Sunday, January 2, 2011


Looks like if we are really lucky we will be getting the house on the market as soon as possible. I will be adding the rest of the pictures (bathroom, master bedroom) as soon as possible. If you know of anyone who would like to move to the RI area, and is looking for a fantastic house, close to two major highways, and has the best neighbors around, then look no further. I have faith I tell you, faith!!

Dining Room from Front Door (Our door is more like a side door as we do not have a true front door)

Dining room, part of kitchen bar looking from Front Door

Built in Office in Dining Room (far wall)

Fireplace in Dining room (Made this myself, favorite thing in my house!)

Picture taken from Built in Office looking at the rest of the dining room, part of the living room, part of the kitchen

Part of Living Room from Front Door

Living room from Dining room table

Living Room from Sliding Glass door. Leading to Backyard. You can see part of the dining room too

Inside Kitchen looking at Bar, Dining room and built in office

Entire Kitchen looking from Front Door (in dining room)

Looking from Bathroom door. Stairs that leads to second floor. Disregard the painting and dirty rug. I have yet to finish either. On the left hand side you can see the laundry room and double ovens. On the right, is the stairs to the cellar.

Looking at Entire Kitchen from the stairs leading to second floor. Door leads to only bathroom

Second floor pictures!

Girls room from top of stairs. Back Green room is Master Bedroom

The Girls Double Bunks. We were so lucky finding bunk beds that would accommodate the low ceilings. Emma-James on the top, Olivia on the bottom

View of Girls room from Master bedroom. Stairs to the right next to the window. Owen's room is to the left. Double closet doors to walk in closet

Owen's room from his door

View from Owen's bed

View from Owen's bed looking at the Enterance

View from window with air conditioning unit

I promise as soon as I can get around to it, I will take photos of the master bedroom, the bathroom and a few other odds and ends. Hope you guys enjoy.

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