Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Weekend

Wow, what a weekend. This year we decided to stick around RI and head up all the local fun for the 4th of July. We usually are on vacation either in N.H. Visiting Santa's Village or Storyland in the White Mountains. Last year we heading up to my family's house in Millinocket for my 10 year reunion. This year though, I really wanted to enjoy being home.

This year we enjoyed taking the kiddos to the fireworks over by Jason's old house. We packed a nice supper and snacks for the kids and headed over to Tucker Field in Cumberland. We managed to score a terrific parking space and loaded the kids up in our new wagon and set off down the street about 2 miles away. I was impressed that I managed to walk all the way down without much pain.

The kids had a fantastic time, and as always made friends to play with right away. It was nice to spend the evening together just as a family. Something we do often, but it never seems to be a "quiet" and quality time. We area always busy running around, doing errands, busy busy busy.

This year the fireworks were to be canceled due to funding in the Cumberland budget. But in the end, some of the local businesses managed to donate a good amount of money to help and the fireworks were saved. And saved they were. THEY WERE AMAZING!! An hours worth of non-stop color in the sky. The kids were in LOVE. Even Ezme was fascinated and wouldn't take her eyes off at all. She cuddled right up with Jason and never budged until they were finished. So I want to give a shut out to all the local businesses that helped put on one of the best shows I have seen in years. THANK YOU CUMBERLAND AND CUMBERLAND BUSINESSES. YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB!!!!

Sadly we kept the camera home so we weren't able to capture any photos. But I promise when I say, everyone had a fantastic time.

Nothing was scheduled for the 4th of July. Funny, isn't it. The actual 4th and nothing ever goes on. I find that rather odd. But anyways, I ended up finding plenty to do around the house. One being, cleaning and scrubbing the inside of my car. And I am glad I did. Though it took me over 4 hours in 90 degree heat. Its nice to have it done. Not to mention my next task is to get the rugs washed and a few more things cleaned. It will be one thing I can do to cross off my to do list before baby arrives. HURRAY!

The 5th was spend getting the kiddos ready and heading to Cumberland once again for the 4th of July parade. From what I hear, its a pretty big one, so I wasn't expecting a two hour long parade. I am so happy we went though. So much fun. The kids met friends as always, managed to score tons of candy, and eat lots of yummy food. We found a nice shady spot that I sat in for the entire time. Too hot and muggy to be standing for such a long time. Not to mention for Ezme too. So we chilled and watched from the sidelines. Great view too. So I can't complain. The parade was amazing and who knew that one could last so long. Watching them from my home town I just assumed everything was less then 20 minutes. Hehe, WHO KNEW!

We are heading up to Millinocket in the morning, so I will do my best to give you updates from their. Have a great week/weekend everyone.

Olivia and Owen dressed in their 4th of July attire getting ready for the Parade to start

Emma-James quickly posing for a photo. She was in a hurry as the Parade was about to start

Ezme half smiles. She was sitting in the wagon waiting for the Parade too.

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