Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birthday Weekend at Coco Keys

The last few years Olivia hasn't really had much of a birthday. Due to lack of energy to really put anything together really. She hasn't been keen on a party with friends and has really just wanted a family party. Usually it consists of making her favorite supper and if I feel up too it, baking something. Weather its cookies or cupcakes. Its hard sometimes, by the time we finish celebrating all the other birthdays in January (8 to be exact) we just have little to no energy to go at it one more time. This year though I promised her it would be different.

We decided to head to Coco Keys (an indoor water park in Danvers Mass. right outside of Boston) we invited my parents to join us for the weekend to have some fun with us as well. It really was a fantastic place. All the kiddos had somewhere they could go. Weather it was the small wading pool with slides, to the huge water slides that were completely dark inside (Olivia's favorite) We all had a fantastic time and I can honestly say, it wont be long before we head back!! Here are a few pictures of our fun adventures. You can see by the smiles how much fun the kids had.

Ezme really loved the water. In fact, she loved it so much that she tried to go back in the pool when everyone else was packing up for the night (16 months)

Owen (3) was really in love with the water coming out of the ground. I think he spend more time at this one particular spot the seeing what the rest of the park had to offer. He was very content just staying there

The Birthday Girl (8)

A little big of the water park. This is the kids under 5 section. It has a small pool that goes to about Ezme's shoulders and 4 kid size slides to go down. This seemed to be the favorite, even among the adults

This is a large part of the water park. The very top is a huge bucket that holds a large amount of water. When it reaches its full point, it goes over and dumps all the water out. Lets just say, ITS A LOT OF WATER!!!! There are also two twirly slides you can go down. Lots of fun, but only Olivia and I did it

Oliver and Ezme were so tired that after a good full morning of swimming they both fell asleep a few minutes after taking this picture and slept almost 3 hours. They were exhausted!

These are the pictures of the water slides for the older kids. You have to go up about 3 flights of stairs to go down them. But well worth it. The darker ones are just that...DARK. Its pretty odd going down a tube in the pitch black, but its also a lot of fun. There are two you can go down, either body, or by water tube. Both are fun!

Of course the best part of all. Birthday Cupcakes! YUMMY!

I cannot wait to go back again. I am sure the kiddos and even Jason are just as exciting. It really is nice to get away even if for a night. Sometimes you just need to leave the house, laundry, cleaning, dishes and have fun.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Big Girl Is 8!

This is a picture of Olivia at 3 1/2 on her first day of Pre-School. We took it in front of our fireplace. Notice her head just barely touches the brick portion of the fireplace

This is Olivia 5 years later. She has grown so much! Her head now reaches the top of the mantel. Gosh, it goes by fast. Happy Birthday Olivia! Mommy, Daddy, Emma-James, Owen, Ezme and Oliver love you oodles! Hugs and Kisses

The Birthday Girl Over the Years

When Jason and I first found out we were pregnant with Olivia, I would immediately flash forward. Starting Kindergarten, joining Girl Scouts, sleepovers, fun with her friends. Jason would always says to me, "Why don't you think about having her first"

Of course now I wish I had myself stay in the moment. As all too soon they grow up. Just 10 more years and she will be 18. Gearing up for college, leaving the nest, learning about herself in a whole new way. Of course its 10 years away. Plenty of time to still enjoy her being home. Watching her grow. But 10 years my friends just seems so much closer now then it did.

Olivia has truly grown in the last year. She is above her peers in school. Smart, confident (most of the time) loves school. Her biggest accomplishment for her this year (and me too) was attending school. She has truly found herself there. Though I still am not 100% in love with the idea of her going, her smile on her face is enough reason for her to continue with the year. Here are some wonderful photos of Olivia the last 8 years. She has endured more sorrow and happiness in her 8 years of life then most children deal with in there entire childhood. She has only come out of each learning experience stronger and with a better understanding of the world around her.

I love you sweet little girl. You are truly the light of mommy and daddy's eyes and you brought more love in our hearts then could ever be imagined. Thank you for choosing us to be your earthly parents. We are blessed everyday.

Olivia, a few hours old January 28, 2003

Dressed up in her pink party dress 5 weeks old

Olivia in her Christening gown I made for her 6 weeks old

Such a big girl sitting up! 5 1/2 months old

Dressed up for her first Halloween. A Lion 9 months old

Splish Splash Baby in the Bath 10 months old

Sleepy Olivia 11 months old

Hanging out at the park across from mommy's college in Boston 15 months old

Olivia's favorite place to play was the cat bed. 15 1/2 months

Jason's favorite picture of Olivia wearing his mommy's hat. 17 months old

Picking Great Grammie's tomatoes (Vovo) 18 1/2 months old

Auntie Jenn's wedding all dressed up (I made the dress!) 20 months old

One of our favorite Pictures of Olivia. 20 months

Olivia 2 Years Old

Olivia 3 Years Old

Olivia 4 Years Old

Olivia 5 Years Old

Olivia 6 Years Old

Olivia 7 Years Old

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Snow Day

Not much really to tell today. We have yet another snow day here in good ol' RI. Something rather unheard of in the last 11+ years I have lived in the area. In fact, I think this snow day makes number 4? Olivia of course is all excited to keep going through the summer to make up the days. I told her I wouldn't say that out loud as I am pretty sure her friends and teachers are not as welcoming to the idea.

The kids are being pretty good. They helped me clean the upstairs this morning, so with that behind me, I am working on the downstairs. S*L*O*W*L*Y but it will get done. Olivia is doing her homework in her bed, the "twins" are taking their afternoon nap and Emma-James and Owen are enjoying some cartoon time.

I am hoping to get to Target this afternoon for a few items I need. The roads have finally been plowed. Our street especially always seems to be in the afternoon before we are cleared. So thankfully, its done. Our wonderful neighbor came over (as always) and plowed us out. Such a sweet guy. He usually does our driveway, the neighbors across the street, his house and the car dealership. I think we will have to reward him with some Girl Scout Cookies for sure :-)

I guess I probably should get motivated and clean more and type less. Unless I feel inspired later on.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Cuteness

Ezme 16 Months. Loved wearing this dinosaur mask. It took me forever to try to get it off her face so she could go to bed

My little "Strawberry" really loved how this photo came out. Such a big girl

Ollie, all cozy and warm in his car seat

New Bedding....Love It

A few have asked to snap a picture of the new bedding I got for my Birthday/Anniversary. I just love it. We have had the hardest time finding something colorful that could really match the green walls and still sand out and make the room look more "grown-up" if you will. The best part, ITS SO WARM!!!

Closet Craziness......Take Two

I know you guys are at the edge of your seats waiting in anticipation on how our "closet" ordeal is coming along. Well, I was up until late last night, making plans, mapping our bedroom wall, and measuring every possible angle and came to a successful and under budget price on a good closet that we (Jason and I) can do ourselves and save a ton of money. Oh, and give us tons of space for clothes too, an added bonus you know *smiles*

Today was spend cleaning the know, laundry, bedding, tiding up everything that has managed to allude me for the last week.

I will probably measure one more time, the wall and then hopefully make a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot to get a better look at the items up close. You never can be too careful. But I am really happy to see that there is finally an answer and our clothes will finally have a home that doesn't consist of throwing them over the chair or lying them on the floor. WOOT!

Here are a few pictures of what our room wall looks like. As you can see, it has a slant downward making it at the highest point about 8 1/2 feet high and at the lowest point about 5 1/2 feet. It's probably why we haven't put in a closet the last 6 years living here. We just weren't sure what we could do with the space. Now we know, and boy am I happy!!

Picture of the wall that will have the future closet. As you can see, the angle of the ceiling makes it a bit more challenging

Another photo, different angle. The T.V. will have to be moved and we also have to take into consideration of the steam heating system that is under the T.V. The chair in the picture will be moved back to the opposite side of the room once Ollie and his crib have moved

Update to Running

I am not sure why I didn't do this sooner, but last night while I was getting ready for bed and waiting for the last load of laundry to dry, I downloaded an App for my Ipod to help keep track of my distance and time. And I have to say, its much more accurate then the Wii. I am happy to say I managed to run 1 mile in 12 minutes and I think I can easily shave a minute off my time if I didn't have to stop a few times to help a sad fussy Oliver (as he is now while I type). My goal right now is not time but distance. I would like to reach 1.5 miles by Friday. Slow and steady wins the race! At least in this case, its going to have to be slow and steady...I don't think I have much more then that in me :-) I am excited. Now if I could only find a darn treadmill I will be all set.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Curious.....Does anyone know what a good average time is if I run 1.6 miles. I can do that in 10 minutes but wanted to know if that was too slow. I tried looking the info up on the internet but I wasn't having any luck. I am pushing myself right now to try to do 2 miles in 10 minutes. Love to hear from my professional runners out there.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Organizing A Closet.....Or So I Thought

One would think this would be rather easy. And in some cases, it is. I have no problems on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis organizing the closets that the kiddos own. Both are neat, functional, well maintained. Between clothes, toys, books and shoes. Everything has its designated space, appropriately labeled bins, the works.

So why in the world is it so gosh darn hard to do my own room..........Simple really. I DON'T HAVE ONE!!! And let me tell you, the last 6 years living without one has been driving me bananas. Are clothes are folded neatly on the floor. Jason's shirts are hunt over the chair, on the floor, scrunched up somewhere in the corner of the room. I have let it go. But now, now I can no longer watch as things just get tossed around. The time has get closets!

So I did the unthinkable. Me...Miss. I can organize anything, find space for it all, called Closets Etc. to come last week and do some measurements on our bedroom. I waited the appropriate 48 hours....she sent me a wonderful email with a a proposed closet and a price tag to match. All I could say was "I THINK NOT"

So I did something even better. I marched (well, more like drove and then walked) into Home Depot. I figured, you know....I am pretty handy, I can do this myself. I left thinking, yes....I can do this myself. But I have no idea really what to buy. I left thinking the blue prints I had were enough to get me through, WRONG.

So now, 2 weeks later, I am still no closer to getting closets for our room. I am not ready to give up quiet yet. But it sure would be nice to get a better idea of "Exactly" what I need to purchase so I can find out if this so-called "do it yourself" project is going to be cheaper in the long run.

And so we wait......


Nothing to inspiring to really write about today. I managed to fit in some Wii this morning. I just wasn't able to put in a full hour workout but am satisfied with my 45 minutes.

We are heading to a friend's 3rd birthday party today. I am hoping we can stay until the end, but kiddos were up almost the entire night and they are starting to already fall apart :-( I am not sure what it was. Full moon? Owen ended up crawling in our bed 3 times, finally I just said for him to sleep with us. Oliver got up once for a bottle, I don't even remember when. Emma-James kept getting up and asking me to cover her up, but I am thinking she wasn't truly awake. Ezme was awake a few times herself crying because she lost her pacie. I am thinking everyone will be a little off their "A" game. Including myself. I am exhausted. I think I was up from 1am-4:30am. And then Owen was up at 7am already to start the day. Blah.

I am so tired and frustrated with how messy the house got in just 24 hours that I am seriously thinking of getting a hotel room for just me tonight. Let the kids and the hubby deal with the mess, piles of laundry, chaos. I am pretty sure that today was my breaking point.

But knowing me, I will still do it all myself. The accomplishment of knowing I did it is pretty rewarding. But actually doing it....well it just sucks.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Inspired by a friend of mine who after having her second child decided to hit the ground running. She started working a little everyday going from small minute runs to being able to run 6 miles or more. So with that, I decided it was time to do the same. After having six kiddos, I just feel that the time is right for me to strive for a goal.

After working hard everyday (running 2 minutes a time) I have managed to score myself all the way to 20 minutes without stopping. I am averaging about 2.1 miles to 2.5 miles. GO ME! I should add, this is just free standing running along side my little Mii on the Wii. Lets just hope I can do just as good if not better come this spring/summer when I can go outside to run. Little steps for now though.

I am hoping to achieve a good solid 40 minutes by the time spring hits. Though its tough to get a good non-stop run in during the day when the kids want to play. And even harder at night when I am just plum tired and ready for bed myself. I keep reminding the goals I set for myself. And gosh darn it.....I AM IN IT TO WIN IT!!

A New Look

As you can see, I am busy playing with the website to give it a new look per say. Please be patient. I am still confused by the entire process. I really just wanted to find out why in the world my pictures on the sidebar no longer want to go up. Through my "lurking" I managed to mess everything up that I could no longer change back. So I went with it and am now trying to give it a look I will like. Hope you all enjoy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scroll Down....Pictures added

I have pictures up from the birthday party and such. Just scroll down starting from January 16th. Enjoy!

Birthday Party in Pictures

Sorry it has taken me a few days to post these. If you didn't know already, Emma-James has been requesting for more then 2 years now for a "Thomas the Taranchula" Birthday party. She feel in love with one back in 2009 when she was given the chance to hold the little critter and has been bugging Jason and I since to buy her own furry critter....but was willing to settle for him to come to her Birthday party.

I was extremely lucky to find the gentleman again (who remembered Emma-James very well) and his place of business and booked her Birthday Party back in November. He asked her what kind of animals she wanted to come and she had said just my spiders please. But he was kind enough to bring everything......from snakes and spiders, to lizards and baby alligators. Oh the luck :-) I think the kids had a great time honestly. Emma-James was in seventh heaven and Owen was just as excited. Even Ezme wanted to get in on the action, but sadly has to wait until she is 2 1/2 to love on the little critters. Here are some great photos of the day's adventures. Complete with a Dinosaur Birthday party per request of Emma-James.

The Guests :-) They were so well behaved

Emma-James (5) Taking a picture with her new "friends"

The cake that Emma-James picked out all by herself. She was so excited to go to the store and knew exactly what she wanted. The gentleman at the bakery tried to convince her to get a "princess" cake but she stood her ground!

Blowing out her Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Her birthday friends from school/girl scouts waiting patiently for the gentleman from Paradise Pets to come

The Birthday girl and more friends....

One of the special guests the baby alligator. Owen was in love

Owen was so excited to hold him. I think he was the first to always ask "Can I hold it, Can I pet it"

Emma-James just about drove the poor guy nuts to hold her "Tarachilla" That's all that she really cared about seeing/holding. Everything else in her mind was just extra

She was so in love. The other kids wanted a turn, but she just wanted to love on him so much

She got super close, she wanted him to climb to to the top of her head

Holding it one last time before he had to put him back. She was not happy with this idea at all

Owen's favorite....The albino Snake he thought she was very pretty and immediately asked if he could have one....Ummm, no buddy...don't think so

The birthday girl and her friends holding the big snake

Some more birthday friends holding the big snake. She was huge and heavy

Another group of friends holding the big snake. She was so calm and happy

I decided to hold her too....Why not. And she matched my outfit rather well. Just for you Dad :-)