Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well, we found out for sure that the house we have been trying to purchase and felt that we really had a good chance went under contract today. Seriously, almost 5 months on the market and not a single bite and suddenly we scrabble to do what we can to put an offer on the table and BAM. Makes me sad to say the least. Trying not to be bitter but its hard. That house really was the perfect house. I think I might try to get Jason to just purchase land and save up for a few years to build. I think realistically it will be the only way for us to get exactly what we want. Ho hum.

I am spending the next few days purchasing items to get the house ready for market. We decided not to wait on that issue. Gives me something to do at least. And forces the kids to make better choices as far as cleaning up goes :-)

And we start over again....

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