Friday, January 21, 2011


Inspired by a friend of mine who after having her second child decided to hit the ground running. She started working a little everyday going from small minute runs to being able to run 6 miles or more. So with that, I decided it was time to do the same. After having six kiddos, I just feel that the time is right for me to strive for a goal.

After working hard everyday (running 2 minutes a time) I have managed to score myself all the way to 20 minutes without stopping. I am averaging about 2.1 miles to 2.5 miles. GO ME! I should add, this is just free standing running along side my little Mii on the Wii. Lets just hope I can do just as good if not better come this spring/summer when I can go outside to run. Little steps for now though.

I am hoping to achieve a good solid 40 minutes by the time spring hits. Though its tough to get a good non-stop run in during the day when the kids want to play. And even harder at night when I am just plum tired and ready for bed myself. I keep reminding the goals I set for myself. And gosh darn it.....I AM IN IT TO WIN IT!!

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