Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weigh In and Snow Day

As I promised, today is weigh in day. On top of that, it was also a snow day here in Johnston. Its pretty bad out too. I wouldn't be surprised if we got close to 2 feet of snow. Though being from Maine, I am rather use to the white stuff. Its kind of funny to see the people in Rhode Island scrabble around for the smallest of items. Bread, milk, salt for the roads, shovels. You name it. Seriously people, its snow. It will melt in a weeks time. Stop worrying!!

Anyways, got side tracked. My weigh in for today is.....drum roll please......

187 WOOT!! I am at a 37 inch waist right now. Which means I have lost about 7 inches so far. Doesn't seem like it when I look in the mirror, but my pants say otherwise. I think after this storm is over, I just might go and try on a size 10 pair of jeans :-)

I am doing really well. I don't feel "hungry" as much as I use too. Right now though I want to snack more then usual as my wonderful "friend" is visiting and along with her visit is bringing the munchies. I settled for some peanuts mixed with dark chocolate M&M's which seems to do just fine cutting down my snack/hunger cravings.

I continue to put in about 30-45 minutes of the Wii along with housework, casing kiddos, and up and down the stairs about a billion times, I have to say I am shedding the pounds at a steady pace of about 2 pounds a week. Not to shabby.

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