Saturday, July 17, 2010

Choo Choo! Let the Potty Train*ing Begin

That's right folks. We have decided today was the day!! With all the craziness going on in our lives. 6 weeks left until baby boy arrives, and continued chaos of the fall, we just figured what better day to start, then today. He has *FINALLY* told us when he "pees" or "poopies" in his pull-ups. That right there was the key to knowing he was really ready. If he knows when he is doing these, then he can better tell us when he has to go. We are in this 100% now. So I will be blogging our daily adventures in potty training a BOY land. I will say this, when it came to the girls, all I needed to do was buy the coolest underwear of their choice (princesses for Olivia, and Thomas the Train for Emma-James) and a few intensives. That was it. The rest was history and them doing it all on their own. I guess I couldn't expect it to be that easy with all of them. But heck, a girl can wish right!

So with Owen we went out and purchased a HUGE case of 70 Hot wheels cars for him. His favorite. And for less then $20 bucks for the whole thing, I couldn't go wrong. So I told him that every time he uses the potty he gets to choose one of the cars. He is really excited. I am not expecting first day miracles, but you gotta start somewhere.

This is actually the perfect time to get him accomplished in this new stage. He wants to go to NURSERY SCHOOL with Emma-James in the fall, plus do swimming lessons. And in order to do these, he has to be fully potty trained during the day. We have about a month to get him in gear. I am really excited for this. Though a little sad, as I realize that just one more of my "babies" is growing up far to fast for this momma!

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