Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Snow Day

Not much really to tell today. We have yet another snow day here in good ol' RI. Something rather unheard of in the last 11+ years I have lived in the area. In fact, I think this snow day makes number 4? Olivia of course is all excited to keep going through the summer to make up the days. I told her I wouldn't say that out loud as I am pretty sure her friends and teachers are not as welcoming to the idea.

The kids are being pretty good. They helped me clean the upstairs this morning, so with that behind me, I am working on the downstairs. S*L*O*W*L*Y but it will get done. Olivia is doing her homework in her bed, the "twins" are taking their afternoon nap and Emma-James and Owen are enjoying some cartoon time.

I am hoping to get to Target this afternoon for a few items I need. The roads have finally been plowed. Our street especially always seems to be in the afternoon before we are cleared. So thankfully, its done. Our wonderful neighbor came over (as always) and plowed us out. Such a sweet guy. He usually does our driveway, the neighbors across the street, his house and the car dealership. I think we will have to reward him with some Girl Scout Cookies for sure :-)

I guess I probably should get motivated and clean more and type less. Unless I feel inspired later on.

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