Time to get my butt in gear and stop being lazy with the heat.

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