Monday, July 19, 2010

The continued saga of the House issue

Yesterday I managed to get some things done in the upstairs part of the house. Of course, It wasn't at all what I wanted to accomplish for the weekend. Especially since we have company coming on Friday, a baby arriving in 6 weeks, and Jason pretty much gone for the next 2 due to work. But oh well.

I am pretty much at a loss for loving my house enough to even want to clean it. I know that sounds harsh, but when your constantly trying to put toys away, organize things so it doesn't look cluttered, or just all together do the normal, laundry, dishes, sweeping. Things just don't seem to have the love it once once. I am trying however, but its tough.

Jason managed to get my new desk and shelves up in the make shift office area of our dining room. We splurged a little and bought a prefab kitchen counter-top. It looks nice. The shelves add to the room a lot. My only worry as always is making this house look cluttered and small and unappealing when we do sell it. So I am always thinking of ways to make it look functional without looking junky. A yard feat let me tell you.

I also managed to get Ezme's toddler bed up here to start gearing her up for transition in a few months. Why wait. Baby is going to need a crib and since I try hard to move all the kiddos around to big beds before they walk, now is a good time as any. She has already managed to crawl herself into it and lay down. She loves it too. But until I get new railings, she will be sleeping in the crib.

Next is just sorting out through clothes and getting the car seat upstairs, cleaned and put into the van.

I however am still looking into the house in Lincoln. Despite Jason being 100% on board. It really is a wonderful home, big enough for all of our needs and we would never have to move again. I am praying a lot right now and having faith that God will give us the direction we need. If this was to work out for us, I couldn't imagine a better place or area to live in. It was even voted best place to live!!

Today's goal is to get more things accomplished, cleaned and clutter free. I am hoping to get things painted as well. I might even splurge and hire someone to come and do some work for us to get the house potentially ready to put on the market if it were to come to that.

Who knows.

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