Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to..........................

Emma-James!! My how time just flies by. I am still in awe that she is 5 years old. I remember the few days after Anabelle passed. We went to the funeral home and were granted our last visit and good-byes with her. It was hard. I held her forever, waiting for that moment of "peace" to pass over me. The time I knew it was going to be okie to let her go. Then it hit me.....seriously, just as hard I was crying that she was gone, I gave her one last kiss, put her down, and knew that I was going to be okie. See.....at that moment, I heard this tiny little voice that said everything was going to be okie. I will keep the details of the rest of that evening to my heart, but I can honestly say, it was something special.

5 months later, we were blessed to find out we were expecting Emma. I knew immediately what her name would be. That she was a girl. And that she would be something very special. Emma-James graced us with her presence full force. I knew she was a true gift from her big sister in heaven when I saw her tiny little bum covered in a very large heart shaped birthmark. We knew than that she was picked especially for us.

Here is a little recap of Emma-James over the last 5 years. What a joy it has been to be her mommy. Though some days can be tough, she has more love, spunk and determination then any little girl I know. She is truly one-of-a-kind and I am so very honored to be her mommy.

Emma-James minutes old

Olivia holding Emma-James for the first time. She was EXTREMELY impatient. She was even allowed in the delivery room with us when she was born. And all she kept saying, was "hurry up mommy, I am waiting, I am waiting"

Emma-James all stretched out. Notice the really bad bruising on her face :-(

Emma-James at 1 month old. Such a little cuttie

Emma-James 6 weeks old all bundled up to head to the Museum of Science, Boston

6 months old. We took our very first trip to NYC for my best friends wedding. It was so much fun and the girls had a blast.

9 months old and ready for her first Halloween. All dressed up as a piggy! So cute.

Her First Birthday picture before her party. Isn't she a cuttie!

This is by far my favorite picture of her. Either she didn't like her birthday cake, or she was just super bummin' about something, she just seems so sad in this picture. But I just love her expression

18 months old

18 months old and hanging out at the Ocean for the first time

2 years old and such a cutie. Her curly hair is really starting to come in right about now

2 1/2 years old

Emma-James at her 3rd Birthday. Thomas the Train was pretty heavy that year. Look at all those CURLS!!! Such a little doll I tell you

3 1/2 years old

4 years old. We didn't do much this year for her Birthday. Mommy was pregnant with Ollie after just having Ezme a few months prior so we decided to keep it low key

4 1/2 years old! Gosh, where did the time go. And still just as spunky and beautiful as she was the day she was born

Her big 5 Year-Old Picture will be posted after her Birthday Party!! Hope you have enjoyed looking at the photos as much as I had fun going through all of them and taking a trip down memory lane.

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  1. Love. Love love her
    My favorite picture you posted was the one of her at 3 1/2. Gorgeous! Xoxo to her!