Sunday, August 19, 2012

To Nest or not To Nest

That is the Question.

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone!

To say the last three weeks have been a crazy one would be an understatement. The state of my mind currently is "driven by madness" right now. I find myself looking at the proverbial clock and realizing that I have very few weeks left before this new little one joins our family. Time wise I have anywhere from 7-9 weeks give or take. It seems once the 30 week mark starts rolling around I look at all my list of "to do's" and realize that time really isn't on my side anymore. I know, I know. I have said this before. Many, many, many times. But this time around, more things are up in the air then they were with the others. We weren't trying to sell our house. We didn't have to worry about a house we put an offer on and wait and wonder if we were going to get it. The kids were settled for school. I knew we were here at our current home location and that I could go to town painting, cleaning, scrubbing. The fun word of "nesting" comes to mind. This time though. Its just been really hard to really find a sense of balance and want. I want to paint and clean and organize. But its rough when I say "well if I bring up the clothes for the new baby. Where will I put them?" Or, if I spend money to paint the kids bedroom walls, then what if we move?" I don't want to put more effort and money into a house that could in all essence not be ours come November.

For example. The crib currently is in our shed. Packed in the box it came in. Jason has offered numerous times to put it together. But I feel horrible for him to have to lug it upstairs, put it together and then find out he only will be taking it down and setting it up again at the new house. So it sits. The dresser for the new baby is currently residing in our dining room. That's right folks. We got a fantastic deal on a beautiful and "just what I wanted" dresser for only $20 bucks. My goal is to strip, sand and paint it. Eventually. Sadly though, like the crib. It sits and waits. At least indoors I guess. The baby clothes though have been brought upstairs. Sorted. Washed. Organized. Re-Folded. They now have a wonderful home. Back in the box they came in. Sitting in my bedroom. Yup, I am working hard *smiles*

Currently I am in the process of making the bedding for the crib and matching quilts for each of the girls. Regardless if we move or not. Its been decided that they will all share a room. The girls and I have all agreed on colors, patterns and the look of the room. With the oldest being almost 10 and the youngest only weeks old. I wanted to make something that worked for everyone that didn't have a "baby" or "toddler" tone too it. I can honestly say without a doubt that this room is going to ROCK and the girls and I are excited to get working on it. They will be moving into our master bedroom and the boys will be staying in what is affectionately called the "nursery." We will be working on that room too making it a big boy room for both boys. They are pretty excited. I will be working on there quilts after I finish up the girls. Jason will tell you that he had his doubts that it was going to come out the way I envisioned and really didn't think the money or the effort was going to be worth it. I proved him wrong in the two I have already made. He said to me "I should just trust you." Agreed. I have a few friends who have inquired about pictures and I promise. As soon as most of them are finished I will be taking TONS of pictures. I am really loving how they are coming out and cannot wait, weather it be this house or the new house. To see them in there finished rooms.

If I keep steady at the pace I am going. Then I shouldn't have any problems finishing up all of the quilts by October 1st. Which will give me most of October to paint bedrooms and move furniture around if need be. Until then, its one step at a time.

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