Saturday, January 1, 2011


Instead of typing up a NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION I wanted to do something different. I want this year to be a year of accomplishments, not promises to myself. Though they sort of go hand in hand, I wanted to feel better about accomplishing something in my life rather then promising myself. I find I don't gain anything from trying to keep promises. So, what are your 100 Accomplishments you would like to do before we say good-bye to 2011?

1. Loose 30 Pounds by June 2011 or by the end of the year
2. Purchase a Bigger "FOREVER" home
3. Open up a Nursery School/Day Care
4. Sell our current house or Rent it out
5. Find a job that allows us to bring in an extra income but still be full-time parents (very important to us)
6. Eat healthier (started this in Nov. and so far so good)
7. More community involvement
8. Be a better friend (more friend time)
9. Be a better wife (Specifically, better listener)

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