Friday, January 28, 2011

The Birthday Girl Over the Years

When Jason and I first found out we were pregnant with Olivia, I would immediately flash forward. Starting Kindergarten, joining Girl Scouts, sleepovers, fun with her friends. Jason would always says to me, "Why don't you think about having her first"

Of course now I wish I had myself stay in the moment. As all too soon they grow up. Just 10 more years and she will be 18. Gearing up for college, leaving the nest, learning about herself in a whole new way. Of course its 10 years away. Plenty of time to still enjoy her being home. Watching her grow. But 10 years my friends just seems so much closer now then it did.

Olivia has truly grown in the last year. She is above her peers in school. Smart, confident (most of the time) loves school. Her biggest accomplishment for her this year (and me too) was attending school. She has truly found herself there. Though I still am not 100% in love with the idea of her going, her smile on her face is enough reason for her to continue with the year. Here are some wonderful photos of Olivia the last 8 years. She has endured more sorrow and happiness in her 8 years of life then most children deal with in there entire childhood. She has only come out of each learning experience stronger and with a better understanding of the world around her.

I love you sweet little girl. You are truly the light of mommy and daddy's eyes and you brought more love in our hearts then could ever be imagined. Thank you for choosing us to be your earthly parents. We are blessed everyday.

Olivia, a few hours old January 28, 2003

Dressed up in her pink party dress 5 weeks old

Olivia in her Christening gown I made for her 6 weeks old

Such a big girl sitting up! 5 1/2 months old

Dressed up for her first Halloween. A Lion 9 months old

Splish Splash Baby in the Bath 10 months old

Sleepy Olivia 11 months old

Hanging out at the park across from mommy's college in Boston 15 months old

Olivia's favorite place to play was the cat bed. 15 1/2 months

Jason's favorite picture of Olivia wearing his mommy's hat. 17 months old

Picking Great Grammie's tomatoes (Vovo) 18 1/2 months old

Auntie Jenn's wedding all dressed up (I made the dress!) 20 months old

One of our favorite Pictures of Olivia. 20 months

Olivia 2 Years Old

Olivia 3 Years Old

Olivia 4 Years Old

Olivia 5 Years Old

Olivia 6 Years Old

Olivia 7 Years Old

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