Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Baby Boy is 2!!

I can hardly believe its been 2 years!!! Oliver has grown into such a sweet but devilish little boy. He hams it up to anyone who will pay attention. He also knows how to use his sweet brown eyes with the long baby doll eyelashes to get whatever he wants!!

Oliver really struggled with language in the beginning. We worried that even at 20 months he still wasn't saying simple words such as Dada or Mama. I started getting concerned and we spoke to our doctor that if he still wasn't talking by the time June rolled around we would look into why he was delayed in his speech.

Thankfully just before June hit, he started picking up words like crazy. I was so happy to hear him speak. Though he still isn't out of the woods completely. I think he will catch up pretty quickly in the next 6 months now that I can really spend some one-on-one time with him. Plus he is learning a lot from Ezme who has found that she has a little "puppet" to teach words too. Its funny to watch her and listen to her say "Oliver, say "hotdog" Oliver say "banana" and so on and so forth.

Here is some things that Oliver can do at Age 2:

* Can point and name all of his body parts on himself or someone else
* Can look at pictures of the family and name everyone
* Can count from 1-13
* Can say his ABC's from A to G
* Has a vocabulary of 70-90 words
* Is starting to use 2-3 word sentences "What is wrong" "Want more cereal" "Milk please, thank you"
* Can now easily take the safety off the sliding class door (by climbing the back of the couch)
* Is almost able to pump on the swings by himself
* Sleeps in a big boy bed (his new bunk bed he shares with Ezme)
* Shows compassion and love for someone who is sad, hurt, or upset
* Loves babies. Any babies. And talks to them in this cute little voice
* Loves pretty woman. I should be afraid of this one. He will walk up to a beautiful girl and talk their ear off
* Has a favorite blanket his best friend Liz made for the new baby but he took and made his own
* Loves to sing and dance
* Prefers to walk on his tiptoes rather then flat feet (we are working on this)
* Sleeps from 7:30pm to 6am (working on this too. Would like at least 7am)
* Still takes a nap 3-4 times a week for 3 hours
* Love to color
* Gave up his sippy cup
* Gave up his pacie during the day, only using it at night for bedtime

We will be heading to the pediatrician on September 11th to see how much Ezme and Oliver have grown in the last year. I am really excited to see how much they have changed!! Look for those stats coming in the next few weeks. I can tell you right now though, Oliver is about a pound behind Ezme and about inch and a half shorter. They are starting to look more and more like 'twins' instead of looking like they are 11 months apart. Wait until next year when they start per-school together. Oh boy!

First Day Of School Before and After


Through the powers that be and at the near end of the day before school started I was blessed to find out that both girls finally got into the same school TOGETHER!! It took a lot of phone calls but it worked out in the end. And for that, I am very blessed.

Our original plan was to home-school both girls this school year.  Olivia struggled in 3rd grade. The kids really laid in on her and were getting to the point where they were just being very cruel. She also struggled with wanting to do MORE and being really bored with the homework that was being handed out. She asked if she could stay home in February and I told her she could.  I had it all figured out by the time June rolled around. I hadn't been working since April. I didn't see myself getting my job back anytime soon either. Olivia was getting more anxious about staying home with me by then and already had it planned out what she wanted to start off with as far as learning. Emma-James didn't have a spot as of June for Barnes. So we made plans and thought for sure that we would actually be moved before the new school year started and would only be home-schooling until we got them into the new school together.

Over the summer a lot of things changed though. I got my job back full time. I went from working 40 hours a week to 52 hours a week. We put the offer on the house in Lincoln. A house I might add that needs a lot of work before its move in ready. On top of that, I decided to extend my job until we move rather then leaving the beginning of October. In the end, I just knew that this year I needed to concentrate on the bigger picture and wanted my kids to have the very best. Even if it meant the very best wasn't from me. I hated to make such a decision, but in the end. It really has been the best thing for them and me. I know that when can change our decision at anytime things just don't seem to be working out. Teaching my children myself has always been extremely important to me. But then again, I have to know my limits. I have to look at the big picture for our entire family and right now that is working to help support us. Becoming debt free, and making sure I and new baby are healthy.  And for knowing that I have the opportunity again some day makes me grateful for this chance now. Until then though, I am working on home-schooling the two 4 year old and the soon to be 3 year old. It should be a fun half of the year for sure!! So without further anticipation here are my two girls on their first day at Barnes Elementary!!

Emma-James 1st Grade (notice the dinosaur back-pack. We walked into Target and she said "Mom, its like they made this just for me for the first day of school. I just smiled and thanked God that she was so excited for her first day after not knowing how things would turn out for her)

Olivia 4th Grade (She is an old pro at this now. Though she was super nervous about meeting her new teacher and wondering who would be in her class)

Hard to believe I now have a 4th and 1st grader. The time is flying by so fast

Well the girls are officially home from school. I am so happy to report that Olivia has a fantastic teacher. She is young and pretty (Olivia's words) and she said the class has all her favorite friends. She was so happy to work on her times tables starting at 12 on the first day. She said that she loves school and is so happy. I was able to meet with the teacher and she seems motivated and challenging. Just what Olivia wants and needs. Homework is going to be a little tougher this year and more challenging for Olivia. Writing will be an everyday thing (something Olivia really dreads) and I think that she is willing to keep Olivia's mind always thinking. I am very exciting for a good first half of the year for her. And I think this is exactly what Olivia needs.

Emma-James has a great teacher as well. The best part that makes my heart just smile ear to ear is she is in class with 4 of her favorite friends!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! She came home telling me that all of her friends from Cherry Hill are in her class and she is so happy. My heart just melted. All the struggles she had in kindergarten and over the summer not seeing any of her friends. Watching the tears when her big sister went and did fun things just broke my mommy heart. But I am smiling now. Because I love seeing her happy and excited and tear free. What mommy wants to see there babies cry.

*Day 6*
The girls are still loving school. Olivia started homework the first day. She is trying to get back into a groove and seems to be liking it. Though some of the work is challenging and not coming easy to her. I think that this is perfect. Its good to see her "sweat" a little.

Emma-James is on cloud 9. I haven't heard her say anything negative yet. She will be starting homework herself for her teacher on the 10th. Though she has started stuff for me last week. She must read every night before she goes to bed for 15 minutes. And write at least one sentence. I want to get her into a good groove as she is a little tougher after school to calm down. The long days are hard for her. But I think after a good month of getting into a good routine we will find our groove.

My heart was really torn with not home-schooling this half of the school year. I really felt like a bad mom and that I let my kids down. But to see them happy, thriving, with there friends, making new friends. I just cannot say thank you to God enough for this. It sure makes my mommy heart grow bigger and bigger everyday.

Monday, August 27, 2012

30 WEEKS!!!

Today officially marks 30 weeks!!! And sporting a new hair cut. What do you think? This means that Miss "E" is just about 9 weeks shy of making her presence known as we welcome her into this very large crazy family. I am excited!

This time around I find that my emotions are all over the place. It seems everything that we thought was set in stone in June is now up in the air now that we are nearing the end of August. I have shed so many tears, worry, fears, about what is going on. Or should I say "NOT" going on. I am struggling.

Miss "E" is doing good so far. Moving around at very precise moments of the day. I can almost pin point it by a clock.  Usually first thing when I wake up in the morning. Then again around 2pm in the afternoon and then usually sometimes around 9pm when I go to bed. She isn't a "social squirmier" like her big sisters were. But she does make her presence known.

I am feeling better then I ever have in any of my other pregnancies. Still have plenty of energy to get things done. Still moving around and sleeping (including the tossing and turning) as if I was still in my 20th week. I haven't had to deal with back issues or painful sleepless nights.  I feel like this pregnancy is almost too good to be true. Which is why I am cautiously optimistic. If you look at my pattern of the last pregnancies. I had horrible pregnancies themselves. Sick as a dog, headaches, stomach aches, dizzy all the time. My back was always sore. My body just didn't want to move. I loved being pregnant. Just hated how it made me feel. So this time around, with a perfect pregnancy. One that I even forget is actually happening sometimes. I have to wonder, "when is the calm before the storm going to happen."

Right now I am preparing for a possible early delivery. Making all the necessary last minute appointments. My car is going in this Wednesday for an oil change and tire rotation. Grace (our cat) has an appointment to get fixed as well as Chloe (our dog) has a well visit and shots and add to it, I have a 35 week appointment with my doctor the first week of October and I just happened to get lucky and make them ALL ON THE SAME DAY!!  I want to make sure everything and everyone is covered so I have less to worry about when she does arrive. Especially if we might be looking at a possible NICU stay. I know I am probably getting AHEAD of myself my leaps and bounds. But I just feel better knowing that everything that is in my control, is actually taken care of. I cannot predict when she is going to come. But I can at least be as prepared as possible. The good part though is because everything is getting done and out of the way as soon as possible. It frees almost the entire month of October up to just work, sew and spend the days getting prepared.

Next week is my next ultrasound. I am excited and nervous. I guess it will be a wait and see. Until then. 9 more weeks!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

29 Weeks 1 day

29 weeks
I have officially hit the 29 week mark. I was originally going to wait and post at the big 3-0! Then decided why not do both. I wish I had kept better records and pictures of all my pregnancies. It would have come in handy some days to compare. This time around though, without a camera available every moment. I have to rely on catching Jason to take a few quick pics with his cell phone. Which then requires me to wait until he downloads them to my desk top. Some days he is really good. Other days. Well.....lets just say a large chunk of time can pass. I am hoping to fix this issue and purchase a new camera for the family very shortly. Still doing some research into the exact one that is right for us and our needs.

Anyways, back onto my post. I had my 29 week Appointment today. We were trying to figure out if baby was "head down." We think we felt her bum closer to my belly button which means that more then likely her head was down. But one can never know with this squirmy girl *smiles*

My blood pressure is excellent and in the last 3 weeks from my last weight check  I have gained nothing. Even loosing 2 pounds. The doctor isn't concerned weight wise. (this was the same day August 1st. That I spend in Triage with Contractions. You know the kind that kicks you in the pants. Every 2-3 minutes apart. Lasting for a solid minute. Yup. Fun times for sure. The good news though was a good friend of mine had her little girl the same day. I guess I just took over the pain for her *smiles*)

I had a level 2 ultrasound at my 26 week 2 day appointment to check for growth and the position of the placenta. I was contracting so badly still at that point that you could see it clearly on the monitor. It took about an hour and a half to do the ultrasound which normally takes about 30 minutes. Thankfully my cervix stayed the same and I wasn't in need of staying at the hospital. At my appointment though I was measuring about 2 weeks behind. Baby looked great but was measuring on the lower side of normal. Nothing concerning at the time and said that I was all set to go home.

Then at my appointment today she measuring me and realized that in 3 weeks I had slipped another week. So now I am measuring 3 weeks behind. Blood pressure looks great though I am starting to swell in my legs and feet. Something I have never had to deal with before. I asked my doctor flat out if she was concerned and she said "yes." Honestly, I wasn't expecting her to say that. With that she has scheduled me for another growth scan in a week. I have told Jason many times that I just feel something isn't right. Even looking at my previous pictures I haven't really gained much baby weight so to speak. Still look about the same.

We have started to discuss dates for delivery and how I am hoping with just a bit of "modern" help that maybe I can go on my own. My doctor has agreed to strip my membranes at my 37 week 1 day appointment to see if she can get things started. Though she has tried with both Ezme and Oliver and it didn't work for either. So who knows.

For now I am just enjoying being almost 30 weeks and still feeling great. I can remember days with the others that this time would be the worse for me. Tired, irritable, cranky. Unable to find a good sleep position or move around with ease. Blessing in disguise. Or something to worry about. This mommy instinct says for me to stay on my toes and be prepared. So that is what I am going to do. Until then......

Sunday, August 19, 2012

To Nest or not To Nest

That is the Question.

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone!

To say the last three weeks have been a crazy one would be an understatement. The state of my mind currently is "driven by madness" right now. I find myself looking at the proverbial clock and realizing that I have very few weeks left before this new little one joins our family. Time wise I have anywhere from 7-9 weeks give or take. It seems once the 30 week mark starts rolling around I look at all my list of "to do's" and realize that time really isn't on my side anymore. I know, I know. I have said this before. Many, many, many times. But this time around, more things are up in the air then they were with the others. We weren't trying to sell our house. We didn't have to worry about a house we put an offer on and wait and wonder if we were going to get it. The kids were settled for school. I knew we were here at our current home location and that I could go to town painting, cleaning, scrubbing. The fun word of "nesting" comes to mind. This time though. Its just been really hard to really find a sense of balance and want. I want to paint and clean and organize. But its rough when I say "well if I bring up the clothes for the new baby. Where will I put them?" Or, if I spend money to paint the kids bedroom walls, then what if we move?" I don't want to put more effort and money into a house that could in all essence not be ours come November.

For example. The crib currently is in our shed. Packed in the box it came in. Jason has offered numerous times to put it together. But I feel horrible for him to have to lug it upstairs, put it together and then find out he only will be taking it down and setting it up again at the new house. So it sits. The dresser for the new baby is currently residing in our dining room. That's right folks. We got a fantastic deal on a beautiful and "just what I wanted" dresser for only $20 bucks. My goal is to strip, sand and paint it. Eventually. Sadly though, like the crib. It sits and waits. At least indoors I guess. The baby clothes though have been brought upstairs. Sorted. Washed. Organized. Re-Folded. They now have a wonderful home. Back in the box they came in. Sitting in my bedroom. Yup, I am working hard *smiles*

Currently I am in the process of making the bedding for the crib and matching quilts for each of the girls. Regardless if we move or not. Its been decided that they will all share a room. The girls and I have all agreed on colors, patterns and the look of the room. With the oldest being almost 10 and the youngest only weeks old. I wanted to make something that worked for everyone that didn't have a "baby" or "toddler" tone too it. I can honestly say without a doubt that this room is going to ROCK and the girls and I are excited to get working on it. They will be moving into our master bedroom and the boys will be staying in what is affectionately called the "nursery." We will be working on that room too making it a big boy room for both boys. They are pretty excited. I will be working on there quilts after I finish up the girls. Jason will tell you that he had his doubts that it was going to come out the way I envisioned and really didn't think the money or the effort was going to be worth it. I proved him wrong in the two I have already made. He said to me "I should just trust you." Agreed. I have a few friends who have inquired about pictures and I promise. As soon as most of them are finished I will be taking TONS of pictures. I am really loving how they are coming out and cannot wait, weather it be this house or the new house. To see them in there finished rooms.

If I keep steady at the pace I am going. Then I shouldn't have any problems finishing up all of the quilts by October 1st. Which will give me most of October to paint bedrooms and move furniture around if need be. Until then, its one step at a time.