Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birthday Weekend at Coco Keys

The last few years Olivia hasn't really had much of a birthday. Due to lack of energy to really put anything together really. She hasn't been keen on a party with friends and has really just wanted a family party. Usually it consists of making her favorite supper and if I feel up too it, baking something. Weather its cookies or cupcakes. Its hard sometimes, by the time we finish celebrating all the other birthdays in January (8 to be exact) we just have little to no energy to go at it one more time. This year though I promised her it would be different.

We decided to head to Coco Keys (an indoor water park in Danvers Mass. right outside of Boston) we invited my parents to join us for the weekend to have some fun with us as well. It really was a fantastic place. All the kiddos had somewhere they could go. Weather it was the small wading pool with slides, to the huge water slides that were completely dark inside (Olivia's favorite) We all had a fantastic time and I can honestly say, it wont be long before we head back!! Here are a few pictures of our fun adventures. You can see by the smiles how much fun the kids had.

Ezme really loved the water. In fact, she loved it so much that she tried to go back in the pool when everyone else was packing up for the night (16 months)

Owen (3) was really in love with the water coming out of the ground. I think he spend more time at this one particular spot the seeing what the rest of the park had to offer. He was very content just staying there

The Birthday Girl (8)

A little big of the water park. This is the kids under 5 section. It has a small pool that goes to about Ezme's shoulders and 4 kid size slides to go down. This seemed to be the favorite, even among the adults

This is a large part of the water park. The very top is a huge bucket that holds a large amount of water. When it reaches its full point, it goes over and dumps all the water out. Lets just say, ITS A LOT OF WATER!!!! There are also two twirly slides you can go down. Lots of fun, but only Olivia and I did it

Oliver and Ezme were so tired that after a good full morning of swimming they both fell asleep a few minutes after taking this picture and slept almost 3 hours. They were exhausted!

These are the pictures of the water slides for the older kids. You have to go up about 3 flights of stairs to go down them. But well worth it. The darker ones are just that...DARK. Its pretty odd going down a tube in the pitch black, but its also a lot of fun. There are two you can go down, either body, or by water tube. Both are fun!

Of course the best part of all. Birthday Cupcakes! YUMMY!

I cannot wait to go back again. I am sure the kiddos and even Jason are just as exciting. It really is nice to get away even if for a night. Sometimes you just need to leave the house, laundry, cleaning, dishes and have fun.

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