Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Way back many many and I do mean MANY moons ago, I was a healthy weight of 168. Though HOW I got there is less then desirable, I did get there. I managed to do pretty good keeping it within a 2-3 pound range for a long time. Especially hard when you are living in Boston, on a College campus, and the smells of every food imaginable all around you 24/7 is a pretty good feat if I say.

I was blessed to get pregnant with Olivia in the spring of 2002. I gained the appropriate amount of weight while pregnant and was clearly in tunnel vision when I thought I would loose the weight quickly. Nursing, many long walks, swimming, biking, you name it. I had it all planned out. However, reality kicked in and that was not meant to be. The stress of living with Jason's family, being away from mine, lonely while Jason was at school, and the overall feeling of dread was something I had not anticipated. The weight seemed to come on more, instead of less. Things of course didn't get much worse for the first year of Olivia's life.

Then we lost Jason's mom and shortly after found out we were expecting again. HAPPY TIME. Though short lived. We found out in the summer of 2004 that Anabelle had was was believe to be Trisomy 18. I actually tried to pack on the weight to help her gain weight but in the end, she wasn't able to gain much more and I didn't seem to gain anything either. I still of course had the baby weight from Olivia, but found that I just wasn't motivated to do anything about it.

Four months later I was blessed with Emma-James in the spring of 2005. I gained the right amount of weight with her. Expected things to come off quickly, and bam. No such luck. We were busy moving, getting our new house ready for a baby, getting Olivia in nursery school, etc. etc. etc.

So lets add in 2007 with Owen, 2009 with Ezme and 2010 with Oliver. NUTS!! I was happy that I lost all the weight with Owen,Ezme and Oliver. But I was still at my heaviest.

At my peak on October 2010 at my 6 week follow-up after having Olivier, I had managed to loose all the weight I gained with him and be at a weight of 205.

Just before Thanksgiving I decided it was time. Why wait for the New Year. Why keep saying to myself "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow" I wanted to start something at the hardest part of the year and promise myself to stick with it. This way I had a better chance at fighting Christmas and the massive birthday's in January.

Well..........I am pretty impressed with myself. With a little love from my Wii Fit Plus and some major changes in my diet. I have managed to go from:

189!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have lost 5 inches off my waist, dropped a jean size and feel pretty good.

I am tickled pink and darn happy too. I watch what I eat, read the labels, count calories. Jason loves it because milk now lasts a good week vs. 4 days. Being a HUGE milk drinker (skim or 1%) still added up calories. I drink lots of water, still indulge myself with chocolate (dark) and still enjoy all the foods that Jason cooks. Just in smaller portions. Eating on a smaller dessert plate has really helped with eating less. I also try to get in anywhere between 30-45 minutes of work out time right after breakfast.

My goal every Wednesday to hopefully post a picture and give you an update on how I am doing.

I figured my dream home might not come true, but my goal weight will. My Goal weight for June 21st is to be 160 and a BMI of 24. That would actually make me 8 pounds less then when I was 11 years ago. Go, Go, Go!!!


  1. Kiley this is fabulous. Hooray for starting a weight loss plan ahead of everyone else at the New Year. You did look great when I saw you a few weeks back but I wasn't sure what it was, now I know! How can I support you and your work toward your goal?

  2. I am new to following your blog. Much success to you in achieving your goal. I know that you can do it.