Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ezme 10 months Old

I am so sad today realizing that in just 8 weeks Ezme will be turning 1 and we will be welcoming a new little one into the family. Gosh how it has just flown by this time around. I mean, the others of course went by fast, but Ezme just seemed to go by SUPER FAST. Where did the last 10 months go. I guess having been so busy with Girl Scouts and holidays and then finding out we were expecting another one helped move things along. So now as we wait patiently for little man to arrive, we are relishing in the last few weeks we have with our little baby girl. Knowing that in just a matter of weeks, she will no longer by the baby of the family, but a big 1 year old!!
Here are a few things that Ezme is doing at 10 months old!!

* Babbling and talking almost non-stop. Can say "Mama, Dada, House, at, and Hot"
* Cruising all over the house and has started to work on climbing stairs. Which is a great big help for mommy!
* Loves all table foods. Refuses anything processed or liquid form of food
* Loves to feed herself
* Starting to stand up on her own in the middle of a room. Walking is close by!!
* Drinks from a sippy cup everyday now (though she has been doing this for some time, we finally packed the bottles away for baby brother)
* Is still sleeping through the night HURRAY
* Has a favorite blanket Daddy's old one. So she officially has a NEMO
* Waves Bye and Hi to everyone that will talk to her
* Loves attention from people, but will grow shy to someone she doesn't feel comfortable with
* Loves the car and long trips. What a lifesaver!
* All around is a very happy and outgoing little girl! Very blessed.
* LOVES to give kisses. This includes the Mmmmm sound when she does it too. Its so cute. Just watch out, sometimes you will get a full mouth kiss

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