Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Party in Pictures

Sorry it has taken me a few days to post these. If you didn't know already, Emma-James has been requesting for more then 2 years now for a "Thomas the Taranchula" Birthday party. She feel in love with one back in 2009 when she was given the chance to hold the little critter and has been bugging Jason and I since to buy her own furry critter....but was willing to settle for him to come to her Birthday party.

I was extremely lucky to find the gentleman again (who remembered Emma-James very well) and his place of business and booked her Birthday Party back in November. He asked her what kind of animals she wanted to come and she had said just my spiders please. But he was kind enough to bring everything......from snakes and spiders, to lizards and baby alligators. Oh the luck :-) I think the kids had a great time honestly. Emma-James was in seventh heaven and Owen was just as excited. Even Ezme wanted to get in on the action, but sadly has to wait until she is 2 1/2 to love on the little critters. Here are some great photos of the day's adventures. Complete with a Dinosaur Birthday party per request of Emma-James.

The Guests :-) They were so well behaved

Emma-James (5) Taking a picture with her new "friends"

The cake that Emma-James picked out all by herself. She was so excited to go to the store and knew exactly what she wanted. The gentleman at the bakery tried to convince her to get a "princess" cake but she stood her ground!

Blowing out her Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Her birthday friends from school/girl scouts waiting patiently for the gentleman from Paradise Pets to come

The Birthday girl and more friends....

One of the special guests the baby alligator. Owen was in love

Owen was so excited to hold him. I think he was the first to always ask "Can I hold it, Can I pet it"

Emma-James just about drove the poor guy nuts to hold her "Tarachilla" That's all that she really cared about seeing/holding. Everything else in her mind was just extra

She was so in love. The other kids wanted a turn, but she just wanted to love on him so much

She got super close, she wanted him to climb to to the top of her head

Holding it one last time before he had to put him back. She was not happy with this idea at all

Owen's favorite....The albino Snake he thought she was very pretty and immediately asked if he could have one....Ummm, no buddy...don't think so

The birthday girl and her friends holding the big snake

Some more birthday friends holding the big snake. She was huge and heavy

Another group of friends holding the big snake. She was so calm and happy

I decided to hold her too....Why not. And she matched my outfit rather well. Just for you Dad :-)

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